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  1. 1. ==== ====Weve Got You Covered! For More Info Click Here Now ====With ClickBank making money is fairly straight forward and easy. It involves a simple andrepeatable set of actions that I will describe in this article. With ClickBank making money doesnthave to be hard, and there are definitely no hidden "guru" secrets involved.In my opinion, with ClickBank making money is a foregone conclusion...if you know how.Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is a quick and easy process. What is an affiliate? An affiliate issomeone who promotes a product or service to would-be customers in exchange for a commissionon the sale when one occurs.This ClickBank Making Money - Getting Started Guide is divided into three sections.ClickBank Making Money - Getting Started Guide (Step 1): Create and AccountIn order to become a ClickBank affiliate, you need to create an account. Go to andfill out the ClickBank sign up form. The process only takes a few minutes. You will be required toenter your contact information so ClickBank can get a hold of you to send you your earnings. Onceyouve completed the sign-up form, you will receive an e-mail that will include an 8-digitconfirmation code, your account nickname, and your password, which will be identical to theconfirmation code within the e-mail.After you create your account and receive the confirmation e-mail, click the confirmation link. Youwill be sent to a confirmation page. Click the Log In link at the top of the screen. After you enteryour login information, you will be taken to the Account Home Page. This is the page where youllbe able to keep track of your earnings.Click the Account Settings tab and you will see the information you entered during the sign-upprocedure. If you have listed a U.S. address, you will see a field called Tax ID flashing obnoxiouslyin the Account Information area. All affiliates earning more than $600 a year (which will includeyourself if you follow this ClickBank Making Money - Getting Started Guide) are required to fill thisinformation out. Simply click the link Tax I.D. Information in the My Account Help sidebar andClickBank will help you get this step completed for free.On the Account Home Page, you will see sections titled Contact Information, Payment Information,Integrated Sales Reporting, Clerk API Keys, and Developer API Keys. You do not need to fill outany additional e-mail addresses or phone numbers in the Contact Information section becauseyour basic account e-mail and phone number have already been entered. You will notice that inthe Payment Information section there are two fields titled Payment Threshold and PaymentMethod. Payment Threshold is the minimum amount you need to earn before ClickBank will send
  2. 2. you a check. You can edit this threshold amount by clicking Edit on the top right corner of thePayment Information Box. When an affiliate first begins he or she can only receive payments inthe form of a check. After you have received two checks, however, you will have the option toreceive your payments through direct deposit.On the Account Home Page, you will notice links to other pages titled My Site, My Products, andMy Images. These pages are only relevant to ClickBank vendors and you do not need to fill themout.ClickBank Making Money - Getting Started Guide (Step 2): Select a Product to PromoteOn the My Account Homepage you will notice a link at the very top of the screen titled,"Marketplace." Click it! On the left side of the landing page you will see a list of product categories.The number one thing, in my opinion, that an affiliate should take into account when choosingproducts to promote is knowledge of the product itself. This does not mean you have to be anexpert, it just means that you should at least have enough knowledge to write about something inthe products general category or have the research skills to find the information you will need towrite an informative review on the product.Once you have decided on a category, ClickBank will present a list of all their products within thatcategory. You will notice a Sort-By query box near the top of the screen. It will, by default, be setto sort the list by popularity. There are other bits of information that are far more useful to affiliatesthan popularity. They are, Gravity, Avg%/Sale, and Avg Rebill Total and Avg $/Sale. Gravity refersto the number of affiliates who have earned a commission by promoting a particular vendorsproduct(s). A high gravity score means that the vendor has many affiliates earning money bypromoting their product. This value is a strong indicator to you that the product sells well. TheClickBank Making Money method recommends only promoting products with a gravity score of500 or higher. Avg %/Sale ranks vendors based on the commission percentage they offer for eachsale. The ClickBank Making Money method recommends promoting products that awardcommissions of 60% or higher. Avg Rebill Total and Avg $/Sale is the amount of recurring incomean affiliate should expect from a single sale. Many products are subscription products that billcustomers at regular intervals. The higher the dollar amount under this field, the more residualincome you will make from your efforts, on average. The ClickBank Making Money methodrecommends choosing subscription products to promote with as high of an Avg Rebill Total aspossible while still satisfying the ClickBank Making Money Gravity and Avg %/Salerecommendations above. Use the Sort-By query box to filter out high-converting products withresidual earnings potential.Once youve selected a product, click the Promote button to the right of the product listing. You willbe asked to input your ClickBank nickname along with an optional Tracking ID. Click Create. Thiswill generate a unique HopLink that will be tied to your nickname and the particular product youhave chosen. You should copy and paste the two versions of your HopLink into a text file on yourcomputer as ClickBank will not store this information for you. You will need these HopLinks topromote your product and get paid for your efforts.ClickBank Making Money - Getting Started Guide (Step 3): Start Promoting Your HopLinkOK, youve signed up for your free ClickBank account and have created your first HopLink. You
  3. 3. will now need a method of presenting your product to a targeted audience. The ClickBank MakingMoney method recommends using article marketing to accomplish this. The easiest and mostaffordable way to promote a product is to write a review of the product or informational article onthe product. You can also write articles reviewing your products competing products anddemonstrate within your article how your product is superior. There are many free ways topromote ClickBank products but presenting them here is beyond the scope of this ClickBankMaking Money - Getting Started Guide. There are also many things you need to consider such as,which article directories to submit your articles to, what are their editorial rules, free landing pageoptions, website landing pages, etc. Below, I will show you how to explore the options that areavailable to you to help you effectively promote your ClickBank products for free.My name is Randy Ledbetter. I invite you to Make Money With Clickbank by visiting my websitewhere you can learn how to increase your knowledge base about Clickbank marketing and allthings related to being a successful and profitable online marketer At Absolutely No Cost to You.There, Ill also show you how you can get a large library of online marketing resources FORABSOLUTELY FREE. One of the items in this comprehensive library is titled, "The ClickbankWealth Guide." This eBook is FREE and jam-packed with useful and relevant information aboutClickbank marketing success. No matter what you decide to do, however, I wish you greatsuccess in all your online marketing endeavors.Sincerely,Randy LedbetterOnlineMarketingTipsandReviews.ComArticle Source: ====Weve Got You Covered! For More Info Click Here Now ====