Increasing student engagement: DE tool box
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Increasing student engagement: DE tool box



From a presentation to the Distance Ed department at Citrus College March 2012.

From a presentation to the Distance Ed department at Citrus College March 2012.



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  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 09:54) ----- Im a freeway flyer fell in to tech ed
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 09:54) ----- Teacher like students! In a perfect world...
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 09:54) ----- We do our best to engage our students… But often we are being percived as a blank screen some student think they are being taught by a computer
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 09:54) ----- And their class mates
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 09:54) ----- Good teaching reaches all demographic If student had to read every thing you say in a traditonal class?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 09:54) ----- Recent 2011 study shows
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 09:54) ----- Tools to increase student engagement It will make you happier too ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 10:47) ----- Let's begin with baby steps I know I get overwhelmed with the constant flood of new media tools Choose two new things to try today!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 10:27) ----- Add important insturctions for online classes Build enthusiam show you took the time and care to personalize
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 12:00) ----- Start here - detailed instructions for media used Learning Units = clarity SKYPE (application = interviews/group work)
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/16/12 13:37) ----- Spivey interview organized through Facebook Mesoamerican conference 600 attendees reservations program accomidations transportation

Increasing student engagement: DE tool box Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Increasing student engagement in the virtual classroom:some great tools for your digital toolbox Lori Fuller Rusch -
  • 2.
  • 3. Make everyday a field trip?
  • 4. Our Reality
  • 5. What they really want is you!
  • 6. Relationships Matter…
  • 7. More Latino Student Fail Online• Grade gap between non Latino and Latino is 44% wider in On Line course than in traditional courses• 72% of students at Rio Hondo College are of Latin decent• 98% of my students are of Latin decentRaymod Kaupp, The Gap Between Latino and White Student Achievement in On line Classes,The Journal of Applied Research in the Community College
  • 8. Things to try!✔ Spruce up your syllabus✔ Beef up your Blackboard✔ Speak via SKYPE office hours✔ Face up to Facebook✔ Voyage into short video clips✔ Venture into Voicethread
  • 9. Bring Your Syllabus to Life!
  • 10. Beef Up Your BlackBoard• Enhanced Banner• Start Here!• Quick read syllabus• Group by learning units• Make video announcements• Student Lounge• Instructor & Skype office hoursArt 105 Virtual College
  • 11. Speak via Skype n Cal ling! Londo • Virtual interviews • Office hours • Group workInterview with Dr. Nigel Spivey via SKYPE Presentation to Mobile Ed Think Tank
  • 12. Face up to Facebook• Communication• Current events in your discipline• Planning
  • 13. Venture into Voicethread • Ice breaker • Foster discussion • Group presentations • Assessment Voice thread demo Prehistoric Art History
  • 14. Things to try! ✔ Spruce up your syllabus ✔ Beef up your Blackboard ✔ Speak via SKYPE office hours ✔ Face up to Facebook ✔ Voyage into short video clips ✔ Venture into VoicethreadAdapted from work shared by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 15. Thanks for listening!For a copy of todays presentation go to and enterLori Fuller Rusch By Karen Kuo