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Agr 2014 presentation


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Americas Great Resorts Luxury Travel Marketing Platforms

Americas Great Resorts Luxury Travel Marketing Platforms

Published in: Travel, Business, Technology

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  • 1.   Americas  Great  Resorts     Luxury  Travel  Programs     Custom  eMail  Marke:ng      Annual  Online  Guide  To  Luxury  Resorts   Since  1988   2.8 Million Double Opt-In, High Income, Frequent, Luxury Traveler Membership
  • 2. History    -­‐  America's  Great  Resorts    (AGR)       Founded  in  1988  as  a  Ci/bank    Premium   AAdvantage/Private  Banking  member  magazine/ CRM  program.     Increased  Ci/bank    Card  usage  by  offering   exclusive  promo/onal  offers  from    outside   luxury  marketers.       Transi/oned    in  1995  to  on-­‐line  site,  www.  and  began  op/ng   members  in  to  receive  qualified  eMails.           In  2003  ,  launched  opt-­‐in  e-­‐mailing  program    for   high  income,  frequent  luxury  travel  members     designed  to  Drive  New  Customer  Acquisi/on   Revenue.      
  • 3. AGR  Luxury  Traveler  eMail  Marke:ng  Program   3  million  double  opted-­‐in  membership  of  exclusive,  high  income,  frequent   luxury  travelers.           Loyal  and  responsive    membership    with  high  reten/on  and  response  rates,   based  on  promise  to  deliver  only  personally  relevant,  high  value,  quality,   luxury  travel  promo/on  offers.       Generate  new  bookings  by  "pin-­‐poin/ng"  highest  poten/al  prospects    and   employing  comprehensive  AGR  targe/ng  criteria/filters  including  past  travel   history.     CO-­‐OP  CVB/Des/na/on  partnerships  models  available  which    builds   des/na/on  brand  and  partner  value.     B2B/Decision  Maker  programs  available  for  group  mee/ng  planners  and    "C"   level  execu/ve  targe/ng.        
  • 4. Audience    Targe:ng  and  Selec:on  Op:ons   -­‐      Demographic  Profile                                        -­‐  Income  (Minimum  HHI  $100,000+,  Average  $270,000)  ,  net  worth                                                                            averages  $3.3  million+,  home  value,  geography                                    (city,  state,  zip)  ,  families  with  kids  at  home,  married  no  kids     -­‐      Lifestyle  Actvi:es              -­‐  Spa,  golf,  shopping,  ski,                    cultural,  dining,  wine,                    gambling,  Mee/ngs,                    interna/onal  travel  etc.                                       -­‐    Past  Travel  History                
  • 5.   B2B Decision Maker Targeting Options        Mee:ng  Planner  D-­‐Base        100,000+  Corp.  mee/ng  planners        Targe/ng  by;                        -­‐  Geography                      -­‐  Size  of  company            "C"  Level  Execu:ve  D-­‐Base          330,000+  "C"  level  execu/ves          Extensive  targe/ng  criteria    
  • 6.                                     Partial Client List -­‐  Fairmont    ScoOsdale     -­‐  Fairmont  Hawaii  Region     -­‐  Four  Seasons  ScoOsdale     -­‐  Fairmont  Corporate     -­‐  Hawaii  Visitors  &    (CO-­‐OP)        Conven:on  Bureau     -­‐  KSL  Resorts     -­‐  Sea  Island  Resort     -­‐  MarrioO  Resorts     -­‐  Quebec  Tourism     -­‐    The  Greenbrier         -­‐  The  American  Club     -­‐  Pebble  Beach  Resorts     -­‐  Des:na:on  Resorts     -­‐  Auberge  Resorts       -­‐  Fairmont  Dallas     -­‐  Montage  Resorts     -­‐  Four  Seasons  Resorts         -­‐  Vail  Resorts       -­‐  Starwood  Resorts     -­‐    Kiawah  Island  Resort     -­‐  Fairmont  San  Francisco      
  • 7. Programs Include Filtering, Pre-Testing, Tracking, & Post Results ROI Analysis Membership Data-Base Filtered & Sorted for Desired Target Audience from Client's Selection Criteria Test Mailing to Ensure Optimized Creative, Technical, & Administration "Real Time" Tracking Report Measuring "Open" & Click Thru Rates" Post Deployment ROI Analysis of New Customer Bookings/Room Nights Converted  
  • 8. Programs Include Filtering, Pre-Testing, Tracking, & Post Results ROI Analysis AGR  Included  are  a  Pre-­‐Deployment  Sort,  a  “Real-­‐Time”   Tracking  Report,  &  Post  Quan/ta/ve  ROI  Analysis   Program  par/cipa/on  costs  are  determined  by  system  formulas   which  are  calculated  on  each  requested  pre-­‐deployment   member  database  sort.   Track  Results:  Aher  deployment  we  send  you  a  “LIVE”  tracking   report  to  monitor  the  "open"  and  "click  thru  rates"    as  they   come  in.       Conversion  Study:  Within  2  –  3  weeks  aher  deployment  we     work  with  clients  to  generate  a  conversion  study  which   measures  actual  contribu/on  to  room  night  revenue   y  system  formulas  which  are  calculated  on  each  requested  pre-­‐ deployment  member  database  sort.   Track  Results:  Aher  I  we  send  you  a  “LIVE”  tracking  report  to   monitor  the  "open"  and  "click  thru  rates"    as  they  come  in.             CO-OP CVB/Destination E-Mail Programs Are Available
  • 9.       Sea Island Resort Case Study E-­‐Mail  Deployment:     -­‐  215,000,  4/17/13  targeted          luxury  travelers  in  high  performing  Zip   Code  Mkts     ROI  Analysis  Methodology;   -­‐  6  week  post  deployment        analysis    for  new  business          converted     AGR  Mailing  Results;   -­‐  ROI  10  to  1  New  Customer  Revenue   return        
  • 10. Four Seasons Nevis Resort Case Study E-­‐Mail  Deployment:     -­‐  50,000    4/13  targeted        luxury  travelers.     E-­‐Mail  Open  Rate:   -­‐  32%   Click  Thru  Rate:   -­‐  20%     ROI  Analysis  Methodology;   -­‐  4  week  post  deployment  analysis        for  new  business  converted   AGR  Mailing  Results;   -­‐  ROI  =  71  new  bookings  
  • 11. Fairmont Corporate Case Study Discover Fairmont Third Night Free 2/2/13 Deployed 30,000 eMails at the cost of less then $3,000 Target: No California, HHI $250/k+ Conversion Results: Generated 150 Bookings 60% From Telephone Call Increased customer return rate in following 5 months 2X Fairmont own customer base. Stay  two     consecu/ve  nights  and  receive  the     third  night  free!   Full  non-­‐refundable  deposit  required   at  /me  of  booking.   Reserva/ons  are  non-­‐changeable     and  non-­‐transferable.  *Offer  based  on     availability  at  /me  of  booking.     Booking  window:   Travel  window:   Blackout  dates:   Now  -­‐  April  30,  2013   Now  -­‐  May  13,  2013   February  5-­‐6;  15   March  4-­‐5;  8-­‐10   April  20-­‐23   May  3-­‐4   For  Reserva/ons  call  1-­‐800-­‐257-­‐7544  or   Book  Now   Fairmont  San  Francisco,  950  Mason  Street,  San  Francisco,  CA,  94108     *Package  is  subject  to  availability  and  cannot  be  combined  with  any  other  offer.  Advance   reserva/ons  are  required;  single  and  double  occupancy,  and  exclusive  of  taxes,  gratui/es  and  other   charges  unless  otherwise  noted.  Supplemental  costs  apply  for  more  than  two  guests  staying  in  the   same  room  and  addi/onal  room  nights  are  available  at  prevailing  rates.  
  • 12. AGR  E-­‐Mail  Program  Development  Process       Step  1  -­‐  Client  Targe:ng  Input  -­‐  A  specific  customer  profile    is  requested     Step  2  -­‐  AGR  Sorts  Member  D-­‐Base,  for  Available  Audience  Quan:ty  &  CPM           Step  3  -­‐  Client  Program  Authoriza:on/Ini:a:on;                                    -­‐  Finalize  deployment  quan/ty//ming/  details                                        -­‐  Check  for  full  payment  due  at  deployment                                        -­‐  Provide  crea/ve  HTML  file  link,  subject  line,  test,  &  seed  addresses       Step  4  -­‐  Test  E-­‐Mail  Deployed  To  Client's  in  house  Requested  Addresses.                                Refine    &  Approve.     Step 5 - E-­‐Mailing  Deployed    -­‐  Tracking  Link  Provided  to  Client  To  Monitor     Step  6  -­‐  Post  ROI  Analysis  for  Incremental  Room  Nights/Revenue  Generated  
  • 13. ext Americas Great Resorts Annual Online Guide To Luxury Resorts Resort Sourcing Tool for Consumers, the Travel Trade and the Meetings Market call Larry Smuckler @ 818-222-2043 or your AGR Representative Partial List of participating Resorts : Montage Hotels & Resorts| Destination Hotels Hawaii| |Royal Hawaiian Resort| |Sawgrass Marriott| |Four Seasons Nevis| |Frias Properties of Aspen| Miramonte Resort| |Kiawah Island Resort| Four Seasons Scottsdale Resort| |Inn By The Sea| Four Seasons Rancho Encantado SanteFe| |Fairmont Hotels & Resorts| Fairmont Dallas| |Fairmont Telluride| Starwood Hotels & Resorts| Manchester Grand Hyatt| |Turnberry Isle Miami Resort| Hyatt Beaver Creek| La Costa Resort & Spa| Sea Island Resort| Enchantment Group | Fairmont Scottsdale Princess| Four Seasons Palm Beach| |The Breakers| |Vail Resorts| |Hotel Jerome| Gateway Canyons Resort| Wigwam| |Sandals Luxury Resorts| |Arizona Grand Resort| |Inn at Laguna Beach| La Playa Carmel| |The American Club| |Bernardus Lodge| Sandestin Resort| Ponte Vedra Inn and Club| |Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas| |Four Seasons Las Vegas| |Fairmont Kea Lani| |St. Regis Princeville Resort |Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa| |Fairmont Orchid| |Canyon Ranch Miami Resort & Spa| |St. Kitts Marriott| Topnotch Resort & Spa|
  • 14. Contacts For  addi:onal  ques:ons  call:   Larry  Smuckler      -­‐  Corporate/West/Midwest,  East  Coast,  Mountain  /Caribbean/Bermuda/            Bahamas      818-­‐222-­‐2043     Teresa  Lowry.972-732-7781.............Liane    Lane..817-239-3146  -­‐  Texas,  Selec:ve  Western  Regional  Accounts                                       Loren  Malencheck  -­‐  Hawaii  Region,  808-­‐283-­‐7122   eMail  and  Tracking  Report  Examples     Provided  on  Request