thinc Career Chat - Nick Lowe


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thinc Career Chat with Nick Lowe, Senior Editor at Marvel Entertainment

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thinc Career Chat - Nick Lowe

  1. 1. thinc Career Chat with Nick Lowe Friday, February 22 1 p.m. ET Do any of your students love comic books? How about X-Men? Of course they do! Bring your students to our thinc Career Chat with Nick Lowe, Senior Editor of the X-Men titles at Marvel Entertainment. Nick has an incredibly cool career! Heʼs excited to share what he does, how he got where he is and talk to your students about what it takes to find their dream jobs. What do I need to do to have my students participate? 1 Let us know youʼre planning to attend. Register at: 2 Have your students submit their questions for our guest at: 3 Double check to make sure Google Hangouts are not blocked at your school. On the day of the event you will go to to participate.About thinc Career ChatsOur thinc Career Chats are an opportunity for students to connect with some really amazing people who have equallyamazing careers. The chats are intended for students in grades five through twelve.The chat is a live video broadcast through Google Hangouts. For approximately 30 minutes students interview our specialguest. All students are encouraged to submit questions in advance at: can view the interviews via Google Hangout or if you let us know that your students would like ask their questions livewe can invite you into the hangout as well. Just let us know.Questions? Contact
  2. 2. Nick Lowe Senior Editor, Marvel Entertainment To help your students get to know Nick before the thinc Career Chat, we asked him some general questions in advance. Ask your own here: do you live? Nickʼs FavoritesNew York City, NY BookWhere did you go to school? All the Kings MenSt. Bernadette Elementary School by Robert Penn WarrenSt. Ignatius Loyola High School (Cleveland)Catholic University of America Food CheeseburgersTell us about your family.Im the youngest of three boys who all put my mom and Placedad through a lot! Rome, ItalyGive us your bio in your own words. TechnologyI grew up on the west side of Cleveland. I was always a iPhonebig fan of cartoons and reading growing up. When I Sports teambroke my arm in the 7th grade, my brother brought me a Cleveland Indiansbag of X-Men comics and I quickly became obsessed. MovieWhen I was a sophomore in college, I applied for an Itʼs a Wonderful Lifeinternship at Marvel Comics and got rejected. The nextyear, I applied again and got in. So I moved to New York Seasonfor the summer. They told me to come in two days a Summerweek, but since I moved there just for the internship Istarted coming every day. I worked really hard and they Quotenever told me to stop. Some of the editors liked me, so "With great power, there must alsothey gave me a lot to do and one asked me to let her come great responsibility."know when I was graduating. She then hired me and I - Stan Leestarted as an Assistant Editor two days after collegegraduation.Ten and a half years later Im a Senior Editor overseeing the X-Men books at Marvel. Itsa dream job. Sure, there are good days and bad days, but I love my work and wouldnʼttrade it for anything.