All About Detroit - Mrs. Radner's 3rd Grade Class


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This is a PowerPoint presentation created by 3rd graders about various places of significance in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Each student completed individual research on a specific place, and then used what he or she learned to write about the place and to design a PowerPoint slide.

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All About Detroit - Mrs. Radner's 3rd Grade Class

  1. 1. By Mrs. Radner’s 3rd Grade ClassCreated in Computer Class with Ms. Rothfeld June 2012
  2. 2. Third graders at Hillel Day School learned about the city of Detroit in the classroom, through a field trip, and throughindividual research. Each third grader researched a specific place of significance in Detroit. Students used what they learned to write about the place and to design a PowerPoint slide. This project helped students to develop skills in research, note- taking, summarizing, technology and design. The final product, which you see here, is a presentation to teach others about the importance and historical significance of Detroit, whether you have ever visited or not!The work for this project was done in students’ classrooms and in their weekly computer class with Ms. Rothfeld.
  3. 3. FOX THEATER Ilan W.
  4. 4. Cobo CenterCobo Center is meant forevents. The North AmericanInternational Auto Show is heldthere and there are a lot ofconferences held in there. InCobo Center, there is a lot tosee, like glass ceilings and bigand fancy rooms. There isinteresting information aboutCobo Center. It recycles a lot.Its name comes from MayorAlbert E. Cobo. He was a mayorfrom 1950-1957. Cobo Center Michigan.orgwas first opened in 1960. Ihope you like Cobo Center! Arielle S.
  5. 5. Detroit Historical MuseumHello, my name is Hannah. I will be taking you on afascinating information tour of the DetroitHistorical Museum. First stop: “How the DetroitHistorical Museum is important.” The DetroitHistorical Museum helps us learn about historicalthings in Detroit. Also, the Detroit HistoricalMuseum is where over 15,000 Michigan studentsvisit a year! Now, next stop: “What people can door learn there.” At the Detroit Historical Museum Detroithistorical.orgyou can see all sorts of historical papers orlandmarks, and at the Detroit Historical Museumyou can learn how Detroit became the automobilecapital of the world! Last stop: “What is interestingabout the Detroit Historical Museum.” The DetroitHistorical Museum opened in 1945, so they have alot of experience in making things interesting!Thank you for taking the info tour! I hope youenjoyed it!Goodbye! Hannah W.
  6. 6. Detroit Public LibraryThe Detroit Public Library is a very biglibrary. Here are some facts about theDetroit Public Library. The Detroit PublicLibrary opened in 1865. The library wasalways filled with people in 1865 becausethere were no TVs or computers in 1865.The people entertained themselves with Detroit1701.orgbooks: children’s books, grown-up books,or any books. That’s not all we have at theDetroit Public Library. The library hasclasses and special events on certain days.The library has more than 4,000,000books. The library provides books for free.Make sure you return the books youborrow. If you don’t return your books ontime, the library will charge you a bill. TheDetroit Public Library is great! Dalia A.
  7. 7. Hart PlazaHart Plaza is a really big plaza with a few amphitheaters. Hart Plaza is famous forits concerts and other entertainment. You should go to Hart Plaza’s festivals andconcerts because they are very fun. In Hart Plaza there is a gorgeous fountain inthe center. Hart Plaza was opened in 1975 and is named after Phillip A. Hart. Hewas a U.S. senator from Michigan. Hart Plaza is an interesting place to visit. Casie M.
  8. 8. Detroit Institute of ArtsThe Detroit Institute of Arts isalso known as the DIA. TheDIA has some of the mostbeautiful art. There arepaintings, sculptures, masks,even mummies and manymore cool pieces of art in theDIA. The DIA has over 65,000pieces of art. The DIA has funtours and a very bigauditorium. The DIA is over150 years old. The DIA is aninteresting, fun place to go. Michigan.orgYou should go there! Lev S.
  10. 10. THE FISHER BUILDING In the Fisher Building there are shops, offices, and radio stations. You can see the pretty building and learn about its history. Before World War II, there was gold on the building, but during WWII they had to peel off the gold because they were afraid people would bomb it. The people who built the Fisher Building were the Fisher brothers. The Fisher Building became a National Historic Site in 1982. That is what I know about the Fisher Building. Avery O.
  11. 11. Hello! My name is Emma! I amgoing to tell you about theDetroit Opera House. First, the Detroit Opera HouseDetroit Opera House wasdesigned by C. Howard Crane.Mr. Crane also designed the FoxTheater, and C. Howard was avery talented man. At theOpera House, you can see reallygood performances. Thesecond you walk through thedoor, you notice the OperaHouse’s beautiful walls andceilings. Did you know thatpeople have been going to theOpera House for 90 years? Also,did you know that they opened Detroit1701.orgin 1922? The Opera House isone of the best opera houses inthe country. In my opinion, theDetroit Opera House is one ofthe best buildings in the world! Emma G.
  12. 12. The Spirit of DetroitThe Spirit of Detroit was built in the 1950’s. It is a sculpture of a man sitting holdinga sphere in one hand and a family group in the other hand. Many people call it “TheJolly Green Giant” because of its color. The statue was made of bronze. It is 26 feethigh. When the Red Wings win, the Spirit of Detroit is dressed in a huge Detroit RedWings jersey. The Spirit of Detroit also represents Detroit and lets Detroit know thatDetroit is a good place. Ava J.
  13. 13. Museum of African American HistoryAt this museum, people canlearn about African Americanhistory. People can see morethan 30,000 artifacts at themuseum. You can see a libraryand a museum store and amuseum theater. There is anexhibit called “And So We Rise.”There are many wonderfulexhibits and speakers andconcerts. The Museum of Detroit1701.orgAfrican American History is thelargest African Americanhistory museum in the world! Anna W.
  14. 14. Detroit Children’s Museum Emilie W.
  15. 15. The People MoverThe People Mover helpspeople get from place toplace around Detroit. Itbrings people to placeslike Cobo Center and more.It is above ground. It hasnewspaper patterns andvery colorful things on it.The cars are cozy andclean. It goes 56 miles perhour. It’s operated bycomputers. It has 12 Lightrailnow.orgvehicles. It only costs 75cents to rIde. It’s openevery day! Lillian B.
  16. 16. RENAISSANCE CENTERThe Ren Cen has fivebuildings. They haveoffices, shops,restaurants, and atheater in the Ren Cen.In the Food Court, thereare 1,000 chairs. TheRen Cen is owned byGeneral Motors. It isnext to the Detroit River.The Marriott Hotel is inthe Renaissance Centerand is 75 stories high. Itis fabulous! Rachel B.
  17. 17. THE FISHER BUILDINGAt the Fisher Building, everyone can findsomething that he/she likes. There areoffices, restaurants, stores, and more. TheFisher Building is helpful, useful andimportant because it has places that peoplework in, and it is a Michigan landmark. Atthe Fisher Building, people can see moviesin the Fisher Theater, people can shop, andpeople can see pretty materials like bronze.The Fisher Building was designed by AlbertKahn and built by the seven Fisher brothers.The brothers didn’t care how much it cost.They wanted it to be the most beautifulbuilding. It ended up costing $10,000,000.It is 445 feet tall and 25 stories high. It wasso beautiful that people started calling it“Detroit’s largest art object.” That is what Iknow about the Fisher Building. Isabel Z.
  18. 18. Gem and Century Theater Michigan.orgThe Gem and Century Theater is a very cool place. One interesting fact about the Gemand Century Theater is that the theater was built in 1927. Another fact about thetheater is that it moved five blocks away from where it was originally built. There are somany fun things to do like going to musical shows and holiday parties. There are a bunchof fun things to do! You should go and see all the interesting things at the Gem andCentury Theater. Marlee K.
  19. 19. Detroit Historical MuseumThe Detroit Historical Museumhas something for everyone. Itgives you a great educationalexperience. There are lots ofthings you can see and do, likecobblestone streets, Times ofDetroit, and so much more. Thereare also lots of exhibits from autoassembly lines from the GeneralMotors Cadillac plant to the Detroithistorical.orgFrontiers and Factories exhibit.Whatever you do, you will not bebored. You should come and seeit! It is lots of fun! Izzy J. 
  20. 20. Ford FieldFord Field is importantfor Detroit Lionsfootball, concerts, andtrade shows. Peoplecan see football andthe Detroit skyline.They can buy snacks atFord Field. Ford Fieldopened in 2002. It has105 restrooms, 65,000seats, and 11 lockerrooms. Ford Field is Michigan.orgreally cool! Asa W.
  21. 21. People Mover The People Mover takes you to different places in Detroit. It is fast. It is open every day. It takes 15 minutes to go around the city. The People Mover rides on a track. It takes you to cool places. It is easy. There is no driver. The People Mover is a fun part of Detroit.Rachel S.
  22. 22. DETROIT PUBLIC LIBRARYThe Detroit Public Library is anamazing place, not justbecause it is the largest libraryin Michigan, but because ofthe special events there andthe fact that it houses over4,000,000 books. The Libraryopened in 1865. Back then itdidn’t have nearly as many Detroit1701.orgbooks. You can also learn a lotfrom all the books. You canalso see all the amazingevents. The Library isextremely useful because youcan check out almost anybook. The Detroit PublicLibrary is extremely importantbecause of all the books. Ican’t wait to go there! Robert V.