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  • Cape Henlopen School District is a located in southern Delaware with seven schools, four of which are elementary. with a very diverse student population of 300 - 400 each.
  • Our district’s vision is to create digital learning environments for all learners. Our mission is to increase student engagement and collaboration allowing for student centered projects and the creation of content, and giving students ownership of that content through global distribution and providing equitable access of technology for all students. Equipping all classrooms with 21st century technologies led us to pilot ipod touches in each of our elementary schools.
  • During the 08-09 school year, a proposal for a set of 12 ipods was submitted and approved to test out these digital handhelds with students and really see how they could be used and whether or not they would benefit our student achievement.  A few demonstrations were made at faculty meetings and at one administrative meeting. From this point, these 12 devices were in high demand.  The excitement for how they would be utilized in the classroom spread.  Developing speech skills and fluency, literacy library for listening, accessing interactive apps such as the periodic table and scientific calculator for Science and Math, creating and accessing podcasts and itunes U content, multimedia, and so on. The iPods were checked out continuously and documented use. This created increased awareness of the potential benefits for students and the demand for more. Using stimulus funding, our administration embraced the vision of 21st century classrooms and in addition to mobile laptop carts, the purchase of 100 ipods touches for each elementary school.

  • Our four elementary schools received 100 ipods each.  Pockets of purchases also have been made for ipod touches throughout the district, such as speech teachers, special ed teachers and ELL teachers.  This is our story of how we got here and where we are heading.
  • Ipods were inventoried by scanning serial numbers into our database. Each ipod touch was also labeled by number for each school according to grade levels identified for use and management. Protective shields and skins were ordered for additional protection for student use. Mobile carts were also labeled to allow for students to keep ipods organized in order of use.
  • Teachers met to establish how their schools would manage multiple ipods for equitable distribution and access to students. Full day workshops and several after school sessions provided teachers with professional development and time to explore instructional apps, itunes u, podcasts and other features on the ipod touches.

  • Younger students immediately gravitated to this handheld technology and engaged in the interactive apps, older students use more for creation and access.
  • Since the rollout, 1 additional cart of 30 ipod touches for each of the schools has been ordered. Each school will be managing their own accounts with a dedicated computer to each cart.
    Through a grant, the high school 9th grade Math classrooms will each receive 1 full cart of 30 iPads to implement for improvement of Math achievement, using digital resources such as Pearon’s Algebra and several supporting Integrated Math apps.

  • Roe i podtouchdown

    1. 1. Touchdown - ISTE 2010 Lori Roe - Cape Henlopen School District, Delaware USA
    2. 2. It all started with... 12 ipod touches • Use as a traveling lab for projects led to teacher demand • Demonstration to administrators led to understanding potential
    3. 3. Brittingham Elementary School Milton Elementary School 4 Schools + 400 iPod Touches Shields Elementary School Rehoboth Elementary School
    4. 4. iPod Touches arrive Inventory Label carts & iPod touches Protected shields and skins Secured in carts Registration and updates January 2010
    5. 5. Staff Development Pre-Survey Strategic planning Teacher collaboration February 2010
    6. 6. Schools’ Implementations iTunes account Set up playlist Download Apps Sync iPod touches March 2010
    7. 7. In the Hands of Learners! Engaged learning Mobile access Content creation Shared resources Video Clips Kindergarten letter and word recognition 2nd grade & 5th grade collaboration Research Data Collection April - June Problem Solving Presentation 2010
    8. 8. 4 Schools + 400 iPod touches = Touchdown for Success! 90 additional iPod touches ordered 100 + apps 120 iPads for High School - Ninth Grade Math School Year 2010-2011