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  • 1. All about me
    By : Lezlie Rodriguez
  • 2. My Childhood
    My name is Lezlie Rodriguez
    I am 14 years old
    My birthday is on October 14, 1996
    I was born in the wonder city in Brownsville,Tx
    I am a female
  • 3. My Favorite Song
    She luv it-Ugk
    I think this song is cool
    I like to hear songs that are chopped and screwed
    I like rap music, it catches my attention
  • 4. My Family
    My moms name is Carolina
    My big sisters name is Briana
    My little sisters name is Destiny
    My two little brothers name is Ezequiel and Leo
    My dads name is Rolando
    My step sisters name is Bridget
    My step brothers name is Rolando junior
  • 5. My Friends
    Miguel Fernandez
  • 6. My Hobbies
    I like basketball
    I love to play fun games
  • 7. My Shopping Place
    I like to shop at the mall
    I like it there because it is fancy
    There is the kind of clothes I like to use
    I also like to go to Melrose
    I like to go to the outlets
    I like to shop at places where there is clothes that is my type
  • 8. My Subjects
    I like math
    Sometimes science
    I like all the subjects that are fun
  • 9. What I like to do
    I like to chill with my friends
    I like to go out with my friends
    I like to have family time
    I like to cruz a lot
    I like to misbehave most of the time
  • 10. How I look
    I have brown eyes
    I have brown hair
    I am 4.9
    I am slim
    I dress fancy or sometimes like a gangster
  • 11. My personality
    I am cool and friendly
    I am sometimes serious
    I sometimes get mad for no reason
    I like to have fun
    I am funny but not all the time
    I like to fight a lot and argue
  • 12. My style
    I like to dress fancy
    I like to dress like a gangster
    I like to iron my hair down a lot
    I mostly don’t wear a ponytail
    I love to wear Jordan shoes
    I like to wear makeup
  • 13. My Favorite Color
    My favorite color is blue
    It catches my attention
    I like all colors because they’re all beautiful
    I like to look very colorful
    I also like other colors because it makes me look colorful.
  • 14. My Favorite Actor
    My favorite actor is Tony Montana aka Scarface.
    I like his act and I like how he talks too.
    I love to watch his movie
    I have a collection of him.
  • 15. My Favorite Holiday
    My favorite holiday is Valentines day, Christmas, and new years.
    I like those days because I think they’re more fun than the others.
    I love to spend these holidays with my family.
    I also like these holidays because it is cold.
  • 16. My favorite cars
    I like the fancy and ghetto cars.
    I like the shiny and colorful cars.
    I like for my ride to have a system and 24’s on it.
    I would like for my ride to cost a lot of money because I would like to be riding on a valueble car or truck.
  • 17. The End