The Change Agent in You
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The Change Agent in You The Change Agent in You Presentation Transcript

  • The Change Agent in You Lori Meyer October 3, 2013
  • Why talk about this? O We must do more, faster, and more creatively O We must be participants, not just witnesses, of change in our profession O We must take the time to reflect on our work and contributions in the face of ongoing and rapid change O Lifelong learning is a given
  • Change agent – one definition O Lives in the future, not the present O Fueled by passion, and inspires passion in others O Has a strong ability to self-motivate O Must understand people. Dennis Stevenson, IT manager and blogger
  • What’s in it for…. O Our employers O Our clients O Our colleagues O Ourselves
  • What does “change agent” mean to YOU?
  • Finding the change agent in YOU O Listen O Know O Believe O Invite O Teach O Evolve
  • Listen Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. Winston Churchill
  • Listening: the baseline for everything O An opportunity to reflect/quiet the noise O An opportunity to test your understanding O A form of observation O A way by which you communicate respect for both yourself and others
  • Listen to… O Your team members O Your managers O Your clients O Your customers O YOURSELF
  • Know Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. James Madison
  • Know O What is your focus of expertise? WHAT do you know? O What is your level of expertise? HOW MUCH do you know? O Where have I made a difference?
  • Know: Your technical skills O Subject matter areas/domain knowledge O Networking, databases, business process automation O Banking, finance, medicine, law, retailing, education, consumer electronics, telecommunications
  • Know: Your technical skills O Related technology O Programming and scripting languages O Database design / development O Web development / XML / DITA O Content management O Instructional technology / training design
  • Know: Your craft skills O Writing O Editing O Information design / architecture O Indexing O Graphics
  • Know: Your soft skills O Presentation / meeting facilitation O Project management O Teaching / training / instruction
  • Know: You O What has piqued your interest? Why did this get your attention? O What unexpected sources of information can provide insights into your interests and goals? O Where can you make a difference? O Are there skills you have always wanted to learn, but never did for any reason? O Are there new developments in the profession that interest you?
  • Know: Gather the evidence O Writing samples O Presentations O Project leadership O Certifications O Performance reviews O Recognition
  • Know: Sample skill assessment
  • Believe To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Anatole France
  • Believe: Definition O To accept something as true, genuine, or real O To have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something
  • What, and how much, do you believe? O Reflect on how you perceive your skills and interests O Check your perception against the evidence you’ve gathered O Focus on what is important to YOU as well as your employer / customer / client O Focus on your unique contributions
  • What, and how much, do you believe? Belief + service = Partnership Value
  • Invite The best way out is always through. Robert Frost
  • Invite: Definition O To offer an incentive or inducement O To increase the likelihood of a response or action O To request the presence or participation of O To request formally
  • Invite: Why this concept is important O It is NOT O about proving yourself O It IS O about building relationships that form the basis for illustrating your value
  • Invite… O Your team members O Your lead writer O Members of your product team O Developers/HW engineers O QA and support engineers O Training staff O Product managers
  • Teach The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. Mark Van Doren
  • Why are we teachers? O Technical communication is what we do O Regardless of the tasks we perform O Regardless of our job title O It’s what we know and believe in
  • We teach… O Our customers O Our team members O Our management O Our clients O OURSELVES
  • Evolve Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein
  • Evolve: Lifelong learning O Review, reflect on what you know and believe O An ongoing process
  • Evolve: Our ever-changing vocabulary O Tools O Processes O Opportunities /value
  • Our ever-changing vocabulary O Tools O 1970s and earlier: Publishing, bluelines O 1980s: Desktop publishing O 1990s: Single sourcing, XML, localization, Web, Internet, online O 2000s: DITA, content management, reuse, social media, mobile O What’s next?
  • Our ever-changing vocabulary O Processes O 1970s and earlier: Write, typeset, print, writer, editor, page O 1980s: Desktop publishing, print, team O 1990s: Single source, user assistance, version control, localization O 2000s: DITA, content strategy, reuse, agile, social media, mobile, structured, topic-based O What’s next?
  • Our ever-changing vocabulary O Opportunities/value O 1970s and earlier: Writer, editor, illustrator, manager O 1980s: Lead writer, programmer writer O 1990s: Document technologist O 2000s: Content strategist, content author, information architect O What’s next?
  • Resources O Career development O Jack Molisani (southern CA) O Hannah Morgan (upstate NY) O Andrew Davis (Silicon Valley)
  • Resources O Career development O Judith Shenouda (upstate NY) O John Hedtke (Northwest)
  • Resources O Usability and user experience O Dr. Ginny Redish O Nielsen Norman Group O STC Usability and User Experience SIG
  • Resources O Content strategy O Ann Rockley O Scott Abel O Val Swisher
  • Resources O Technical communication trends and issues O TechWhirl O Technical Writing World O TED Talks
  • Resources O Conferences O STC Summit O TCUK – Technical Communication UK O Writers UA O LavaCon
  • The difference you make… O Listen… O Know… O Believe… O Invite… O Teach… O Evolve… …The change agent in YOU
  • Connect with me O Email O Twitter @lrmeyer747 O LinkedIn O Google Plus