Fresh Water Turtles
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Fresh Water Turtles






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Fresh Water Turtles Fresh Water Turtles Presentation Transcript

  • Fresh Water Turtles
  • What if you had a bone or piece ofcartilage to protect the outside ofyou? Football players would notlonger need helmets and hockeyplayers would no longer protectivegear. Well freshwater turtles haveeither a bone or piece of hardcartilage that develops from the ribsaround their back to form a “shield”or shell.
  • ShellThe upper part of the shell, on the back, is called thecarapace, the lower part of the shell that encases the bellyis called the plastron. These two pieces are held togetherby bony structures on the side called bridges. The scales onthe turtle are made up of keratin which is reinforcement ofthe shell. The shape is dome like to keep predators frombeing able to crush it.
  • SkinThe outer part of the skin is actually connected to theturtles shell, so it makes it impossible for them to losetheir shell. They like other reptiles shed their skin, butit comes off in small pieces, instead of a big sheet likesnakes do.
  • LimbsTurtles have short legs, and aren’t supposed to beable to move very quickly, this is caused because ofthey thick heavy shell. The feet of freshwater turtlesare webbed so they can thrusts themselves throughwater more easily.
  • EcologyAll freshwater turtles breath air, and must surface atregular intervals to grab some oxygen. If they need tothey can spend plenty of time on dry land. Freshwaterturtles must have sunlight in order to keep their shellshealthy.
  • TerrapinsAquatic freshwater turtles are referred to asterrapins. Freshwater turtles are generally a lotsmaller than tortoises and saltwater turtles.
  • Tracing BackIt is to be said that turtles can be traced back todinosaurs about 200 million years ago. They weretraced back with similar traits of theProcolophonoids, Millerettids, and The Parelasaurs.They had similar characteristics but certainly werentthe same.
  • TaxonomyPhylum: ChordataClass: ReptilliaOrder: TestudinesFamily: Emydidae ( plus many others)
  • Endangered freshwater turtles Red- Crowned River Turtle Red River Giant Soft Shell Turtle Roti Snake Neck Turtle South East Asian Soft shell Turtle Annam Pond Turtle Bog Turtle Central American River Turtle Coahuila Box Turtle Myanmar River Turtle
  • Female Freshwater TurtlesThe female turtle is the one who picks a mate. She mayalso choose more than one mate.She is the one whohas to put forth the most energy in mating, she is theone who must lay the egg, after that they don’t haveany other parental obligations.
  • Male TurtlesThe male turtle must try and find a mate, but theyarent not the ones who have the choice on whothey mate with the female turtle does. The oftenfight each other to gain the attention of the femaleturtle.The only thing that they really provide is thefertilization of the egg.
  • Largest Freshwater TurtleALLIGATOR SNAPPING TURTLE 16-32 inches as an adult
  • Smallest TurtleBog turtle 3-4 inches as an adult
  • PetsSome turtles can be kept as pets The most common pet turtle is : Red- Eared Slider
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