Management Thinking Mistakes App goes Harvard - Project description for students


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Those are the details on the part of the Management Thinking Mistakes app (check in apple iphone app store) during the course on Management Dilemmas of the 21st Century at Harvard University led by Dr Mark Esposito. WiB/ lritzel were invited to lecture, coach the project and be part of this exciting new course offered at Harvard extension

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Management Thinking Mistakes App goes Harvard - Project description for students

  1. 1. WiB Management Thinking Mistakes App Project objectives for Harvard course by Lukas Ritzel , Oct 2, 2013 onwards
  2. 2. The links • Starting page • The whole script whch goes along with the Prezi and recording • The project description • The Prezi as a separate link • The recording of the session on the ‘Management Thinking Mistakes App’ • The download link for the App itself • Landing Page with more information • Lukas Ritzel contacts – Skype: lritzel – eMail: – LinkedIn: 19.12.2013 2
  3. 3. Project Description • This is a group work, the groups are the standard groups which you as well use in class Deadline: November 24th, 2013 midnight US time Delivery: eMail with attached PDF report, name of group and all group members, send it to my email at Objective: Select one new logical thinking mistakes (not yet covered in the app, list of all current mistakes is listed here at the end) 19.12.2013 3
  4. 4. Discuss and research ‘your’ mistake and support an entry to the apps with following data: • • • • • • • • • Explain this dilemma or logical mistake in short (1-2 sentences, compact and precise) Describe real live samples from your own experience or as well based on internet research (adding then of course your reference), the samples should be covering as well business samples, it can be known samples or based on your own experiences) Reference and look up material (links to movies, book suggestions or online videos, all what people should have to dig a bit deeper) A more detailed explanation going deeper in your research of this specific fallacy (This can be quite extensive from 5 sentences to half an A4 page) The origin of its name, who brought it up a first time, in which context, when was this mistake discussed a first time, a possible link to a internet source backing it up) Come up with your own suggestions and tips how to avoid it (your suggestions), tools which may help to avoid this logical mistake, situations In which situation (meeting objective, decision making scenario) do you believe you may be facing 'your' error of thinking (list not more than 4-5 'usages') Find management tools (refer to the great selection at ) which may help to fight 'your' error of thinking in such a business context of decision making or meeting. (List 3-6) Describe an idea for a business cartoon (script for our cartoonist Sidao from Brazil who draw all our cartoons within the app 19.12.2013 4
  5. 5. Thinking mistakes already taken... • Confirmation Bias, Survivorship Bias, Over-generalization, Mind Reading, Fortune Telling, Google Effect, FUTON Bias, NAA Bias, Media Bias, Personalization and Blame, Black & White Thinking, Cryptomnesia, Modality Effect, Self-Reference Effect, Spacing Effect, Tip of the tongue, von Restorff Effect, Zeigarnik Effect, Argument from Fallacy, Gambler's Fallacy, Historian's Fallacy, Nirvana Fallacy, Kettle Logic, Regression Fallacy, Cherry Picking, Appeal to Novelty, Hedonic Treadmill, Halo Effect, Devil’s Effect, Groupthink, Ellsberg Paradox, Prospect Theory, Facebook Fallacy, Red Herring, Middle Ground, Proteus Effect, Death Effect, Parade of Horribles, Pink Floyd Fallacy, Relevance Paradox , Filter Bubble, Hello Kitty Effect, Perfect Crowd Fallacy, Crossing the Chasm Still about 1 Million out there missing... 19.12.2013 5
  6. 6. Benchmark (sample)... • here below a sample of a logical mistake which is already covered in the current version for you as a kind of benchmark: Name: von Restorff Effect Dilemma: People believe there is a risk in offering something (advertising, consultancy, service etc) that's different from successful competitors. Explanation: The von Restorff Effect tries to contradict this, standing out in contrast to your competitors helps you command consumer attention and increases recall. This Effect states that any technique which increases novelty also improves recall. This effect explains why unusual advertising or distinctive packaging tends to facilitate recall. Sample: The Super Bowl final from 2013 will certainly be remembered more than all the others. Not because Beyonce finally could deliver with a life audition of the US national anthem, not even because of the reappearance of Destiny’s Child but because of very unusually long during complete power outage just after Beyonce’s performance, which provoked Beyonce’s Husband Jaz-Z to tweet: "Lights out!!! Any questions??" Do your remember this Advertisment? A black silhouette of a guy dancing on a vibrant colored background with white headphones. This Apple iPod commercial was genius. Years ago, people were accustomed to black headphones, which is why the white headphones left a long-term impression. The best part? The commercial was very sustainable. Once you knew the white headphones belonged to Apple, every time you saw them on the street, you couldn't help but think of an iPod. Or try this Try to remember this list (take a few seconds and then look away): Jump, Cut, Run, Fly, Duck-billed platypus, Read, Build, Lay One out of my own experience, I might have forgotten the day, when I stood in front of my students in my hippie outfit (it was during a no business dress day). But certainly not my students. Having known me for years only in a black business suit, my students still now remember me wearing this freaky 70s flower power outfit. Cartoon: Origin: The Von Restorff effect (named after psychiatrist and children's paediatrician Hedwig von Restorff 1906–1962) is also called the isolation effect. Originlink: Tip: As much as we support the idea of what stands behind this effect. We still as well observe in many cases that companies force themselves to be different without thinking all through. It is not the being different which ensures the success. As in the Sample of the white headset of the Apple iPod, there was as well an incredible technology and user friendliness coming with it. Not only did Apple just reinvent the music machine but they did do a lot of customer observation before launching this new product and listened very well about what the music fan wanted to do most of all. Usages: Burning, Informal, Planning, Motivate Management Tools: Force Field Analysis, Constructive Controversy, Pareto Analysis, Boston Consulting Group Matrix, SWOT Analysis 19.12.2013 6
  7. 7. The Interview by Cruxial CIO • 20. April 2011 WIB_Dokumentname.pptx 7
  9. 9. contact Skype: lritzel WIKI 19.12.2013 9