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About Web2.0 and how to get the crowd working for you, many information in the notes when downloading

About Web2.0 and how to get the crowd working for you, many information in the notes when downloading

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  • 1. Management Development Seminar From Digitalization to Crowdsourcing or how technologies changed business models and .. even the world By Lukas Ritzel, April 23 2007
  • 2. For 100 ‘s of Years
  • 3.  
  • 4. But one day in 1995! Over Night
  • 5. by
  • 6. Digitalization
  • 7.  
  • 8. Internetworked Multimedial Immediate Global Remember the eMatrix
  • 9. But where do you get your knowledge from in 2006 ? .com
  • 10.  
  • 11. Remember outsourcing? Sending jobs to India and China.
  • 12. Outsourcing THE indicator of globalization some 3-5 years back
  • 13. Outsourcing = Outdated? Forget it!
  • 14. The new pool of cheap labor: everyday people using their spare cycles to create content, solve problems, even do corporate R & D
  • 15. CrowdSourcing
  • 16. Not only possible in the KnowledgeMarket .. Check for businesses
  • 17. The crowd is ready to work. So who’s hiring? Companies in a wide array of industries create ways to use the intelligence and creativity of distributed labor.
  • 18. Threadless .com This hipster company prints T-shirts with designs submitted to its Web site. It expects to earn $20 million in revenue this year. .com
  • 19.  
  • 20. Zazzle .com This site takes user designs and plasters them on mugs, shirts, and posters. If other Zazzlers like your work and order products with your design, you get a cut. .com
  • 21.  
  • 22.  
  • 23. Lego .com The beloved toy company encourages its fanatical customers to design everything from robot operating systems to Lego sets. .com
  • 24.  
  • 25. marketocracy .com This community of 60,000 online stock traders tracks the decisions of its top 100 portfolios to set the investment strategy for its mutual fund. Its index has outperformed the S&P 500 in 11 of the past 17 quarters. .com
  • 26.