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Animal farm notes 1 3
Animal farm notes 1 3
Animal farm notes 1 3
Animal farm notes 1 3
Animal farm notes 1 3
Animal farm notes 1 3
Animal farm notes 1 3
Animal farm notes 1 3
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Animal farm notes 1 3


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  • 1. Animal FarmIn Class NotesChapters 1-3Ms. Ramirez-Cruz
  • 2. Old Major’s Speech• Dreams of the rebellion• Animals live a miserable existence• They are worked to death, serve, tortured and die• Often are killed• Families are torn apart• The Enemy is Humans (Man)• Humans are parasites – they do not produce andlive off the animals
  • 3. Old Major’s Dream• Farm provides enough for everyone• Must rid themselves of the tyranny of humans tobe free• Has a dream about his mother and siblings allsinging “Beast of England”• The message of the song is revolution is coming,animals will be free• Land will be for animals• Call to arms• Meeting is stopped by Jones’ gun
  • 4. • Old Major Dies• Animals are able to achieve the rebellion easily• Jones has taken to drinking and doesn’t careabout the farm• Jones and his workers don’t feed the animals• Jones has shirked his responsibilities like CzarNicolas shirked his• Animals rebel like the Russian peasants rebelled
  • 5. The Rebellion• Animals find luxuries in the farm house• Farm house is turned into a museum• No animals shall live in the farm house• After the revolution it is discovered the pigstaught themselves to read and write• They write the 7 Commandments based on OldMajor’s teachings• The milk – Napoleon blocks the way and later themilk disappears
  • 6. After the Rebellion• The farm runs better than when Jones was theowner• Pigs are the brains• Snowball busy with making “plans” and trying toteach the other animals how to read• Boxer can’t learn, Benjamin is the best reader butis apathetic• Boxer is working more than ever – he gets up halfan hour before all the other animals• Boxer’s personal motto: “I will work harder!”
  • 7. Apples and Milk• All animals expect to enjoy the “windfall” of theextra apples• The pigs sent Squealer (most persuasive pig) toexplain to the animals that the pigs must have theapples and milk although they dislike them – theydo for the animals’ sake• “Milk and apples (this has been proved byScience, comrades) contain substances absolutelynecessary to the well being of a pig.”
  • 8. Propaganda• Squealer tells the animals that the pigs needapples and milk for their well being = Big Lie• He states that they must look out for theirhealth for the sake of the farm and theanimals since they are managing the farm• He states that if they if the pigs failed in theirduty “Jones would come back!” = Fear