Social Ads Bootcamp 2013 Lisa Raehsler Zenith Conference


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Paid Advertising Fundamentals for Social Media Marketers. Despite what you may have heard, you don’t have to be an expert to be a social advertising winner. Dedicated rookies can attain great results when armed with the right tactics!

The focus of this session is to empower social PPC beginners to better understand classic usages of these paid channels. Come confused, leave with clarity.

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Social Ads Bootcamp 2013 Lisa Raehsler Zenith Conference

  1. 1. Paid Advertising Fundamentals For Social Media Marketers Lisa Raehsler May 30, 2013
  2. 2. AGENDA •  Social Ads •  Popular social ad channels –  Google+ –  LinkedIn –  Facebook •  Final thoughts @LisaRocksSEM  
  3. 3. WHY SOCIAL ADS? •  On websites where people are networking, consuming content, creating content, rather than searching •  Have relationship component with consumers •  Can engage and share marketing messages •  Social mentions in ads are “endorsements” and can drive increased brand lift and reach •  Range of targeting options = opp to discover what drives success @LisaRocksSEM  
  5. 5. GOOGLE ADWORDS AND G+ •  Connects G+ page to PPC ads •  Show endorsements for your business (G+ page) from your Google+ followers. @LisaRocksSEM  
  6. 6. GOOGLE ADWORDS G+: ADS TYPES •  Ads ads show social annotations in text and image •  +1s more personally relevant •  May also increase overall ad performance. @LisaRocksSEM  
  7. 7. GOOGLE ADWORDS G+: TARGETING •  Numerous targeting options through Adwords, G+ social annotations are an extension of the current ads •  G+ page must be linked to website to appear in ad •  Will not always appear in ad @LisaRocksSEM  
  8. 8. LINKEDIN
  9. 9. LINKEDIN: INTRO •  Business-relate social networking site. mainly used for professional networking •  Total visits: 410M worldwide Sources:  Descrip4on  Wikipedia,  Demographics  Google  AdPlanner  
  10. 10. LINKEDIN: GOAL TYPES •  Brand awareness: Reach a large audience with a widely targeted campaign •  Drive leads: Collect leads directly through LinkedIn ad campaigns •  Drive leads: through landing page on your website @LisaRocksSEM  
  11. 11. LINKEDIN: ADS TYPES •  Ads – Image and text @LisaRocksSEM  
  12. 12. LINKEDIN: ADS TYPES •  Ads link to: –  External URL –  Personal profile –  Company Page
  13. 13. LINKEDIN: TARGETING •  Geography •  Company: Company name, industry, company size •  Interests: Groups •  Demographics: Gender, age •  Job Title: Specific job title, job function, seniority @LisaRocksSEM  
  14. 14. LINKEDIN: TARGETING •  Job Title – Specific Job Title – Job Function – Seniority @LisaRocksSEM  
  15. 15. LINKEDIN: TARGETING •  Dynamically generates audience numbers @LisaRocksSEM  
  16. 16. LINKEDIN: BUDGETS & BIDS •  Budget set at campaign level •  CPM or CPC minimum $2 •  Daily Budget: minimum $10 day. –  Daily Budget: Set the max amount you want to pay each day –  When daily budget is met, ads stop •  Bid Price: use upper range of the suggested bid range
  17. 17. FACEBOOK
  18. 18. FACEBOOK: INTRO •  Facebook is the most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users •  Total visits: 35B worldwide Sources:  Descrip4on  Wikipedia,  Demographics  Google  AdPlanner  
  19. 19. FACEBOOK: GOAL TYPES •  Brand awareness: Reach a large audience with a widely targeted ad campaign •  Drive sales: Offers though Facebook. Influence sales earlier in the funnel (consideration phase) •  Grow your fan base: Encourage people to “like” your Page by offering benefits for engaging •  Best For…growing fan base @LisaRocksSEM  
  20. 20. FACEBOOK: ADS TYPES •  Page ad: •  Promoted Pages show in News Feed and right column. •  Ads include your Page’s name, profile pic, a link encouraging people to like your Page. @LisaRocksSEM  
  21. 21. FACEBOOK: ADS TYPES •  Sponsored stories: •  Shows interactions with a Page, app or event to their friends. •  Highlight post or action from a Facebook fan about your business •  In sidebar or the News Feed of that person’s friends. This type of ad allows you to feature positive feedback from a fan of your business. •  Common forms of Sponsored Stories are page “like” as well as check-ins. @LisaRocksSEM  
  22. 22. FACEBOOK: ADS TYPES •  Promoted Posts: •  Use this option once you have at least 100 fans. •  Expand reach on any post, including photos, offers, videos, status updates. •  Posts reach fans plus friends of people that have interacted (shared, liked, or commented) with the post. •  Shows in News Feed, not in the right column •  Have a higher chance to be seen- higher in the News Feed of the audience! @LisaRocksSEM  
  23. 23. FACEBOOK: TARGETING •  Location •  Education and Work •  Demographic: Age, Gender, Birthday, and Relationship Status, Language •  Likes & Interests: Precise interests, topics, broad categories •  Connections or friends of connections: Target your ad to current fans of your Page to drive customer loyalty. How to choose? @LisaRocksSEM  
  24. 24. FACEBOOK: TARGETING •  Consider your goals and total audience available to target
  25. 25. FACEBOOK: BUDGETS & BIDS •  Budget set at campaign level •  Campaign budget/ daily budget: Set the max amount you want to pay each day •  When daily budget is met, ads stop •  Bids: Facebook cab can optimize or manually set CPC/CPM @LisaRocksSEM  
  26. 26. FINAL THOUGHTS •  Social channels are becoming a “normal” advertising channel •  They are connection-based •  Users behavior and preferences are critical to targeting the most relevant ads •  Consumers can engage on multiple levels, ie click or share, so give them a reason to engage! @LisaRocksSEM  
  27. 27. THANK YOU CONTACT: Lisa Raehsler Big Click Co. Founder, SEM Strategy Consultant 612-424-1SEM Google AdWords Certified Partner