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PPC In An Omni-Channel World Lisa Raehsler at SES San Francisco 2013
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PPC In An Omni-Channel World Lisa Raehsler at SES San Francisco 2013


PPC in an Omni-Channel World …

PPC in an Omni-Channel World
The path to purchase online is changing and becoming more complex. Consumers are hopping across channels and platforms at a rapid pace before converting; between desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile, online and offline. With a linear purchase funnel less common, capturing and measuring sales is an increasing challenge for Marketers.

Join us in the this session to discuss PPC tactics across channels and how you can expand and measure PPC in an Omni-Channel World:

Pitfalls that will kill your PPC campaigns
Critical considerations to taking campaigns across platforms
Easy steps to launch and optimize towards increased ROI
How to more fully measure conversions even when the path to purchase isn't straightforward
How to attribute value across the multiple channels and touchpoints
Upcoming improvements in AdWords to help measure the whole consumer journey

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  • 1. San  Francisco  •  September  10–13,  2013  •  #SESSF  @SESConf   PPC in an Omni-Channel World   Lisa  Raehsler   Big  Click  Co.   Founder,  SEM  Strategy  Consultant  
  • 2. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle Agenda   1.  PiBalls  That  Kill  Your  PPC  Campaigns   2.  Design  For  Audience  Behaviors   3.  Examples  of  Audience  Behaviors  With  AcNon   Plans  
  • 3. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle Pi=alls  Can  Kill  Your  PPC  Campaigns    
  • 4. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle   PiBall  #1     •  Ignoring  trends,  data,   and  reporNng:  failure   to  evolve   •  Solved:  Awareness  of   the  consumer  behavior   across  devices     @LisaRocksSEM
  • 5. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle   PiBalls  #2    •  Lack  of  measurement  and   tracking   •  Solved:  No  limits!   –  Relevant  visitor  behavior   –  MulNple  conversion  acNons   –  Micro-­‐conversions   –  Conversion  across  mulNple   accounts   –  Online  to  offline   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 6. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle   PiBall  #3     •  Different  channels,   different  stories   •  Solved:  Consistency  in   branding  yet   messaging   customiza=on  to  the   channel   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 7. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle IdenCfy  &  Create  Omni-­‐channel   Campaign  OpportuniCes   EXAMPLES  
  • 8. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle Design  For  Audience  Behaviors   User  Behaviors  Define   Audiences   •  How  do  they  search?   •  LocaNon?   •  Devices  they  use?   •  Sites  they  visit?   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 9. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle IdenNfy  Audience:  Mobile  +  LocaNon  +   Offline   •  Individuals  searching  from  mobile  devices  are  clicking  on  paid  ads,  are  converNng  on   the  dealership  locator  more  than  the  site  average.   •  Top  states  include  CO,  ME,  WA   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 10. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle AssumpNon         Individuals  may  be  planning  to  visit  a  dealership   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 11. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle Capture  Opportunity   •  AcCon  plan   •  Increase  bid  modifier  for  mobile  to  increase  visibility   •  Increase  bid  modifier  on  top  states:  CO,  ME,  WA   •  Create  ad  copy  to  mobile  +  locaNon     •  Use  dealerships  for  locaNon  extensions  or  show  on  landing  page   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 12. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle IdenNfy  Audience:  Mobile  +  Keyword  +   Phone   •  Top  visits  from  mobile  by  keywords  center  around  a   parNcular  product  and  applicaNon,  yet  they  visitors  don’t   sNck  around  long.   @LisaRocksSEMWhen SSL search is employed (e.g., if the user is signed in to a Google account, or using the Firefox search bar), Keyword will have the value (not provided).
  • 13. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle AssumpNon     Visitors  can’t  find  the  products  they’re  looking  for   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 14. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle Capture  Opportunity   •  AcCon  Plan   •  Create  a  specific  campaign  with  top  mobile  keywords   •  Bid  modifier  to  increase  mobile  bid  (max  +300%)   •  Mobile  version  ad  copy   •  Mobile  friendly  landing  page  showing  this  product  and  way   to  convert   •  Click-­‐to-­‐call  call  extensions  to  help  order  products   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 15. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle IdenNfy  Audience:  Social  +  Content   •  The  social  network,  Facebook,  drives  the  most  traffic  to   the  site     •  Other  stats  show  these  visitors  stay  on  longer  than  site   average   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 16. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle AssumpNon   AdverNser’s  target  audience  is  also  interested  in  Facebook   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 17. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle Capture  Opportunity   •  AcCon  plan:   •  Facebook  ads   •  Design  a  “Facebook”  themed  display  campaign  to  reach  this   audience  on  sites  in  GDN-­‐  Banner  ads   •  Use  Google  Display  Planner  tool   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 18. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle IdenNfy  Audience:  Email  +  Content   •  Email  is  driving  loyalty  program  acquisiNons,  but  sales   following  program  conversion  are  lagging  to  90  days.   @LisaRocksSEM ≠
  • 19. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle AssumpNon   Customers  are  interested  enough  to  join  the  loyalty   program  but  not  to  repeat  purchase  right  away   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 20. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle Capture  Opportunity   •  AcCon  plan:   •  ConNnue  to  use  email   •  Retarget  converters   •  Tag  confirmaNon  page  and  conNnue   the  conversaNon.   •  List:  <=30  days  membership  duraNon   •  Present  different  messaging     •  For  example,  “club  members  get   15%  off  online”  to  encourage  more   immediate  sales.   •  Emphasize  urgency   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 21. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle Secret  Sauce  To  Omni-­‐Channel  Success   1.  Look  at  user  behavior  to  define  audiences   2.  Audience’s  intent   3.  Determine  opportunity   4.  Target  campaigns  via  channel  cues   5.  Customize  offer  and  messaging  to  #1  +  #2   @LisaRocksSEM
  • 22. San  Francisco|  September  10–13,  2013  |  #SESSF  |  @SESConf       @twitterhandle THANK  YOU!   Lisa  Raehsler   Big  Click  Co.     Connect:   @LisaRocksSEM   @LisaRocksSEM