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Google Remarketing Lisa Raehsler OMS 2011
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Google Remarketing Lisa Raehsler OMS 2011


Google Remarketing: Tips for Better Retargeting …

Google Remarketing: Tips for Better Retargeting

Learn best practices for reconnecting with your audience wherever they are on the web and drive them back to your website. This session will cover all you need to know from critical set-up considerations to optimization tips for greater performance.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. GoogleRemarketingTips For Better Retargeting6/07/2011Lisa RaehslerSEM Strategy Consultant, Big Click Co.@LisaRocksSEM
  • 2. Agenda•  About Me•  Retargeting: What/How•  Set-Up Considerations•  List & Targeting Strategies•  Optimizations•  Performance Example•  Takeaways•  Q&A
  • 3. About Me • Pay-­‐per-­‐click  management,  specializing  in   – Ecommerce     – Retarge;ng   • Managed  over  40  PPC  accounts  at  agencies  and  client  side   • Co-­‐founder  MnSEM,  Ac;ve  volunteer  MIMA  4+  yrs   • Recent  column:  Dont  Ignore  the,  ClickZ:  hIp://     • Training  June  29th:  hIp://­‐analy;cs-­‐op;miza;on-­‐and-­‐success-­‐strategies/     @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 4. Retargeting•  Reconnect  with   consumers  that  have   previously  been  to  your   site  •  Redirects  prospects  back  •  Keeps  your  site  or   product  top  of  mind  •  Mul;-­‐touches  •  Known  to  be  more  than  typical   display  due  to  more   qualified  audience   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 5. How It Works Small  piece  of  code  placed  on   adver;ser’s  site     Sets  a  "cookie"  in  the  users   browser   Cookie  iden;fies  user  and   instructs  the  ad  network  to   save  website  visitors  to  a   retarge;ng  list   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 6. Critical Set-Up Considerations  •  Google  Display  network,  accepts     •  image  ads   •  text  ad     •  video  •  Create  mul;ple  crea;ve  versions  of   all  sizes  to  maximize  reach.     @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 7. Critical Set-Up Considerations•  Adjust  the  membership   dura;on:  number  of  days   the  cookie  stays  in  the   users  browser  •  Be  sure  this  correlates   with  the  sales  cycle  of  the   product  •  HoIer  prospects  may  be   more  recent  visitors,  but   a  longer  sales  cycle  will   You  will  find  this  se_ng  in  the  “Audience”   tab.   require  targe;ng  your   audience  for  a  longer   period  of  ;me   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 8. Critical Set-Up Considerations•  De-­‐dupe  view-­‐through   conversions  •  Users  who  clicked  on   your  search  ad  in  the  last   thirty-­‐days  wont  be   counted  as  a  view-­‐ through  conversion     “View-­‐through  conversion  search  de-­‐duplica;on”  can  be   found  in  the  conversion  sec;on  of  the  “repor;ng  and   tools”  tab.   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 9. List & Targeting Strategies•  The  ads  can  be  shown  on   any  website  in  the   retarge;ng  network  a   prospect  visits,  regardless   of  the  content  •  The  ads  wont  be  shown   to  people  who  are  not  on   the  list  •  Use  different  code/ cookie  for  each  list  you   want  to  target   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 10. List & Targeting Strategies•  Abandoned  shopping  cart    •  Retarge;ng  cookie  code  on  the   shopping  cart  pages  only  •  Serve  them  with  an  ad  that  acts   a  gentle  reminder  to  revisit   your  store  •  Reinforce  your  “buy”  offers  like   "free  shipping"  or  “10%  off  next   purchase”   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 11. List & Targeting Strategies•  Loyalty  •  Reaches  customers  who  have   completed  a  transac;on  on  your  site    •  Code  added  to  the  confirma;on  page  •  Use  this  to  cross-­‐sell  or  up-­‐sell  to  recent   buyers  •  Youll  need  to  understand  your   customer  behavior  and  their  repeat   purchase  paIerns  to  design  the  most   effec;ve  "loyalty"  campaign   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 12. List & Targeting Strategies•  Email  •  Place  code  into  emails  to  cookie   those  who  open  it  •  Placing  code  on  one  or  more  email   landing  pages  for  those  who   respond    •  Ge_ng  more  qualified  leads   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 13. List & Targeting Strategies•  Mul.ple   channels  •  Expand  reach  •  Limit  to  one  or  two  channels  •  Downside  considera;ons:   •  Loss  of  control  over   global  frequency   •  Duplicate  user  targe;ng   •  Compete  against   yourself   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 14. List & Targeting Strategies•  Custom  combina.ons    •  Target  your  audience  by  mixing  and  matching  your  lists  with  an   AND/OR/NOT  rela;onship.    •  You  can  create  these  in  the  “Audiences”  tab.    •  For  example:  to  target  all  non-­‐buyers  who  visited  the  men’s   category  page   •  select  "all  of  these  audiences"  to  include  your  “men’s   category”  list  and     •  then  "none  of  these  audiences"  to  exclude  the  purchaser  list.    •  Combina;ons  are  endless!   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 15. Optimization Tips•  What  if  you  are  not  reaching   your  full  list?    •  To  find  out,  calculate  the  share   of  users  you  are  reaching  •   If  the  percentage  of  users  you   are  reaching  is  low,  you  are   missing  opportunity  •  In  the  formula,  “5”  represents   the  average  number  of   impressions  per  one  user.     @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 16. Optimization Tips•  Your  prospect  is  already  qualified,  no   need  to  restrict  your  campaign   geographically  •  Remember,  you  want  to  reach  your  users   wherever  they  are  which  can  include  all   countries  and  languages       @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 17. Optimization Tips•  Increase  bids  to  appear  in  the  Display  Network  more  frequently    •  Reach  more  users  to  drive  beIer  performance  •  Display  Network  bid  is  set  at  the  ad  group  level-­‐  separate  from  search     @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 18. Optimization Tips•  Segment  out  specific  sites  (then  exclude  them  from  the  master  list)  based  on   performance  •  If  a  few  sites  are  yielding  the  top  results,  segment  them  out  and  customize  messaging,   bidding,  etc  to  op;mize  results     @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 19. Google Retargeting: Example•  CrumplePop  launched   retarge6ng:  •  14,000  prospects  •  15%  of  click  conversions  •  90%  of  view  through   conversions  •  52%  of  total  conversions   @LisaRocksSEM  
  • 20. Takeaway Points•  Set-up is critical to success•  Be creative with Lists•  Optimize to take to next level
  • 21. Thank You Google Remarketing Tips For Better Retargeting Lisa Raehsler SEM Strategy Consultant, Big Click Co. (612) 424-1SEM @LisaRocksSEM