Mobile PPC Strategy Lisa Raehsler 2012


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Do you have a mobile PPC strategy yet? This presentation is full of valuable and timely tips on the hottest trend in PPC today.

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Mobile PPC Strategy Lisa Raehsler 2012

  1. 1. Do You Have a Mobile PPCAdvertising Strategy Yet? Lisa  Raehsler  SEM  Strategy  Consultant,  Big  Click  Co.   @LisaRocksSEM    
  2. 2. Agenda•  Sta;s;cs  on  Mobile  Landscape  •  How  Mobile  Search  is  Different  •  Set-­‐Up  Basics  for  Mobile  Campaigns  •  Mobile  Adver;sing  Op;ons  in  Adwords  •  Ad  Formats  •  Targe;ng  Op;ons  •  Mobile  Landing  Pages  •  Mobile  Analy;cs  •  Mobile  Ads  on  the  Horizon  
  3. 3. Mobile Is A Top Trend•  The  rise  of  the  mobile  internet  is  the  trend   which  is  regarded  as  the  most  impacNul  on   search  marke;ng.    •  79%  of  companies  deem  it  as  significant:  +14%   since  2010.   State of Search Marketing Report 2011 eConsultancy/SEMPO
  4. 4. Statistics: Mobile Usage•  85%  of  Americans  age  18+  have  a  mobile   phone,  including  68%  of  people  over  age  65.    •  By  2015,  there  will  be  more  than  7.1  billion   mobile  devices  in  use.  •  Consumers  are  embracing  tablets  as  the   fourth  screen  hing  17%  in  the  US.   Sources: Pew Internet, “Generations and Their Gadgets,” February 2011; Google, “Mobile Internet & Smartphone Adoption”
  5. 5. Statistics: Mobile Search•  Web  searches  performed  on  mobile  devices   has  grown  4x  since  2010.  •  1  in  3  mobile  searches  have  local  intent.    •  30%  of  restaurant  searches  are  from  mobile   devices.  •  44%  of  total  searches  for  last  minute  gi`s  and   store  locator  terms  were  from  mobile  devices   in  2011.   Google Data
  6. 6. Statistics: Mobile Advertising Landscape•  Mobile  display  ad  revenue  for  2011  totaled   $630  million.  •  Mobile  search  ads  contribute  the  larger  chunk   of  the  mobile  adver;sing,  $1.5  billion.  •  For  2012,  IDC  expects  the  U.S.  mobile   adver;sing  market  to  almost  double  to  $4.1   billion,  largely  because  of  web  searches.     IDC Research
  7. 7. Statistics: Search EnginesSearch  Share  •  Yahoo/Bing  34%  mobile  search   reach.  •  Google  dominates  mobile   search:  91%  share.    Adver4sing  Share  •  Google’s  mobile  ad  revenues   are  projected  to  double  from   approx  $2.5  billion  in  2011  to   $5.8  billion  in  2012.  
  8. 8. Statistics: Consumer Mobile Behavior Google, “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011
  9. 9. Statistics: Searchers Respond To Ads Out of those who say they respond to ads then…. Google Data
  10. 10. Statistics: Mobile Users Multi-task   Ac#vi#es  engaged   in  while  also  using   the  Internet  on  the   smart  phone   Google, “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011
  11. 11. Statistics: A Timely Example Nearly  60  percent  of  mobile  users  will  “look  at  or  use  their  mobile  device  during   this  year’s  Super  Bowl.”   Study by Harris Interative
  12. 12. Mobile Search: How It’s Different•  Local  •  Shorter  searches  •  Mul;-­‐tasking  •  Immediate  needs  
  13. 13. Mobile Campaigns: Set-Up Basics•  Mobile  only  campaigns  •  Exclude  mobile  from  the  other   campaigns  •  keyword  list  with  shorter  terms  •  Mobile  Landing  page  
  14. 14. Mobile Campaigns: Set-Up Basics Adwords
  15. 15. Mobile Campaigns: Set-Up BasicsAdwords mobile campaign settings (Campaign Setting tab)
  16. 16. Mobile Campaigns: Keyword ResearchAdwords (keyword research tool)
  17. 17. Mobile Advertising Options: AdwordsAd  Placements   Ad  Formats  •  Search  engine   •  Text  •  Mobile  Display  Network   •  Image  •  Mobile  Apps   •  Video  •  YouTube  
  18. 18. Ad Formats: Sitelinks•  Makes  site  naviga;on   easier  •  Customize  sitelinks  for   mobile:  direc;ons,   store  locator,  local   messaging  with  geo-­‐ targe;ng  
  19. 19. Ad Formats: Click-to-Call•  Click-­‐to-­‐call  allows  users  to  click   on  phone  number  to  call  and   connect  with  adver;sers  directly.  •  Google  says  more  than  500k   adver;sers  are  currently  using   click-­‐to-­‐call.  •  They  are  seeing  over  10  million   calls  per  month.  
  20. 20. Ad Formats: Hyper Local•  Enhances  the  loca;on  extensions  ad   format  with  a  blue  marker  with  the   distance  between  the  user  and  business.      •  Creates  awareness  the  business  is  nearby   and  can  drive  more  traffic  to  the  store.  •  Users  see  the  hyperlocal  ads  only  if   they’ve  opted  into  sharing  their  loca;on   on    •  Users  can  also  click  to  see  where  your   business  is  located  on  a  map  and  click-­‐to-­‐   call.    •  Hyperlocal  distance  informa;on  is   automa;cally  enabled  with  exis;ng   loca;on  extensions.    
  21. 21. Ad Formats: Click to Download•  This  ad  format  helps  consumers   right  when  theyre  searching  for   informa;on  about  an  app.  •  Links  them  directly  to  the  App   Store  or  Android  Marketplace  to   download.    •  Includes  app  icons  and   informa;on  about  the  app  in   their  ad  unit.  
  22. 22. Ad Formats: Search Ads in Mobile Apps•  Targets  searches  within  a  mobile   app  for  informa;on.  •  Ie.  search  for  a  restaurant  nearby.  
  23. 23. Ad Formats: Display AdsBanners on mobile content sites Banners on YouTube
  24. 24. Ad Formats: Display Ads
  25. 25. Ad Formats: Display Ads•  The  +1  bulon   rolled  out  on   display  ads  and   text  ads  on   mobile  last  Fall.  
  26. 26. Targeting OptionsAdwords mobile campaign settings (Campaign Setting tab)
  27. 27. Targeting Options•  In  Adwords  placements   tool  check  mobile  app   to  see  placements   based  on  keywords  
  28. 28. Mobile Landing Pages •  Since  August  2011,  Google  has   seen  more  than  50%  increase  in   the  number  of  AdWords   adver;sers  with  mobile   op;mized  sites.  
  29. 29. Mobile Landing Pages •  Create  a  mobile  specific   website  and  landing  pages   •  Small  business  could   consider  using  Google’s   mobile  landing  page  builder  
  30. 30. Mobile Landing Pages: Best Practices•  Landing  pages  for  mobile  need  to  be  mobile  friendly  is    •  Easy  to  view  and  navigate  for  users  on  mobile  devices  •  Easy  for  mobile  users  to  sign  up,  purchase,  or  convert.  •  Design  for  visibility  and  usability  
  31. 31. Mobile Landing Pages: Best Practices•  Mobile  users  are  o`en  short  on   ;me  •  Design  your  site  to  load  fast  and   make  text  easy  to  scan.  •  S;ck  to  the  content  and  features   mobile  users  need  most.  •  Include  bulleted  lists  for  easy   reading.  •  Keep  images  small  for  faster   loading.  
  32. 32. Mobile Landing Pages: Best Practices•  Make  it  Local  •  One  of  the  top  uses  of  mobile   searches  is  consumers  look  for  local   informa;on  •  Have  your  address  or  store  locator  on   the  landing  page.  •  Include  maps  and  direc;ons.    •  Allow  users  to  check  stock  at  nearby   stores.  
  33. 33. Mobile Landing Pages: Best Practices•  Be  Thumb-­‐Friendly  •  Use  larger  bulons  that  are  easy   to  press  on  touch  screens.  •  Design  your  page  so  even  large   hands  can  easily  interact  with  it.  •  Allow  room  between  bulons  to   reduce  accidental  clicks.  •  Pad  smaller  bulons  to  increase   the  clickable  area.  •  Pad  check  boxes  by  making  the   text  clickable.  
  34. 34. Mobile Landing Pages: Best Practices•  Keep  your  page  layout  simple  for   best  visibility.  •  Create  contrast  between   background  and  text.  •  Content  should  fit  onscreen  and   can  be  read  without  pinching  and   zooming.  •  Allow  scrolling  in  one  direc;on   only.  •  Use  plenty  of  nega;ve  space.  Use   size  and  color  to  indicate  link/ bulon  priority.  
  35. 35. Mobile Landing Pages: Best Practices•  Consider  accessibility  across  all   mobile  devices  and  all  handset   orienta;ons.  •  Avoid  Flash  since  it  does  not  work  on   all  devices.  •  Use  HTML5  for  interac;vity  and   anima;on.  •  Adapt  your  site  for  both  ver;cal  and   horizontal  orienta;ons.  •  Keep  users  in  the  same  place  when   they  change  orienta;on.   Grrrr,  I   can’t  see   their  site!  
  36. 36. Mobile Landing Pages: Best Practices•  Use  Mobile  Site  Redirects  •  A  mobile  site  redirect  is  code  that  can   detect  mobile  users  and  send  them   to  the  mobile-­‐friendly  version  of  your   site.  •  Give  users  a  choice  to  go  back  to  the   desktop  site,  but  make  it  easy  to   return  to  the  mobile  site.  •  Let  users  choose  which  version  they   prefer  to  see  for  later  visits.  
  37. 37. Mobile Landing Pages: Conversion Tips•  Make  it  easy  to  buy  something  or  contact   you.  •  Focus  on  informa;on  that  will  aid   conversion  (i.e.,  product  details).  •  Reduce  the  number  of  steps  needed  to   complete  a  transac;on.  •  Keep  forms  short  with  the  fewest  number   of  fields.  •  Use  check  boxes,  lists  and  scroll  menus  to   make  data  entry  easier.  •  Use  Click-­‐To-­‐Call  func;onality  for  all   phone  numbers.  
  38. 38. Mobile Analytics: Google Analytics
  39. 39. Mobile Analytics: Google Analytics
  40. 40. Mobile Analytics: Adwords
  41. 41. Mobile Ads: On The HorizonMobile  App  Extensions    •  This  new,  beta  ad  unit  directs  users  to  a  page   within  a  mobile  app  already  installed  on  their   phone.    •  For  example,  if  someone  searches  for   products  on  a  mobile  device,  they  might  see   an  ad  that  takes  them  directly  into  a  cool   shopping  app  they’ve  installed  on  their  phone.  
  42. 42. Mobile Ads: On The HorizonMobile  Offer  Ads    •  Ads  with  Offers  let  adver;sers   include  special  deals  in  their  mobile   search  ads.    •  Adver;se  in-­‐store  promo;ons    •  Users  can  email  or  SMS  your  offer  for   future  in-­‐store  redemp;on.    •  Ads  also  display  phone  number  or   business  loca;on  on  a  Google  Map   for  Mobile  •  Ads  with  Offers  show  on    
  43. 43. Mobile Ads: On The HorizonCirculars  •  Google  began  tes;ng  this  new  ad  format   with  Best  Buy  and  Macy’s  earlier  last  fall  •  When  someone  clicks  on  a  search  or   display  ad  (on  desktop,  mobile  or  tablet   devices),    •  See  ads  with  photos  of  relevant  products   and  special  offers.    •  Users  can  email  that  circular  to  their   mobile  phones,  and  later  walk  into  their   local  store,  flash  their  phone  and  redeem   the  offers.  
  44. 44. Mobile Ads: On The HorizonGoogle  +1  •  As  developers  can  incorporate  +1  ads  into  their   mobile  applica;ons,  consider  how  this  will  impact   your  adver;sing    
  45. 45. Summary of Key Takeaways•  Mobile  will  con;nue  to  grow  •  Understand  mobile  user  behavior  •  Extend  your  online  adver;sing  to  mobile  •  U;lize  the  current  knowledge  and  sengs   from  Adwords  (i.e  ad  extensions)  •  Consider  the  device  and  how  it  will  be   used  to  search  for  you  •  Create  mobile  website  experience  
  46. 46. About Me• Founder  and  SEM  Strategist,  Big  Click  Co.  • Pay-­‐per-­‐click  management,  specializing  in   – Ecommerce     – Retarge;ng  • Managed  dozens  of  PPC  accounts  at  agencies  and  client  side  • Columnist,  ClickZ  hlp://   Contact  me:   612-­‐424-­‐1SEM