Edwin ortiz hlc eval jan 2012 (2)


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Edwin ortiz hlc eval jan 2012 (2)

  1. 1. EDWIN ORTIZHLC EVALUATION—1/20/12WATER—your body is 75% water and your brain is 85% water. Water plays many keyroles in our bodies. As small as 1% of water content reduction in your central nervoussystem can cause significant psychological disorders.--any HISTIMINE related response (including inflammatory/pain issues) is probablyrelated to a lack of water***You should drink half your body weight in lbs in oz of clean, fresh water day (Ex:140 lb person should drink 70 oz of pure, clean water/day.****You drink water everyday, so the importance of its quality is magnified much more thanother items affecting health which you may do less frequently. Tap is NOT acceptableunless using a quality filter—the one I use and suggest can be found on the AndrewRecommends page of my website, www.triumphtraining.com)*Bottled water is not only expensive for your bank account, it’s also expensive for your(and OUR) environment.Id highly suggest reading Your Bodys Many Cries for Water by Batmanghelidg or go towww.healthywater.com for some fantastic info.CAFFEINE—an adrenal stressor.If coffee were introduced to the FDA today as a drug, it would not receive approval.It is best to avoid everything that contains caffeine including coffee, sodas, tea,decongestants, energy/fat-burning pills, aspirin, diuretics and chocolate. This is becauseresearch has shown that caffeine severely disrupts the delicate blood sugar regulationmechanism within the body (i.e., adrenals, liver and pancreas). It also has a seriousdiuretic (dehydrating) effect on the body. This can lead to chronic fatigue, depression,allergies, behavioral issues, insomnia, dizziness, cancer, bone loss, mental disorders andbirth defects.--has half life of 6hrs—4 oz takes 24 hrs to get out of your system.--strong cup of coffee has 600mg--stimulates SNS (adrenals) to produce cortisol--is a diuretic--replacing with teas like Yerba Mate will minimize withdrawalALCOHOL—Alcohol is a simple sugar, negative and empty in any othernutrients. When ingested, it places incredible stress on the detoxification system of the
  2. 2. body (i.e., liver, etc.). Alcohol, particularly red wine, is one of the primary causes ofgastrointestinal (GI) inflammation. GI inflammation leads to “leaky gut” syndrome,allowing toxic substances to pass into the body’s tissues. This, in turn, can result in thedevelopment of the chronic diseases of aging (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, arthritis,cancer, low back and joint pain, etc.). If that’s not enough, alcohol, particularly whenconsumed near or at meal times, serves as a blocking agent, prohibiting the absorption ofseveral vitamins and minerals. If you don’t get the nutrition you need, the body willeventually look for it elsewhere—i.e. you’ll eat more!DAIRY—Vitamins A and D are fat soluble. Skim/low fat milk/dairy is sugar water—highly glycemic (gets into your blood stream quickly causing a sugar rush and then acrash which equates to hunger which causes a stress response in the body, triggeringCORTISOL release). Choose full fat, organic sources—just like it comes out of the cow!TOO MUCH SUGAR—When one eats sugar in the absence of the nutritional factorsnecessary to compensate for digestion, metabolism, and elimination, incompletecarbohydrate metabolism occurs. Pyruvic acid accumulates in the brain and nervoussystem, and the abnormal sugars accumulate in the red blood cells. These metabolitesinterfere with the respiration of the cells. They simply can’t get enough oxygen tosurvive and function normally. In time, some of these cells die. This interferes with thefunction of that part of the body and is the beginning of degenerative disease.The average yearly intake of simple sugars for Americans is 150-170lbs.“ENRICHED” OR PROCESSED GRAINS/PASTAS— Processed flours (LIKE THEONES USED TO MAKE ANY MAN MADE CARBOHYDRATE—EVEN ORGANICONES) are similar to refined sugars in their negative effects on the body and areabsolutely nothing like nature intended. Because of this, they are something tocompletely avoid. Reason being as follows: A wheat grain kernel has three layers: theouter bran where most of the fiber is, the middle endosperm where the starch (carbs) is,and the inner germ where the many nutrients and essential fatty acids are found. In orderfor a wheat grain to be healthy for consumption, all three of these components must be intact. This is where the nightmare of processing comes into the picture. Where flouroriginally was milled with stone keeping these three vital components together, today’smethods are seriously inferior. Today, industry’s high-speed steel roller mills eject thegerm and bran - the most nutritious part of the grain - leaving nothing but the starch,essentially nothing but sugar. What’s worse, even whole wheat flour is compromised bythe high temperatures of these mills reaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit, destroying the vitalnutrients and rendering them useless.It is important to keep in mind that our ancestors ate grains in their whole, unprocessedstate. In nature carbs (i.e. sugars, grains, etc.) come from whole food sources andtherefore were naturally linked with their corresponding vitamins, minerals, enzymes,proteins, fats and fibers. These components are the body’s health-building and digestion-regulating elements. Refined carbs (i.e. sugar, breakfast cereal, pasta, breads, chips,crackers, soda, juice, candy, etc.) are devoid of these essential elements to vitality. Thus,
  3. 3. consumption of these “empty” or “negative” calories requires the body to give up its ownstores of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for proper metabolization. Essentially, asmentioned above, you’re left with nothing but starch - sugar.ALL FAT IS NOT CREATED EQUAL—fats to avoid (so read labels): trans-fattyacids, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Good fats: olive oil, coconut oil/butter, palm oil, butter, lard, tallow, ghee, fish oil, seeds, avocados, nuts—Organic, ofcourse!***COOKING should be done ONLY with SATURATED fats which are more stableunder heat.Fat stores toxins, so organic meats or nuts or oils are essential.NOT ENOUGH PROTEIN/GOOD FAT WITH MEALS/SNACKS—satiates appetiteand minimizes the insulin response.FOOD VARIETY—the avg American eats 12 foods/year. Different foods provide uswith different essential nutrients and also minimize the risk of acquiring foodintolerances.DON’T GO MORE THAN 4HRS WITHOUT EATING EXCEPT FOR SLEEP—another nutritional stressor which triggers the SNS. Dieting/skipping meals causesthe body to produce more lypogenic enzymes and less lypolytic enzymes. Frequentfeedings keep your metabolism elevated.ORGANIC?—whenever possible.--higher in nutrients=satisfies the appestat.--fewer toxins—fat stores toxins!--better for you and the environment.READ LABELS—What’s in your food? Since the FDA doesn’t require any foodadditive Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) to be listed on the label, all you’ll see is“artificial flavor” or “artificial coloring” or even the word “natural.” The averageAmerican eats approximately 150lbs in food additives each year—15lbs of which will beflavoring agents, preservatives, and dyes. And the FDA allows the manufacturers ofthese food additives to provide their own evidence to support their claim of safety whichallows them to be on the GRAS list. Read Food Additives, A Shopper’s Guide to What’sSafe and What’s Not by Christine Hoza Farlow, D.C.Also, anything ending in the letters “ose” means it’s a sugar.Best bet—don’t eat things which come out of a box or package or can.BEDTIME/SLEEP PATTERNS—physical repair takes place from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.Psychological repair takes place from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.
  4. 4. MEDICATIONS—85% of Americans are on prescription drugs and ALL drugs haveside effects!THE 80/20 RULE—Live correctly 80% of the time so that your body can handle the20% of the time when you don’t.THE SNS—The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) is activated as a response toSTRESS (which comes in 6 forms):--Physical (exercise)--poor posture is an example of bad physical stress.--Chemical--synthetically manufactured medical drugs or pesticides are examples of badchemical stress.--Electromagnetic--too much exposure to computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, tv’s, etc is anexample of bad electromagnetic stress--Psychic (thoughts)--being rushed or taking on more responsibility than you can manage is anexample of bad psychic stress.--Nutrition--eating non foods or foods laden with chemicals (see chemical above) areexamples of bad nutrition stress.--Thermal--a burn (i.e. sunburn) is an example of bad thermal stress.The SNS releases stress hormones (i.e. CORTISOL). If cortisol levels are abovenormal, the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) which stimulates digestion,metabolism and other tissue building hormones (DHEA, growth hormone, testosterone,estrogen, etc) will be suppressed. This over stimulation of the SNS is a common cause ofmany chronic fatigue states and chronic disease processes as well as emotionalimbalances/distress.Stress hormones—repair hormones—sex hormones.Higher your stress level, the less your tolerance for exercise.6 FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES--Thoughts—60,000-70,000 thoughts daily, 90% of which are NEGATIVE!!! 80-95% ofyour STRESS comes from your thoughts. Be in the moment. Avg American laughs 0times (4 chuckles)—laughter is the quickest way to change your thoughts.--Breathing—thru nose and diaphragmatically.
  5. 5. --Hydration—1/2 your body wt in lbs in oz of water/day. Dehydration is a stress on thebody and triggers cortisol release. Making things worse, stress causes dehydration as thebody’s resources are mobilized to counter the problem.Hunger is often a sign that the body is dehydrated.--Nutrition—food is going to become your cells. Avg person chews food 4 times beforeswallowing. Chew until food is liquefied (20 chews or more). DIGESTION starts inthe mouth. If not adequately chewed, food can trigger symptoms of heartburn/acidreflux. Slow down and see how long you eat and how much less you eat and howsatisfied you are. Chewing starts the digestion process. It makes parasites in food unableto hide from HCL—if these critters can get past this line of defense and into your gut, ahost or problems can arise.You are when you eat, too.Try not to eat a lot at one sitting. Restaurants are notorious for giving us MUCH morethan we should consume at one time (triggering an insulin/cortisol response)--Exercise—#1 sign of biological aging is a decrease in muscle mass. Weight training isthe cure!--Sleep—10 to 2 is physical repair and 2 to 6 is mental repair. The ideal sleep setting isin a dark, cool, comfortable room. Minimize your exposure to bright lights for the 2hrsbefore bed time (your body equates light with morning and with increased cortisolproduction, keeping you awake). This includes computers and t.v.’s. Avoid stimulantsafter lunch, including sugar.PLAN FOR IDEAL HEALTH FOR EDWIN ORTIZ--drink 90+oz of pure, clean water daily. Work your way up to this amount by increasingby 8-16oz each week. START your day with 8-16oz of water BEFORE you eat any food.The only things you should drink other than water are fresh squeezed juices (made, notpurchased—pasteurization destroys the naturally occurring enzymes in juice [as doestime], so what you are left with is essentially sugar water). Any time you drink anythingother than water including highly glycemic “health” foods like pasteurized juices, yourdemand for water increases as the body is forced to draw from its own supplies of waterto dilute and then digest these liquids.--improve nutritional habits--eat right for your METABOLIC TYPE—I bet you’re a PROTEIN orMIXED type.--more VARIETY and NUTRITION at all meals. Breakfast should be asmuch as 25% of your daily calories. EAT within 30mins of WAKING up, notGETTING up! And try to include a balance of MACRONUTRIENTS (i.e. protein,fat, and carbs) at every meal or snack.--don’t go longer than 3-4 hours between meals.--eat REAL food with quality carbohydrates, protein, and fat at every meal/snack. Try to stay away from bars, even good ones.--increase the variety of foods in your daily/weekly diet.--aim for organic if at all possible—be a part of the solution!
  6. 6. --when eating out, make wise choices about where (organic places willbecome the norm if we DEMAND them via the almighty dollar) and whatyou eat. Also, you can share plates or ask the server to box ½ the food assoon as it is brought to the table if necessary.--I’d strongly recommend cutting all GLUTEN, DAIRY, AND SOY out ofyour diet. Also, Rice, Buckwheat, Millet, and Corn are acceptable grains inmoderation but do not add much to your body from a nutritionalperspective.RULES TO EAT BY:--if God didnt make it, dont eat it.--if you cannot pronounce an ingredient in a food, dont eat it.--if it hasnt been on this earth for 5000+ years, dont eat it.--if it wont keep your dog alive, dont eat it.--the more ingredients in a food, the worse it is for you.--the more health claims made about a food, generally the worse it is for you(i.e. soy products).--stay away from HYDROGENATED /PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED foods(baked goods are a major culprit)--stay away from ARTIFICIAL COLORS/SWEETENERS/FLAVORS orPRESERVATIVES--improve sleep patterns. Try to minimize the days you find yourself going to bed after10 p.m. or getting out of bed BEFORE/after 6 a.m. Your body THRIVES off rhythms, soget in a pattern with your own, personalized wind down routine. Create yourpersonalized, ideal environment for quality sleep. And avoid those stressors mentionedabove (t.v., computers, sugar, etc) which may be contributing to poor sleep (i.e. lots ofwaking up or waking up tired). To help REPROGRAM proper cortisol/melatoninproduction, expose yourself to light, movement, and food A.S.A.P. after waking up.--improve thoughts (think positive) and put you and your well being first. Be in themoment and think about what you get to do not what you have to do. This will help youimprove your breathing—which should be slow and deep and IN through your nose andOUT through your mouth as well as DIAPHRAGMATICALLY (instead of chestbreathing).--exercise—make time for it/for yourself (see above).--when in doubt, ask me!EXAMPLE of TYPICAL DAY FOR ED:
  7. 7. *become conscious*tell yourself that you choose to be happy, healthy, confident, loving, productive, and allthe qualities I know you truly are*take a big diaphragmatic breath and say thank you for the gift of waking up to anotherday and another chance at EVERYTHING*open your eyes*go to the bathroom and rinse the toxins out of your mouth with water (preferablychlorine free from a filter)*expose yourself to light to trigger a cortisol release to help you wake up and set yourclock and normalize circadian rhythms*drink 16oz of PURE water, maybe with a bit of CELTIC sea salt, actually feeling thewater in your mouth and not guzzling it*wait 15mins while you read (happy stuff) or exercise (perhaps Chi building/zone ones Iprescribe) or do with gratitude the things you need to do to get ready for the day*EAT breakfast which could be ANYTHING as long as its--real--has protein and fat--is organic--gives life--has minimal ingredients--has some thing which is RAW, thus giving you enzymes which are necessaryfor LIFE.This is TRUE of every thing you put in your body--each of which is YOURchoice. What do you want to make your body out of? 2 MILLION red bloodcells are produced in your body each SECOND. Make it out of the qualities aboveinstead of NON-foods which take more from your body to digest and assimilate thanthey give.Some examples may be:--Sliced apple(s) and peanut butter--smoked salmon and tomato slices--egg salad with carrots and cherry tomatoes--frozen strawberries, rice milk, and almond butter blended into a shake--hummus on gluten free bread with spinach and tomato--left over dinner--something outside the box!*get your formal day started or workout or make progress toward your daily/weekly/lifegoal(s), thus giving you a bit of direction/purpose.*take the following supplements daily:--a pro-biotic--a quality multi vitamin--maybe an HCL supplement--probably a separate vit D3 supplement.*at EVERY meal/snack, eat slowly, consciously, and gratefully, honoring the plants (and
  8. 8. eventually the animals) who sacrificed their lives to become part of you—do this withoutwatching t.v. (which you should use minimally if at all)*brush/floss teeth with a NON-fluoride toothpaste*get organized (which for me is a constant battle, Ill admit) as it helps de-clutter themind—make to do lists if it helps you feel less overwhelmed*get outside and breathe the fresh air or at least open the windows--even if its cold--for ashort period of time*SPEND TIME with your loved ones as the moment is gone in the blink of an eye*get sun on your skin.*ground yourself in bare feet on a natural surface (wood, earth, grass)*move and enjoy the ability to do so, knowing you are truly blessed.*sip PURE water thru out the day from a stainless steel bottle or from glass--try to notdrink 10-15mins before or after any meal—aim for 90+ oz/day and watch with wonder asyour body responds.*eat something every 4hrs, but not more often than every 3hrs.*read something enjoyable--fiction or not—Born to Run is a good choice, as is anythingby Deepak Chopra or lots of other authors.*study an interesting subject or learn a new language.*do a jig-saw puzzle or a cross word puzzle or do something with your non-dominanthand instead of your dominant—these things help keep the brain sharp.*do yoga or tai chi or the zone exercises I’ll show you to build up the CHI/energy in you*write a friend*call a friend*do some ED things like a warm, Epsom salt bath, an exercise session, or time withfriends/family.*realize that your friends think of you more than you know and that thought travels at thespeed of light, circling the globe 7 times/second*eat dinner (which should be smaller than lunch) consciously, aiming for 20 chews beforeswallowing, and then clean up the kitchen*write down some goals for the next day*turn off the t.v., the computer, and only talk on your land line after 8 p.m.*read or do some stretches/yoga or talk or do something productive but not too active*be present, living here/now and not in the past/future*brush/floss teeth*get in bed with a dark, cool, quiet room*no electro magnetic equipment near the bed (this includes alarm clocks--get a sun clockif you need it)*say a prayer of thanks*go to bed (by 10:30), looking forward to being blessed with another day*BEWith much Love and Chi--Andrew