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Presentation delivered by Lisa Qualls to the 2010 May monthly KC PMI chapter meeting.

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  • Hello, happy to b here, 2 decades, appreciation/respect Hello, my name is Lisa Qualls. I am happy to be here with you today and look forward to sharing with you some exciting new tools available to help you with your complex, challenging and sometimes mind warping jobs. I am like you and manage projects every day as a business owner. I have been managing projects for almost two decades and have a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for each of you, what you do and your desire to continue learning to become better. Passion/early adopter, intuitive,simple,easy or give up, full disclosure, commitment2answers I have a strong passion to find new and improved ways to make my work teams and clients happy. This passion leads me to be viewed by some as an “early adopter” of technology. I’m a self proclaimed geek but unfortunately that doesn’t translate to always knowing how to use said technology. I often find that if something isn’t intuitive, simple or makes my life easier then I don’t adopt it. I have a patience issue so if I can’t figure out a new tool fairly quickly then my ADD kicks in and I give up. I share this with you as the tools I am going to share with you today satisfy these requirements for the most part. In the spirit of full disclosure, most of the tools I am going to highlight are ones I actually use just about every day. However, there are a few that were recommended by others but because of their purpose, they don’t necessarily apply to my needs so I don’t use them. I’m confident you’ll be able to figure out which ones are which when I talk about them or if you ask a specific question that I may not have an answer for. In the event that occurs, I fully commit to getting your contact information so I can get you the answer later this week. Agenda – survey, what a tool is, helpful to facilitate work I am going to start my presentation with a little survey. I like to get my audiences engaged in my presentations so if you were looking to catch up sleep from the weekend you picked the wrong break-out session. I am then going to talk about what I think makes a good tool. Often times, we are told about a new “tool” that our organization is implementing only to find it is not a tool in any shape or form, at least for you the project manager. As defined by good ol’ mr. webster a tool applies broadly to a device that facilitates work. Now I don’t know about all of you but I know in my previous corporate life, I was often told to use a tool that didn’t help me facilitate work but usually created more work and hindered my ability to facilitate work. Therefore, to make sure we are all on the same page we will review what a tool is and more important what it should help you do. Tool review, web-based, freemium, api, reference on blog We will then dive in to the tools themselves. I will talk about tools that help you manage your projects, your teams and your selves. These are all web-based tools so no software installation is required. Almost all of them offer some kind of free evaluation so you can try them before you buy. Many of them are open API which means they work with other open API applications and make it easy to develop supporting applications specific to your organization. I’ll talk more about this when I discuss the specific tools. In addition to posting this presentation on my LinkedIn site, I’ll also have a post on my company blog at that will include reference links to the tools we discuss. Questions any time, lets start As I said, I like to engage my audience so if you have a question feel free to ask them at any time as I know I will be asking you questions as we go along. So, without further adieu let’s get started…
  • Do you know what tools are available today? Do you know the difference between a bad tool and a good one?
  • There are tools that help you manage your projects, your teams and your self. Before we jump in to specific tools lets first review what makes a tool a GOOD one.
  • Build teams Create culture Develop powerful projects
  • Lead teams Direct individuals Advise sponsors and stakeholders
  • Easy to learn and understand Easy to teach Easy to use
  • Analyze performance Measure results Assess status
  • A good tool helps you achieve what you could not on your own…a good tool elevates you and your team’s performance to success
  • Dashboard - 1)  Late items appear at the top in red  2)  Your logo goes here  3)  Anything due in the next 14 days shows up here  4)  Your project list 5)  Latest activity across your projects. To-dos: 1)  Add as many to-dos as you want  2)  Completed to-dos are moved to the bottom  3) Private lists for your eyes only (flip between private and open anytime). Files - 1)  Files are listed with icons, names, and descriptions  2)  Sort by date/time or from A-Z 3)  Group related files by category. Message boards - 1)  Messages appear in reverse chronological order  2)  Attach files and images to message just like you can with email  3)  Your logo here 4)  Categorize messages (create as many categories as you'd like). Milestones - 1)  Late items appear in red at the top  2)  Subscribe to your milestones in iCalendar format  3)  Milestones are color coded for late, upcoming, and complete  4)  Related to-do lists appear below a milestone. Time-tracking: 1)  Quickly create reports  2)  Add time entries  3)  See a log of all hours entered on a project  4)  Track time against to-do list items. Initially created for in-house project management and then started selling as service in 2004. Max $149/month TOP-OF-THE-LINE Unlimited  projects 50 GB  storage Unlimited  users Time tracking Enhanced  security Premium $99/month FOR BIG GROUPS 100  projects 20 GB  storage Unlimited  users Time tracking Enhanced  security Plus $49/month MOST POPULAR PLAN 35  projects  10 GB  storage  Unlimited  users  Time tracking   Enhanced  security  Basic $24/month FOR SMALL GROUPS 15  projects 3 GB  storage Unlimited  users No time tracking Enhanced  security
  • Send, track and collect payments quickly. Great for teams, freelancers and service providers.   or   Over 800,000 new users since May 2004! So easy to use, FreshBooks saves you time and gets you paid faster. You'll actually love invoicing. Easily track and report on your and your staff's time. Use our iPhone app when you're on the go. Brand your system and invoices with your company's logo. Earn the awe of your clients. Invite contractors to join your team and track time on projects. Receive their invoices all in one place. Keep track of your expenses, for both projects and yourself. Easily re-bill clients on project expenses. Bill $300k or less? FreshBooks is your accounting system. Bill more? Use our accounting integrations. Use your report card released every three months tosee how you compare to your profession.
  • Great for businesses of all sizes Delta uses EchoSign to manage thousands of agreements each year. It’s very easy to use and ensures a seamless end-to-end process that delivers fast contract execution, and a convenient, online audit trail for all contract processes. We’ve had success with EchoSign and recommend it.— Gary Burton, Program Manager, Delta Legal, tested and trusted Compliant with the ESIGN act provisions providing protection for sender and signer.
  • Account is free up to 2G
  • Google alerts, google voice, google docs, google calendar, gmail, reader, talk Google Wave – Real Time Collaboration The feature:  In email, you have to search for files, and then attach them before sending. Then you need to open them up when you actually receive the email. Google Wave ignores that entire process by allowing users to drag files from the desktop and dropping them. Anyone can then see the files as they’re being uploaded. Images are shown in an album format, music can be played, and docs can be quickly shared Why it’s game-changing:  Drag-and-drop file uploads makes Google Wave not only a communication platform, but a useful project management system. Companies could use Google Wave as their communication and file-sharing platform. Combined with Wave Extensions, you could build an entire project management platform and time management system better than anything on the market.
  • There are many options available to you in your LinkedIn Settings section that can help you personalize and secure your account according to your comfort level. It is highly recommended that you make your public profile fully visible and provide your profile picture and status to everyone. The manage recommendations section is where you can manage your existing recommendations and request others to endorse you. If you are a twitter user, you can integrate your status updates to also be a tweet. If your home page is becoming too cluttered you can manage the type of updates you receive in the Network Updates section. If you use a RSS subscription service such as Google Reader, you can elect to send Answers from specific categories (i.e. facilities management) to your reader. You can manage the order your groups are displayed on your home page and other group specifics from the Groups options. You can manage a variety of settings to increase profile security along with advertising preferences in the Privacy Settings section. The My Network allows you to specify to others why you may be interested in connecting with them.
  • PMI KC May 2010 Preso

    1. 1. Project Management Tools in the Digital Age Lisa Qualls,Chief Executive Officer, Fresh ID ©FreshID, LLC
    2. 2. Let’s begin with araise of hands…Which of thefollowing scenarioshave youexperiencedrecently?
    3. 3. This one?
    4. 4. Or…..maybe…..this one?
    5. 5. How the about emp conf ty e room rence Doe ? s an me e yone t pe r s i n onanym ore?
    6. 6. You are not alone
    7. 7. Does it seem like yourorganization plays paper, rock, scissors when selecting tools?
    8. 8. There is helpThere are GOOD tools That are available TODAY Project Management Team Management Personal Management
    9. 9. Good tools help you…. CREATE. BUILD. DEVELOP.
    10. 10. Good tools help you….LEAD. DIRECT. ADVISE.
    11. 11. Good tools are….SIMPLE.TO.USE.
    12. 12. Good tools help you….ANALYZE.MEASURE.ASSESS.
    13. 13. HEIGHTS. NEW. REACH.Good tools help you….
    14. 14. Is there a toolthat can do all ofthese things?….
    15. 15. YES.
    16. 16. Project Management Tools
    17. 17. Team Management Tools
    18. 18. Notification Access from when files are any computer uploaded Synch filesOnline backup Access from No more inbox your mobile crashing phone
    19. 19. FREE PHONE SYSTEM!Free videocallsFreeconferencecallsFree fileshare, chat,& addressbookintegration
    20. 20. Google has everything including the kitchen sink
    21. 21. Personal Management Tools
    22. 22. 2.2.3. 9.
    23. 23. #jobhuntchat Mondays 7-10 pmconnecting those w/ open positionsto those seeking employment#aopm Tuesdays 2 – 3 pmleveraging social anthropology inproduct management#brandchat Wednesday 10 – 11 ampersonal brand discussion#pldebate - First Friday 11-Noonprocurement, sourcing, and supplychain management#PMV – Wednesday 11-Noonproduct mgmt community#smchat – Wednesday Noon – 1:30small business discussions
    24. 24. So,STOP this
    25. 25. And,START this
    26. 26. So you can ENJOY this! Thank You! Presented byEmail: Web: Phone: 816.359.3554