2011 smckc plan


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A review of the SMCKC 2011 plan, executive team and membership call-to-action. The presentation also includes a brief highlight of 2010 accomplishments and 2011 voting schedule.

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2011 smckc plan

  1. 1. Membership . Our most important priority is YOU! Social Media and therefore, SMCKC is first and foremost about engagement, connection, and community for you, the members Community . We want SMCKC to be a valuable resource for the Kansas City community. We also want to help elevate Kansas City to be recognized regionally and nationally as a leader in the social media industry. Business.  We want to enable each of our members to be an advocate for social media in the business community … as employees, owners, consultants, or simply as a voice to a decision maker saying, "Hey, have you thought about ..."
  2. 2. Chairman – Guides the organization President – Primary leader and driver of the plan and the team Vice-President – Captures progress, supports all chairs, and leads sponsorship activities Treasurer – Serves as liaison to National chapter and responsible for all administrative items
  3. 3. Events – Plans and coordinates all events Membership – Voice of the members, welcome team and creates member development opportunities Communications – Prepares and delivers all organizational messaging Advocacy – Works with the community and businesses to integrate SMCKC efforts Technology – Trends, online assets and SM trends
  4. 4. More than doubled our membership One of the first “official” SMC chapters – globally! Making a difference in our community Best practices & case studies Learning the trends Establishing presence Sharing with others
  5. 5. Diversity – Offer events to address a multitude of interests: Social users Practitioners Business adoption Technology trends Newbies Community concerns (safety, security, ethics)
  6. 6. Awareness – Increase social media and SMCKC understanding locally, regionally & nationally Social Media Fair Social Media Awards Traditional media and organizational outreach Leverage all online communication channels Solidify formal sponsorships Formal committees
  7. 7. Membership Development – offer opportunities for 101, 201 and 301 needs Partner with local organizations to provide introductory education sessions More case studies and best practice presentations Discussion forums, debates, rigorous conversation to stretch us to new levels Connect knowledge to need – making us smarter and more visible
  8. 8. Make a Difference & Have Fun! Establish formal community support Provide ample volunteer opportunities Happy hours Actively support job seekers Grass roots social efforts – more bowling, social gatherings, and KC Tweeps!
  9. 9. Chairman – Lisa Qualls @lqualls4444 President – Open Vice-President – Joe Cox @joenormal Treasurer – Kerstin Burns @kayhaswings Events – Steven Chau @whereisciao Communications – Mike Burns @wrytir Membership – Brooke Beason @brookebeason Technology – Open Advocacy - Open
  10. 10. Nominations January 7 th – January 14 th Nomination confirmation January 15 th – January 18 th Nominees post credentials January 19 th – January 20 th Voting January 21 st – February 2 nd Winners announced February 4th
  11. 11. Lead a committee Become a committee member Community volunteer Professional membership Advocate for your business to become an official member Share, share, share Visit our chairpersons to learn more!