SEMIN abrstact finally completed


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SEMIN abrstact finally completed

  1. 1. CONTENTS TitlePage No: Abstract i List of Figures ii Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Light around us 1 1.2 Formation of colours on various objects 2 1.3 The concept of Reflection and Refraction 3 Chapter 2: The Dentonation of invisible materials. 2.1 The evolution of Meta materials 5 2.2 The action inside 7 Chapter 3: Formation of Meta materials 10 Chapter 4: Limitations and conclusion 4.1 Limitations of Meta materials and Cloaking 11 4.2 Conclusion 12 Chapter 5: Applications and future prospects 5.1 The art of Invisibility in the near future 13 5.2 Applications 14 5.3 The idea for the use of Invisible materials in the real world 14Reference and Bibliography 15
  2. 2. LIST OF FIGURES S.NO FIG. NO: NAME OF FIGURE PAGE NO: 1. 1.1 Intensity of light 1 2. 1.2 Formation of VIBGYOR 2 3. 1.3 The concept of Reflection and Refraction 3 4. 2.1 Circular rings of Meta materials 7 5. 2.2 Passage of microwave light 9 6. 2.3 Alignment inside the Meta material 9 7. 5.1 The ideal invisible cloak 13 ABSTRACTThe art of Invisible Cloaking , this specifically means the art of making things invisible.This word offantasy “Invisible” is something wondrous which we see in movies.But due to rapid strides in scienceand technology scientists have proven that its really possible in the life of mankind to make thingsinvisible.This seminar conscientiously revolves around the art of invisibility and the theory behindmaking things invisible.The second part of the seminar revolves around the origin and concept of special type of materialscalled “Metamaterials” , which exhibit a typical property called “NEGATIVE REFRACTION”. Thisseminar elucidates the working of metamaterials and their working in coherence with the possibilitiesof maling things invisible ,the role played by them in altering the light properties and ends up with the
  3. 3. research follow-ups in the art of invisibility cloaking.The evolution and the formation of the Metamaterials is discussed along with its limitations and the concept of cloaking is discussed with itslimitations in the seminar. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSI would like to express my sincere thanks to our principal Dr. PURNA CHANDRA RAO, for his kindco-operation in this regard and making this seminar a successful one.I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. K.V.MURALI MOHAN, HOD of Electronics andcommunication department, Project co-coordinator Mr. Y. DAVID SOLOMON RAJU and our internalguide Ms Y. JALAJAKSHI, Asst. professor Dept of ECE for their precious guidance and kind co-operation at every stage of seminar .I hereby, take the opportunity to thank one and all who have helped us in making this seminar asuccessful one.Last but not least: I express my sincere gratitude to Mrs.A.Vijaya Sarada Reddy, Secretary, HITSgroup of institutions, for her continuous care towards our achievements. ABHIMITHRA REDDY . K (06C91A0403)