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Buzz Aldrin
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A hero research project by Paige.

A hero research project by Paige.

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  • 1. Buzz Aldrin by Paige H.
  • 2. All about Buzz Aldrin• He was Born on January 20, 1930 in Montclair New Jersey. Buzzes name when he was born was Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr.• Aldrin got the nickname Buzz from his baby sister, who called him "buzzer" while trying to say "brother"• After he graduated from West Point, he was a fighter pilot in the Korean War. He had 66 combat missions.• Buzz Aldrin is better known as the second man on the moon. He walked on the moon after Neil Armstrong in 1969.
  • 3. Before Buzz Aldrin was anastronaut he was a fighterpilot in the Korean War in 1950-1953.
  • 4. Buzz Aldrin walked on themoon for 2 hours long before returning to earth.
  • 5. Michael Collin Michael Collin NeilArmstrong Buzz Aldrin Buzz Aldrins astronauts friends were, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collin.
  • 6. He had 12 Gemini missions and then was chosen for thelunar module pilot position for Apollo 11.
  • 7. Why is he a hero?• Buzz Aldrin is a hero because he risked his life fighting in the Korean War as a pilot.• The second reason that he is a hero is because he was one of the only people to walk on the moon.
  • 8. Today• Today Buzz Aldrin is 83 years old. He remains to be the second man who walked on the moon.
  • 9. I got my information from http://www.factmonster.com/search?fr=fmtnh&query=Buzz+Aldrin&x=0&y=0