Clara Barton


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A research project by Sofia,

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Clara Barton

  1. 1. Clara BartonBy Sofia G.
  2. 2. What is a hero What is a hero? Many people ask them selfs thisquestion daily many people have different opinions on this subject but the most common opinion is a person that has changed life as we know it if it is one person to the world a hero helps every one.This paper is about one of these millions of heroes Clara Barton Founder of the Red Cross
  3. 3. Clara Barton As a child
  4. 4. Clara Barton was born December 25,1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Clara had two sisters and two brothers. Her sisters were Dorothy and Sally , and her brothers were Stephen and David. Clara was the youngest of her siblings. Clara was destined to be a nurse she took care of her dog when he hurt his leg. The first time she helped a humanrecover was at age 11 when her brother David was fixing the roof and fell off. The doctor said he would die in a matter of days Clara was determined not to let that happen and nursed him back to health.( )
  5. 5. Clara Barton early professional Life
  6. 6. Clara Barton was more then a nurse and founder of the Red Cross she also was a teacher she started teaching in the year 1838 shetaught for a dozen years until she went back to school and learnedlanguages and writing. After finishing school Clara opened a free school there were 603 students and because she was a woman Clara was not excepted as head master, they chose a man. She then moved to Washington D.C and worked as a clerk at the USpatent office this was the first time a woman received a clerkship inthe US Government. Her salary equivalent to a mans salary. After Abraham Lincolns election she moved Back to Massachusetts to live with friends and relatives for three years she returned to the patent office autumn 1861 as a temporary copyist. She was probably the first woman to work in the government . ( http:// )
  7. 7. Clara Barton the Civil war
  8. 8. Clara Barton was appointed to the Civil war in 1864 byUnion General Benjamin Butler she was lady in charge ofthe hospitals of the Army of James. She was called angelof the battlefield because a bullet tore through the sleeve of her dress which missed her but killed one of the men she was tending.
  9. 9. Clara Barton the Red Cross
  10. 10. Clara Barton started founding the Red Cross in the US in 1873 andfinally got the Red Cross in the USin the year may 21,1881. She workedas president of the Red Cross until her death on April 12, 1912
  11. 11. Thanks for watching