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FACET discussion inventory for marriage preparation Archdiocese of Baltimore

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  • a DISCUSSION INSTRUMENTan INVENTORY of 175 basic questions on marriage FACET is divided into 13 Topics. Each topic has three parts: I know/understand, I believe, and I will.the source of a PROFILE of unique couple issues, challenges, strengths, realities an OUTLINE for FACILITATING appropriate and on-target, discussion and educational support to couples by marriage preparation providers.Includes a take-home section for further discussion.
  • I know (understand)Exploring what my partner knowsBoth persons discover or reveal some basic information important for their relationship.I know (understand)Exploring what my partner knowsBoth persons discover or reveal some basic information important for their relationship.I believeEach person expresses what he or she holds as important. This includes opinions, values, beliefs, and convictions that may be or may not be consistent with their partner’s. Reveals unspoken assumptions, to allow the couple to talk about differences. I willDraw on insights for some useful action steps.Name what they each are willing to take on as a life plan for creating a great marriage.Christians understand that marriage is a lifelong journey toward each other and toward God.
  • Facilitate Discussion with CoupleUnderstand dynamics of facilitation to allow couples to:Maximize their ownership of issues and create in them a “felt need to learn.”Avoid “over learning.”Maximize use of “distributed practice” learning principle.Allow facilitators to carry out appropriately both facilitation and teaching tasksGive couples sufficient discussion time.Integrate Educational Phase and ReferralsDirect couples to educational options or make connection to specific educational materials being presented.Make immediate and specific or long range referrals as needed.Destroy printout.
  • Have each partner complete FOCCUS for the Futurein order to integrate what has been learned in the FOCCUS process and to make a personal plan of action.Have couple share their responses and take them home to review periodically.
  • Facet Information

    1. 1. Foundations Applied Conversation and Education Tool<br />1<br />Facilitating Discussion in Marriage Preparation Using<br />FACET Inventory<br />
    2. 2. A Discussion Inventory is a facilitative instrument which:<br /><ul><li>Provides the facilitator with a personalized profile
    3. 3. Provides the facilitators with a “map” for discussion
    4. 4. Invites couples into dialogue
    5. 5. Affirms strengths
    6. 6. Problem solves around weaknesses</li></ul>2<br />
    7. 7. FACET or FOCCUS?<br />Your parish has chosen to use one of two good discussion tools <br />to aid communication and self-discovery.<br />3<br />
    8. 8. FACET is…<br /><ul><li>User-friendly
    9. 9. Couple centered
    10. 10. Elicits couple discussion
    11. 11. Emphasizes facilitation
    12. 12. Affordable and flexible
    13. 13. Available in English and Spanish</li></ul>4<br />
    14. 14. Discussion Tools are not …<br /><ul><li>TESTS
    15. 15. LABELING or PREDICTIVE devices
    16. 16. Not to be used to determine permission for a couple to marry.</li></ul>5<br />
    17. 17. About FACET…<br />FOUNDATIONS Applied<br />Communication & Education Tool<br />6<br />From the Authors of FOUNDATIONS <br />Catholic Newly-wed Newsletter<br />
    18. 18. 7<br />Based on 16 years of research and writing for newly-married couples<br />• 30 years of working with engaged couples<br />• 25 years of facilitating premarital inventories<br />
    19. 19. FACET GUIDES LEARNING<br />I know / understand<br />discover/reveal what each knows<br />I believe<br />sharing my values <br />I will <br />promoting growth and commitment<br />Take-home Discussion Extenders<br />8<br />
    20. 20. 9<br />174 statements in 13 categories<br />• Family of origin<br />• Roles in Marriage<br />• Budget/Finance<br />• Values<br />• Habits<br />• Work/Family Issues<br />• Friends/Leisure<br />• Sexuality/Intimacy<br />• Commitment<br />• Communication<br />• Parenting<br />• Faith/Religion/Spirituality<br />• Catholic Section<br />
    21. 21. 10<br />Statement booklet is illustrated<br />– All statements are grouped according to topic:<br />– No more than two topics to a page<br />– Language is simple, straightforward<br />– Contains issues from current culture<br />
    22. 22. More about FACET<br />FACET is done on paper<br />FACET includes a take-home section<br />Features a unique Catholic Section<br />11<br />
    23. 23. 12<br />Take-Home Section extend discussion:<br /><ul><li>The answer sheet “booklet” has follow-up items for the engaged couple to take home after they submit their responses to FACET.
    24. 24. The take-home statements are in the same 13 categories as those in the scored portion of the tool. </li></ul>SAMPLE Take-Home STATEMENTS:<br />• A chore I am good at is______<br />• We chose to get married in the Catholic<br />Church because________________<br />
    25. 25. 13<br />PROCESSING<br /><ul><li>Send Answer Sheets to Archdiocese
    26. 26. with FAX form provided.
    27. 27. Results are emailed to facilitator as a PDF.</li></li></ul><li>FACET results<br />Simple 4-page report compares responses.<br />Summary sheet shows items for discussion.<br />Facilitator Manual gives guidance on each topic.<br />Results are emailed to facilitator.<br />14<br />
    28. 28. 15<br />“Results” pages in two parts: <br /><ul><li>Responses for all statements
    29. 29. Summary flagging the statements that the couple has differed on</li></ul>For example, the statement “I believe we both agree that good communication is important in marriage” would be flagged<br />for discussion if either person said no or uncertain, or if both answered no or uncertain.<br />
    30. 30. Part of Marriage Prep process<br />FACET sets the stage for catechesis on the Sacrament of Marriage.<br />Couples feel a need to learn more.<br />Dialogue continues between sessions.<br />16<br />
    31. 31. <ul><li>Introduce yourself.
    32. 32. Explain Discussion Inventory process.
    33. 33. Review your role as Facilitator.
    34. 34. Review their roles and expectations.
    35. 35. Answer questions about the process.
    36. 36. Couples take FACET on paper.
    37. 37. Send answer sheets for processing to Archdiocese, with cover sheet.</li></ul>17<br />FIRST SPONSOR MEETING<br />
    38. 38. FACILITATOR ROLES<br />FACILITATION<br />TEACHING<br />REFERRAL<br />18<br />
    39. 39. Facilitator Guide available on-line at www.facetsite.com – FREE! <br />19<br />
    40. 40. 20<br />Purchase FACET<br />in Archdiocese of Baltimore Marriage Preparation Packets <br />- Processing Included.<br />FACET in Marriage Prep Packets is printed right in the Perspectives Workbook – Special FACET edition<br />You may also order FACET without workbooks or to use with packets that have the regular purple Perspectives included. Have packets and want to swap for FACET? – no problem!<br />ORDER at 410-547-5417<br />Same prices as FOCCUS!<br />
    41. 41. Help Couples<br />Extend Learning<br /><ul><li>Subscribe to FOUNDATIONS newsletter.
    42. 42. Sample included in Marriage Prep packets</li></ul>21<br />At the end of the <br />Marriage Prep Program…<br />
    43. 43. 22<br />Contact: Lauri Przybysz<br />Coordinator for Marriage and Family Enrichment<br />410-547-5420<br />lprzybysz@archbalt.org <br />