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Career of Lloyd Joseph Mecca, CPP

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Ljm Cpp Portfolio 1

  1. 1. Loss Prevention/Investigations/Physical Security Professional lpmstr@charter.net 949-283-0733
  2. 2. and this talent didn’t go unnoticed. Washington Post
  3. 3. where he was also recognized for his efforts…
  4. 4. …on multiple occasions.
  5. 5. Bloomingdale’s Crown Books Goodwill Industries m. fredric
  6. 6. While at Goodwill Industries, he slashed the vehicle accident rate by 20%, and implemented an employee accident/injury reporting system reducing claims by 90%. He was a Post-secondary instructor for Goodwill’s Retail Manager and Basic Security Officer vocational education programs.
  7. 7. As the Corporate Investigator for the West Region, he handled theft, telecommunications fraud, complex internal investigations, workplace violence investigations and authored the Mail Room Safety/Suspicious Package program currently used in all facilities as well as the California edition of the enterprise-wide Emergency Preparedness Manual.
  8. 8. As the Loss Prevention Manager for Nextel’s West Region, he investigated fraud and theft and his well-known LP Master Log and Blitz Audit was implemented to control cash, inventory, refunds and audits resulting in a 42% reduction in activation fraud. His standardized loss prevention training (LP 101) program reduced non-compliance issues throughout the 7 state market.
  9. 9. As the first Director, developed and implemented the comprehensive loss prevention/safety program at this women’s high-fashion retailer, including the proper use and operation of Electronic Article Surveillance resulting in identification of high theft areas and the closed circuit television system, resulting in the identification and apprehension of employees and customers committing theft.
  10. 10. As the Physical Security Specialist, he was responsible for the protection of United States Critical Infrastructure/Key Assets (CI/KA) consisting of telecommunications switches and other critical sites…
  11. 11. “…the event was a great success…good job, Lloyd” Loye Manning, Group Manager, Sprint Corporate Security
  12. 12. “I commend L. Mecca for his effort…assignment achieved in a very “…has added a dimension of technical knowledge and expertise to …Corporate professional manner and was readily received…to be implemented Security staff and has established himself as a key player …serious and dedicated immediately.” executive.” Joe Roessler, Director Office of Security, US Government Robert Farina, VP, Corporate Security & Loss Prevention, Bloomingdale’s “Mr. Mecca has carried a consistent workload…is accessible and responsive ton a twenty-four hour basis to assist HR and local management with …problematic “Lloyd’s hard work has yielded dividends…efforts and terminations…a skilled field investigator” observations have positively impacted the turnaround with Diane Ross, Manager Field Investigations, Nextel Communication the West [region]”. Myron Burton, Security Director, Nextel Retail Stores “…viewed as a trusted resource…Lloyd takes ownership of the projects in his region…works independently”. Loye Manning, Manager, Corporate Security, Nextel Communications “…extremely dedicated , committed professional, and highly skilled…thoughtful and responsive to employees…” Raven Young, Director, West Region Facilities, Crown Books “Lloyd set high standards for himself…” Loye Manning, Group Manager, Physical Security, Sprint /Nextel Communications “…excellent team player…his extensive experience…improved the security assessment process”. Dave Phillips, Physical Security Manager, Sprint/Nextel Communications “…very through in his role…wealth of knowledge…detail oriented…” Brent Bailey, Risk Prevention Consultant, Sprint /Nextel Communications