Exporting to Mexico
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Exporting to Mexico






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Exporting to Mexico Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Luis PerezShaun PikePatricia IgualCorinne Kalsky
  • 2. Why Mexico? Mexico is located in NorthAmerica, bordering the Caribbean Sea andthe Gulf of Mexico Many similarities to the United States dueto location Vast growing middle-class Has more free trade agreements than anyother nation in the world: 12 bilateralagreements with over 43 countriesLeading manufacturer in Latin America
  • 3. Population Mexico has a population around 112 million people. It is the 11th most populous country in the world and it is the most populous Spanish speaking country. Approximately 50% of the population lives in one of the 55 large metropolitan cities in the country. The capital, Mexico City and its metropolitan area, is home to around 22 million people.
  • 4. Geographic Factors Situated in the very middle of the American Continent. The country is split into 31 states, not including the Federal State. Has eight regions : Northern Baja, Southern Baja, Northern Mexico, Central Mexico, Central Gulf, Yucatan, Southern Mexico and Central Pacific Coast of Mexico Total area =761,600 square miles.
  • 5. Language and Political Structure Spanish speaking country Second language is English Federal Republic System Current president- Felipe Calderon Hinojosa Elected in 2006 Nation Action Party (NAP) Corruption does occur
  • 6. Women in Mexico  Only one woman manager for every 12 male managers  New shift to increase power women have in the workforce  General Act on Equality between Women and Men (2006) –legislation passed  thirty-one can offer women in Mexico the chance to gain empowerment  Can be a company that aids in the increase of women in managerial roles in Mexico
  • 7. Festivals & Celebrations Well known internationally for many diverse festivals celebrated by locals and tourists Main festivals: Day of the Dead, Christmas, Easter and Mexican Independence Day. thirty-one products can be used at festivals for: carrying food items, personal accessories, blankets for sitting on
  • 8. Fashion Derived from a combination of European and native elements European-like clothing dyed with loud colors, used by the Mayan Indians. Different styles of clothing: Modern clothes, Traditional Mexican clothing and Celebration dresses and costumes. thirty-one - include main style groupings into all of the pattern designs for the products
  • 9. Economical Factor Classified by the World Bank as an upper middle-income country Considered a free market economy Ranked as the best place in Latin America to do business Labor force of 46.99 million people- 13th in the world Member of NAFTA Exports from Mexico to US and Canada= 86% High levels of increasing manufacturing output, rich natural resources, major exports
  • 10. Business in Mexico Mexicans considered hard workers- great work ethics Etiquette Amongst the longest  Wear suits working hours compared to other countries  Business breakfasts ad lunches- preferred choice to Closer physical distance meet for meals when speaking with Mexicans  Status conscious  Spoken commitments in Mexico not necessarily binding  Negotiations- impolite to turn people down
  • 11. Exchange Rate of MexicanPeso with US Dollar Peso is official currency The current exchange rate Coins of: 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 pesos was 13.71 Mexican Pesos in exchange of $1 on November,2011. Bills of: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 pesos
  • 12. Mexican Handbag Competitors TOUS WALMART HANDBAGS LESPORTSAC
  • 13. TOUSTous is a Spanish brand established in 40 countries and it has around 380 stores. • Product: Focused in jewelry, they also produce handbags, leather goods, perfumes, watches, etc. TOUS Mexican Locations • Price: Could be 5 times the price of Thirty-one bags. • Place: they prefer to establish stores. • Promotion: Tous has brand recognition and has sponsorship agreements with famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez
  • 14. Walmart Handbags Walmart entered Mexico in 1991 in Mexico City.  Product: they have a huge variety of The Four Most products and they are not focused Popular Walmart only on women. Handbag brands are:  George  Price: variety of prices between 6$  Green Street Designs. and 300$.  Latiso Leather  Sydney Love.  Place: They have 24 hour stores.  Promotion: uses Television, Radio, Internet, Advertise ments in magazines, newspaper and print ads.
  • 15. LESPORTSACLesportac was founded in U.S in 1974.They sell products in more than 20 countries. Product: Lesportsac has a wide range of bags and handbags. Price: The price ranges between $50 and $100. Place: distribute in own stores, other department stores and retailers, online Promotion: catalogues, advertising in magazines, internet, websit e
  • 16. Production Relocation From China To Mexico US companies have been moving their production facilities from China to Mexico in large amounts. Mainly due to mandatory increases from the government for minimum wage & rising shipping costs
  • 17. Manufacturing in Mexico Advantages Close proximity to the United States Transportation costs from China to the United Sates will be reduced Labor costs are the same as in China
  • 18. Sales Methods In Mexico 1. Search for possible future sales consultants in Mexico 2. pick potential consultants & train them about the thirty-one company and products 3. Give consultants free products & have them work in their specific cities 4. Continual training and development of sales consultants. To ensure success of thirty-one on Mexico.
  • 19. Marketing Plan Word of Mouth Facebook for thirty- one in Mexico Twitter for thirty-one in Mexico