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Get a Job and Make a Career in Linux and Open Source
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Get a Job and Make a Career in Linux and Open Source


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  • 1. Get a Job and Make a Career inLinux and Open Source - Ross Brunson – Director of Membership -- LPI
  • 2. The Coming Wave of OSS ___ The Open Source Workforce ___ Open Source Career Toolkit ___ Grow with LPI
  • 3. The Coming Wave of OSS
  • 4. What is Open Source? Open source usually refers to software that is: •  Released with source code •  Under a license that ensures that derivative works will also be available as source code •  Protects certain rights of the original authors •  Prohibits restrictions on how who can use code
  • 5. What is Open Source? Open Source Software is typically created by a community of people who are dedicated to working together in a highly collaborative and evolutionary way. It’s the most exciting and dynamic method of software development…
  • 6. 54% Open source is the Browser engine that powers 71% CMS, Drupal, WordPress most of the 77% PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python Internet! 72% Apache, N GINX 60% MySQL , Postgre s60% DNS Linux /UNIX 60%
  • 7. Companies Using Linux
  • 8. Organizations Using Linux ~~~ – Aggressively using OSS Google – One of the largest users of OSS – Arguably the first “Cloud” vendor Schools Using Linux ~~~ Russian School System – All Schools Transitioning German Universities – 550,000+ Students
  • 9. Linux Use Rising Rapidly Linux Foundation Survey 2012 •  1,893 Large-Enterprise Administrators Surveyed •  Linux use increased at expense of UNIX Windows •  84% prefer using Linux and are expanding usage •  8 out of 10 adding more Linux Servers in 2012/13 •  75% have “Big Data” concerns, plan Linux solutions •  More than 2/3 consider Linux to be more secure than other Operating System options
  • 10. Linux Foundation 2012
  • 11. Linux Use Rising Rapidly
  • 12. Linux Chosen for “Big Data”
  • 13. The Open Source Workforce
  • 14. Tech Job Market Looking Up
  • 15. What is Driving Demand? Survey of Changes 2011 - 2012 •  Company growing, needs Linux talent (49%) •  (48%) Increased Linux use, in-house support •  Want to contribute to Linux community (30%) •  (27%) Replacing/Migrating to Linux systems •  Difficulty retaining Linux talent, backfills (13%)
  • 16. What are the Hottest Jobs? Companies Overall: •  Linux Developers (67%) •  System Admins (55%) •  I.T. Managers (20%) •  Outside Consultants (67%) Fortune 500 Companies Want: •  Linux Application Developers (49%) •  Kernel Developer Skills (46%)
  • 17. “Linux jobs have become some of the hottest jobs in all of tech,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “Clearly,hiring managers throughout the IT tech sector understand this and are aggressively seeking Linux professionals.” - Jim Zemlin, 2012
  • 18. Open Source Careers Toolkit
  • 19. Things We Know… •  Linux is being deployed aggressively •  Cloud, Big Data, Security Concerns abound •  Linux/OSS Talent is in short supply •  You need experience and skills to get these job •  Certification Provides the Advantage
  • 20. What You Need Getting an OSS job (typically) requires 3-4 things: •  Some education (college, tech school) •  Experience (chicken vs. egg problem) •  Provable Passion (book, articles, blog etc.) •  Independent proof of your skill-set You probably have the first one… But what about the rest?
  • 21. Getting Experience Experience doesn’t just happen – You Have to Pursue It! Do you have any of these in your life? •  A Religious Organization? •  A Special Interest Group or Club? •  An Alumni Organization? •  A Group of Peers? They all need I.T. support, services, email, calendar, a website etc., Right?
  • 22. Getting Experience Does your College/University have: •  A Computer Lab? •  Student Clubs or organizations? •  Sororities and Fraternities? Apply for a job/volunteer with one or more… You won’t get paid much, but it’s great experience and you can put it on your resume!
  • 23. Join an Open Source Project Go find and research Open Source Projects Ask questions and see what they need done Volunteer to do something and do it well Get known for your work (Are You Google-able?) Put your participation on your resume.
  • 24. Demonstrate Your Passion If I am a Hiring Manager and you tell me: “I love Linux and Open Source and want a job.” I WILL Google you -- what will I find? Your “I LOVE LINUX” blog? Pictures of you volunteering at OSS events? Your HowTo Videos and Articles?
  • 25. Or This?
  • 26. What Does All This Do for You? It tells a Hiring Manager that you: •  Have passion and initiative •  Like to learn and do so often •  Can use time and resources properly •  Can work with others •  Can provide value for pay •  Are a good bet for an employee But….
  • 27. You Need Certifications Arguably, your College Degree is there to set your career up for many years. That’s good, but you NEED a certification to be immediately employable.
  • 28. You Need Certifications A Certification is an independent, 3 rd party metric that allows a busy and perhaps non-technical Hiring Manager to verify you are at least skilled to a predictable level. Certifications that match closely a Manager’s Open Requisitions are best…
  • 29. You Need Certifications Certified Professionals are easily insurable, licensable and are a good selling point for Consulting Managers Certifications increase your “points” and sort you into the “Must Interview” category.
  • 30. Grow with LPI
  • 31. How Do You Find the Opportunity? Register @
  • 32. LPI By the Numbers... 320,000 125,000 350+ Total Exams Given LPI Certified Professionals Global Training Partners 25 + 7 Languages 12 60 +Master Affiliate Country Offices Exam Languages Global Annual Events
  • 33. We are here to assist you... Regional Office Country Affiliate Office
  • 34. Exam Product Showcase Linux LPIC 3 LPIC 1 LPIC 2 LPIC 3 Essentials Electives LPI 302 LPI 101 LPI 201 LPI 301 LPI 303 LPI LE LPI 102 LPI 202 LPI 304 More info More info More info More info More info Entry Level Junior Level Advanced Level Senior Level Specialty Areas Certificate Professional Professional Professional Professional Program Certification Certification Certification Certification 0-12 Months 1-2 Years 2-3 Years 3+ Years 3+ YearsInstalled/Desktop Servers/Small Site Small/Medium Site Enterprise-Wide Enterprise-Wide
  • 35. Multiply your Professional Certifications Now
  • 36. Overview Objective AreasThe Linux Professional Institute The Linux community and a(LPI) is proud to announce an career in open sourceFindinginnovative first-of-its-kind your way on a Linux systemTheprogram for the academic power ofsector, youth and others new to the command lineThe Linuxthe world of Linux and Open operating systemSecurity and fileSource technology. permissionsAdd Linux Essentials to your Curriculum now.
  • 37. Join the Conversation @lpiconnect
  • 38. The Bottom Line Having more certifications than another candidate will get YOU the interview, not them If YOU get the interview, you can wow them with your qualifications, show your passion etc. Yes, it’s hard work, but so is being successful! What are you waiting for?
  • 39. The Future is Bright The combination of government funding, industry pressures to expand and growing regional and world markets will spark tremendous growth of Linux and Open Source in the next 3-5 years Those who are prepared will reap the rewards with better jobs, more pay and benefits and a virtual guarantee of continued employment
  • 40. Resources for You! Get Registered with LPI ( to get a testing ID, special offers and bundles and networking opportunities Talk with Chuck and Ross to figure out how to add Linux to your existing schedule, or how to map your existing Fundamentals course to a Certification!
  • 41. THANK YOU! My Email: