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Research on websites

  1. 1. Research on websites/audiences<br />
  2. 2. For this, I had to analyse a film in relation to the same genre of my film poster, horror. This research is important as it will all be helpful when coming to create my own website. It will give me a better understanding.<br />Film / Artist   Web Address<br />Genre/ Subgenre : horror thriller<br />The film ‘Taken’ tells the story of : A former spy relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter, who has been forced into the slave trade.<br />The content of the homepage is very well displayed, the pictures mainly tell the story well with the tower in the background showing its French related. The hooker dressed female relates to the ‘working girls’. The text is in French which also tells you that the film is French based.<br />I did not find this website very easy to find, within the homepage, there aren’t many sections of the homepage which you can continue onto. It has a link in which allows you to experience the trailer of the film ‘taken’.<br />
  3. 3. The colours worked well on this homepage, the colours mainly used were dark blues, and this was to signify the cold atmosphere which the film holds. Within the framing, the main character ‘Bryan’ is centred in the middle, this shows his importance. His daughter is discreetly placed behind him but in a larger image which does not show her face, it just shows her body which is wearing a ‘hooker’ outfit. The tower which is also placed behind Bryan signifies the culture of film, the film is placed in Paris and the tower connotes this. <br />The title of the film is placed on the left hand side in big bold letters. This gets the message across to the viewers of the idea of what the storyline is about. The colour contrast helps the title to stand out with the background being blue and the title being red.<br />The website had a gloomy look to it, although the text stood out as it was a bright red colour, however, the text <br />which was not red still stood out. The website, <br />in my opinion looks very cold and not<br /> welcoming. The style was not very creative.<br /> <br />
  4. 4. The homepage consisted of 3 links, the first one were to see the film which took you to clips of the film which you could see in either small medium or large. The second link on the homepage were the film synopsis which obviously took you to the synopsis of the film. The third link were called goodies. The links were positioned on the left hand side of the title. The links operated by simply clicking on them which took you through to the link.<br />By looking at this homepage, I thought that the idea of the images were very clever. Overall, the website contained 3 pictures. This being the male character, the female character Kim and placed on the right hand side is a row of buildings. The male character is running towards us as his so called daughter’s body is behind in a much larger image then his, these images are all upstraight. However, the row of buildings is at an angle to show that there are many building along that street.<br />The style of language is very bold, it is portrayed as a stubborn title. It gives out the message and is very understanding. It is a formal title.  <br />
  5. 5. Quiz video casting and galleries also had links, these were on the side of the title too.<br />Text shows that the film will be released on the 27 of February 2008. It is going to be out on dvd on the 26 november blue ray.<br />Real audio were used when watching the trailer. Also mild sound effects occured when you went over the link, this created the effect. I wouldn’t of said there were many other examples though.<br />You got a very good idea of what genre the film is from just looking at the website. The images and colours are what represent the genre the most.<br />I thought the images represented the film the most, I thought this is what worked the best out of everything on the homepage of the website.<br />However, id probably say that the colours didn’t work so much, although the texts stood out, the colours of the images shouldn’t of blended into the background as much.<br />