Analysis of Front covers, contents pages and double page spreads.
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Analysis of Front covers, contents pages and double page spreads.






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  • Oioi sailor!

Analysis of Front covers, contents pages and double page spreads. Analysis of Front covers, contents pages and double page spreads. Presentation Transcript

  • Front coversThe middle title ‘The gossip’ is Uses Freebies to drawthe biggest font size and most you in.noticeable piece of text, this isbecause it is the main featureand USP of this issue. Thispiece of text seems to anchor The image shows a girl dominatingthe image suggesting that the and as she is at the front and canimage is of ‘The Gossip’. be seen more. Also the imageAlso the bit of text under the overlaps the title which shows thatmiddle title tells you what the magazine is well know as byyou’ll find out about ‘the looking at it you can easily recognisegossip’ it is short but is easy it from others and because you mayenough to elaborate on know this magazine your pastyourself. knowledge can tell you what the magazine title is saying. It is easily recognised as NME use the same colours red black and The contents white, because it is easier to read indicators, show more the text. They also use the same font things you are likely to buy style for the title each issue. the magazine for, for example some could purchased the magazine The barcode Is essential so need because there is a section to be on the page, its positioned about ‘Muse’ a famous The baseline shows out the way. band. more exciting and interesting stuff that will be inside.
  • The title ‘KERRANG!’ is The magazine is well know smashed which suggests harsh. and popular, it is recognised Also, the title contains as in most issues it uses the onomatopoeia the word same front font for the title ‘KERRANG!’ is loud, metal and sticks to the colour noise and guitar. scheme red, white and black. This is unique as know other The sub title of the magazine has a title smashed. image is ‘Unfold the As well, it uses a ‘!’ which puzzle of life..’ which is a suggests shock and surprise. play on words as this would be more underThe image of Biffy Clyro shows power and stand able for fans, as itaggression by the way they are standing is the name one of theirand how the shadow is casted on them. albums. The ellipse ‘...’Also theyre eye level is all directed at the makes us think they willcamera which addresses you personally. be more inside.The size of the font for the words ‘Biffyclyro’ and the fact they are going formedge to edge suggested that the image isof Biffy Clyro and they are the mainfeature (unique selling point) of this The barcode Ismagazine. essential so need toFreebies encourages the be on the page, itsaudiences to buy them. Word positioned out the‘FREE’ is in capitals to make it way.noticeable. The base line is busy, full and active suggesting there will be a lot inside of the magazine.
  • Uses a Puff, normal showing a freebie. By using a puff it makes it jump out of the page catching your eye.The title is black and whitewhich is bright and loud. Theexplanation mark suggests loudand fun. The women on the front cover is well known, this attracts audience that want to know more about Fearne Cotton “Exclusive” suggest this is the only place you will find this information. The barcode Is essential so need to be on the page, its positioned out The cover line includes other the way but is still interesting stories to attract noticeable. the reader and with a pictures. The text is straight to the point but tells you what you will see. The text and background contrasts so sticks out and is easier to read.
  • Contents pagesThis contents page from the music magazine ‘kerrang!’ hasunique set up as it has a different lay out to a basic contentspage, as it doesn’t have the three columns and is split acrossthe screen. The large picture takes up a half of the upperThe titles follows the same design page, this is because this isin each issue, it is seen as loud and quite a important part ofviolent as the headings are large the magazine, and is likelyand have a smashed styled font. to be the main attractionThe smashed font also entitles the of the magazine becausetype of music the magazine is he is famous and willbased on. attract his fans.This contents page includes aeditor’s letter which makes themagazine more personal. Theletter is normally saying thank The sub titles are yellowyou fro buying the magazine and writing on a blackabout the editor. background this allows the reader to easily read the writing and notice the categories. also it links the magazine together on this page because the yellow and black are the main colours through out this issue.
  • The layout of thiscontents page is unlike Uses one man which is stoodany other and carries along side the text, showingthis contents page style he is the main focus on thethroughout every page.issue, this makes it Mojo contents page uses arecognizable . simple colour schema of redThe magazine pick out black and white.features that would The contents page is uniqueappeal the most and compared to other magazinesanchor them with a page as it only uses one image.number so it is easily tofind and read moreabout a certain feature.Red and white are used The contents page keepsagainst the background some things similar everyso that they stand out. issue to keep the magazineThe subtitles and recognisable, for examplenumbers for the features they have a cover story everyare bold which are eye issue and use the same setcatching and allow the out of title and the same font.audience to quickly findwhat they are interestedin and where it is. They use a grab quoteThe contents page has a which is separate fromsmall division of the everything else on thecategories as ‘cover story’ page, getting them tois singled out because of read more about it .the sub title.
  • The style is very differently set out to the front page, as the contents page shows a lot more information. The contents page is a navigating tool, it helps you locate where the main interest of the magazines are. Three main images as theseThe title ‘CONTENTS’ uses the are the main interests of thesame colour scheme as the magazines, mostly the largemagazine each issue which gives magazines would attractidentity to the magazine, and extra audience and are thecan be recognized well . special ordinal stories of the magazines.The magazine picks out the mostinteresting parts of themagazine, which will attract Also, the pictures haveaudience and shows them on page numbers onthe contents page . them, this is to show where you can find thisThis contents page uses large font piece of informationfor the page name for example the magazine.‘Fashion’. This is so you can easilyfind the page and find out whatthe page will be about and either This contents page isgo straight to the page or to find a basic design whichmore out read the smaller font. you would be likely to see in mostThe numbers are in a magazines. It usesdifferent font to the three columns andwriting and are large to contains more thanstand out . one image.
  • Double page spreadsThis is a double page spread from themagazine ‘Q’ it uses a majority ofconventions uses on double pagespreads. The large heading of ‘lady GAGA’ andthe large image indicates this article isabout the music artist ‘lady GAGA’.It is easy to recognise which magazinethis is featured in as it contains the logoin the bottom right hand corner.another way the audience can tell it isfrom the magazine ‘Q’ is that it uses thesame house style of colours and font.For example the large ‘L’ is n the samefont and colour as the title of themagazine . The large ‘S’ catches the audience eye and show that Observers the rule of thirds using this is the start of the text. The columns, this basic layout is used in most What connects the two pages magazine is direction the double page spreads it allows the writer to together is that there is a reader. divide the text up, get more on one page and picture of lady Ga Ga and the is easy to read because it is organized. text on the other side is about Lady Ga Ga.
  • By having ‘VIIP Q+A’ the audience canrecognize which magazine this doublepage spread is from. The white andpink on black text make it easier toread and eye catching.The heading is large and bold makingit stand out and focus’ on the textbelow. The heading tells the audienceabout the music artist and informationthat pushes the reader to read thecopy. As well, The name ‘Dizzee Rascal’is singled out as it is in a differentcolour because this is who the articleis all about.The letter ‘B’ at the start of the text isa pull quote and indicates where tostart reading from as the font and size The image is of the artist which ismakes it very eye catching. The ‘B’ This magazine does not use the rule of interviewed this connects the twouses the same font as the magazine thirds but is still easy to follow. The pages together. Also there is atitle, this would also give the pages text is informal as it uses questions connect between the two pages as arecognition. which or in bold and answers. This quote had been plucked from the informal text would appeal to younger text. readers possibly 16-20 year olds.The house colour is pink, black andwhite as they are used throughoutthe double page spread.
  • This double page spread has the samebasic design conventions but has somedifferences.The heading stands out as it is large anduses bold text, catching the readerseye. Like the Vip Q+A double pagespread the artists name ‘SolangeKnowles’ is blue this singles her nameout from the text, showing that thecopy is focused on her. At the start of the copy a sentence is in bold and is darker, this is eye catching and encourages the reader to read the whole article, it is called a grab quote ‘grabbing’ the audience in. The image is continues between the top pages overlapping them Grab quoteThe house style is used through out this technique connects the twoto gain recognition. The main colours pages together. As well thefeatured are blue white and black. image connects the pages as the Image links to the type of genre copy talks about the artist. magazine as Solange Knowles is a This double page spread uses the pop artist and this magazine is rule of three on both pages, where based upon the genre POP. as normally it is just used on one page. The rule of three divides the page up making it easy to read .