Tbe gamification summit 2011 M2 Research presentation

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Wanda Meloni presentation at the gamification summit January 20, 2011

Wanda Meloni presentation at the gamification summit January 20, 2011

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  • Gamification of the enterprise is also showing great promise as well. Companies can benefit from greater employee engagement and high quality of work. There is a video or a real-world gamification of project management here. http://www.redcrittertracker.com

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  • Great presentation! Also check out our presentation on gamification on http://www.slideshare.net/fanminds/110712-fanmindsslidesharexl
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  • Gaming in business models and daily interactionsUsing games as a template for engagement
  • Digital media and content creation = All are digital imagesCar commercials are predominately digitally created
  • NokiaNikeSeikoFord ExplorerHondaLouis Vuitton
  • DevHub – increased website design from 10% to 80%Huffington Post – 23 million readers, 800k now part of Huffington Social News NetworkNissan Leaf – Health meter measures eco-friendly driversMaxMara – The company’s first iPhone app Decode the Cube -win a trip to MilanEpicWin – Levels up your life with choresMint.com – 1.5 million users, Intuit acquired them for $170m
  • 11 Gamification Companies ConsultantsAgencies
  • User Engagement – 44%Brand Loyalty – 33%Brand Awareness – 22%
  • Education - 35% Feature Definition - 20% Implementation - 30%Completed Project - 15%
  • Entertainment – 42%Publishers –18%Consumer Goods – 15%Healthcare/Wellness – 10%Financial – 6%Retail – 5%Education – 3% Telecom – 1%= Reluctance in not seeing direct ROI. Look who is doing it in retail = Target.
  • Subscription - 55%Fixed Fee – 24%Other – 14% - staged production, test and evaluatePercent of Revenue – 7%
  • Gamification:2011 - $100m - 2016 - $2.8b2012 - $196m2013 – $434m2014 - $860m2015 - $1.6bSocial Media Marketing – over $2b in 2011, $9.2b by 2016 Social Media Enterprise Solutions – over $700m in 2011
  • Is this taking us to Web 3.0Taking us beyond current design and interaction


  • 1. Gamification - LEVEL 1
    Presented at Gamification Summit by Wanda Meloni, January 20, 2011
    M2 Research
  • 2. M2 Research Overview
    Company Overview
    M2 Research Covers:
    • Content Creation
    • 3. Games and Entertainment
    • 4. User/Consumer Segmentation: Profiles and Demographics
    • 5. Emerging Trends: Mobile, Microtransactions, Cloud
    • 6. Technology: Platforms, Tools, Production Pipelines
    Our Analysis Includes :
    • Market Reports, Newsletters, and Briefs
    • 7. Industry Surveys
    • 8. Customized Market Profiles and Analysis
    • 9. Assist Clients with Marketing, Competitive and Growth Strategies
  • M2’sView of Markets
  • 10. Consumer Engagement and Loyalty
    Customize products, collect points, spend on more products
    Source: M2 Research
  • 11. Gamification Today
    Huffington Post
    Nissan Leaf
  • 12. Gamification Survey – Level 1
    Survey Findings
    Source: M2 Research
  • 13. M2 Industry Study -Vendors
    Big Door Media
    Leapfrog Builders
  • 14. Gamification Features
    What are your clients currently asking for with game mechanics?
    Source: M2 Research
  • 15. Gamification Adoption Cycle
    What is the current breakdown of your clients on the gamification adoption curve?
    Source: M2 Research
  • 16. Gamification Industries
    How does your client base currently break down by industry?
    Source: M2 Research
  • 17. Gamification Business Models
    How do you charge for your service?
    Source: M2 Research
  • 18. Gamification Market Size
  • 19. Additional Survey Findings
    Gamification projects – almost entirely from marketing
    80% are completely focused on gamification
    Average growth rate for next 2 years – 150%
    Investment in market still a big play for 2011/2012
    Source: M2 Research
  • 20. Level 1 - Observations
    Need to move beyond a pure marketing play:
    • Gamification budgets – almost entirely from marketing
    • 21. Engagement must be built in at product development level
    Done properly requires understanding:
    • Game mechanics
    • 22. Real-time data analysis and social networks
    There is risk:
    • Trial and error is part of learning curve
    • 23. Keep “player” in mind when building
    There are skeptics (but):
    • Emerging markets always require education
    • 24. Build products responsibly
  • Co-op FTW
    Help us discover and define the market
    Metrics? How do we measure this?
    The sky might be the limit
    What is the potential opportunity for ROI?
  • 25. Thank You!
    Please contact:
    Wanda Meloni