Digital Marketing Strategy
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  • 1. Digital Marketing Strategy by David Lowe
  • 2. Current Marketing Strategy
      • Largest online employment website in U.S.
      •   $542 Million in revenue (2009)
    •                                                                  Each job ad on gets more daily page views than Monster or Craigslist (Image)
      • 42,294 Twitter follower
      • 125,519 Likes on Facebook
      • 6,351,872 Youtube views
  • 3. Lots of Competition
    • Craigslist : Free job postings
    • Linkedin : More social media and digital presence
    • : Launched BeKnown, a Facebook app that connects your professional contacts and your Facebook friends
  • 4. Increase Traffic using YouTube
  • 5. YouTube Goals
      • Increase YouTube page views to over 10,000,000
      • Create a YouTube-only web series with celebrity cameos and comedic situations that somehow tie-in
      • Create TV commercials to upload onto YouTube and increase YouTube page views
      • Send YouTube viewers directly to or the Twitter/Facebook accounts
  • 6. YouTube Web Series Example
    • Always Open: A web series by Denny's breakfast
  • 7. Timing
    • Start YouTube campaign
    • on January 1, with all 
    • forms of PR & Marketing
    • to promote.
    • Run a Superbowl ad to
    • attract a ton of attention
    • and get people watching
    • on YouTube.
  • 8. Budget
    • While running a Superbowl ad will be costly, that will be most of the budget. Our YouTube series will be very inexpensive to shoot compared to a television commercial, and posting them on YouTube will be free.
    • A pretty expensive budget will be put into place using PR and all other forms of media to promote our social media. All year of 2012 will be dedicated to gaining a YouTube following, increasing Twitter followers and Facebook likes.
    • The inexpensive costs of a social media strategy will make the advertising of cheaper in the long run.
  • 9. Evaluating Success
    • On January 1, 2013, a year-long evaluation will determine success, the yearly goals are:
      • Increase YouTube views from 6,000,000 to over 25,000,000
      • Increase Twitter following from 42,000 to over 100,000
      • Increase Facebook likes from 125,000 to over 500,000
      • And of course, gain unique views by 10%
  • 10. Conclusion
    • January 1st, 2013:  attracts over 125,000 new subscribers.
    • Thanks to social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), reaches a new, younger audience that looks at Careerbuilder as the best way to find a job that suits their needs.
    • More attention from the public makes more businesses post their job openings to the site, raising revenue by over 10%.
    • Social media also enables to cut their ad budget because it is much more inexpensive than Television advertising.