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The liberty song lyrics handout

  1. 1. The Liberty SongFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"The Liberty Song" is an American RevolutionaryWar song composed by Mrs. Mercy Otis Warren,wife of General James Warren, of Plymouth,Massachusetts.[1]The song is set to the tunes of"Hearts of Oak", the anthem of the Royal Navy ofthe United Kingdom and "Heres a Health",an Irish song of emigration. The song itself wasfirst published in theBoston Gazette in July 1768.[2]The song is notable as one of the earliest patrioticsongs in the thirteen colonies. Warrens fourthverse is the first appearance of the phrase, "unitedwe stand, divided we fall," a patriotic slogan thathas prominently appeared several timesthroughout American history.The song is also likely to be a variant of the Irishtraditional song from which it often takes its tune,"Heres a Health". The lyrics of The LibertySong also hold the same structure.The lyrics of the song were updated in 1770 toreflect the growing tensions between England andthe Colonies. This new version was published inBickerstaffs almanac, and the title was changed to"The Massachusetts Song of Liberty."[3]Lyrics[edit]Original VersionCome, join hand in hand, brave Americans all,And rouse your bold hearts at fair Libertys call;No tyrannous acts shall suppress your just claim,Or stain with dishonor Americas name.Chorus:In Freedom were born and in Freedom well live.Our purses are ready. Steady, friends, steady;Not as slaves, but as Freemen our money wellgive.Our worthy forefathers, lets give them a cheer,To climates unknown did courageously steer;Thro oceans to deserts for Freedom they came,And dying, bequeathd us their freedom and fame.ChorusTheir generous bosoms all dangers despisd,So highly, so wisely, their Birthrights they prizd;Well keep what they gave, we will piously keep,Nor frustrate their toils on the land and the deep.ChorusThe tree their own hands had to Liberty reard;They lived to behold growing strong and revered;With transport they cried, "Now our wishes wegain,For our children shall gather the fruits of our pain."ChorusSwarms of placemen and pensioners soon willappearLike locusts deforming the charms of the year;Suns vainly will rise, showers vainly descend,If we are to drudge for what others shall defend.ChorusThen join hand in hand, brave Americans all,By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall;In so righteous a cause let us hope to succeed,For heaven approves of each generous deed.ChorusAll ages shall speak with amaze and applause,Of the courage well show in support of our Laws;To die we can bear, but to serve we disdain.For shame is to Freedom more dreadful than pain.ChorusThis bumper I crown for our Sovereigns health,And this for Britannias glory and wealth;That wealth and that glory immortal may be,If She is but Just, and if we are but Free.Chorus1770 VersionCome swallow your bumpers, ye Tories, and roar,That the sons of fair freedom are hampered oncemore;But know that no cut-throats our spirits can tame,Nor a host of oppressors shall smother the flame.Chorus:In Freedom were born, and, like sons of the brave,Will never surrender, But swear to defend her;And scorn to survive, if unable to save.