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Study guidetest 2

  1. 1. Study Guide- Test 2 (8-1.4, 8-1.5, 8-1.6) 1 Proprietors & elite had greater representation than the _______. 2 Later, the _____________of Assembly was created to represent the people. 3 Who did the King appoint to the royal colonies? 4 What food became the staple diet for southern slaves? 5 Who were the first people to settle the backcountry of SC? 6 Slave ______ included their language, dance, woodcarving, folk medicine, & basket weaving, brought over with them from Africa. 7 How did the elite plantations owners of the Lowcountry view the people of the backcountry? 8 This language is made up of… 9 Who paid taxes but never got much representation in the4 Assembly? 10 SC had fewer _____ Africans than most other colonies. 11 What caused people in the backcountry to start the Regulator Movement? 12 Regulators acted as _______. 13 What is the name of the slave revolt that happened near Charles Town in 1739? 14 The colonists believed the Regulator trials without juries were ___________. 15 ________ is a remote undeveloped rural area of SC. 16 Carolinians who were upset at corrupt officials were known as the ___________. 17 Subsidies are… 18 What plant was used to make a blue dye? 19 ___________is an agricultural crop which is grown for sale, for profit. 20 ___________ is a court that sits at two or more places within one judicial district. 21 When Carolina became a royal colony, one of the first acts of the king was to: 22 After 50 years of Proprietors rule, the settlers wanted to: 23 He was considered one of the best royal governors and eh started the township scheme: 24 Control of the English colonies was placed in the hands of the:
  2. 2. 25 “Carolina Gold” was the name for: 26 Eliza Lucas Pinckney successfully grew: 27 Planters and merchants in Carolina grew rich off of: 28 To work in rice fields, planters came to rely upon: 29 The trip slaves made on slave ships across the Atlantic was called the: 30 On September 9, 1739, the largest slave revolt in colonial history started. It was known as the: 31 The “Enumerated list” included: 32 The people who had the best knowledge of growing rice were: 33 Indigo plants produce: 34 All African slaves sold in Carolina had to be unloaded and inspected at: 35 What part of the state were the Regulators from? 36 What did the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina create that no other colony had? 37 Why did Carolinians ask the British government for protection? 38 The most important product traded between the French and Native Americans was: 39 Most enslaved Africans were taken to: 40 The first Africans were brought to South Carolina by the: 41 The Eight Lord’s Proprietors were given land by: 42 As a result of the Regulator movement, the government of South Carolina 43 One of the most important developments of the Stono Rebellion was: