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  • 1. 8-4.2 Analyze how sectionalism arose from racial tension, including the Denmark Vesey plot, slave codes and the growth of the abolitionist movement
  • 2. Sectionalism Q: What is sectionalism? A: Restriction of interest to a narrow sphere; undue concern with local interests or petty distinctions at the expense of general well- being. How did this come about? Sectional differences & Geographic locations
  • 3. Differences  North developed as a trading region of small farmers  South developed through the plantation system  The North slowly emancipated all of their slaves through laws after the Revolutionary War  The South became more reliant on slave labor due to the Cotton Gin  Different interests of the regions resulted in a political two-party system…… Do you remember them? Democratic-Republicans & Federalists
  • 4. The South Grows  By the 1720’s, slave population surpassed the white population in the south  After end of international slave trade – the slave population continued to grow b/c of high birth rate & smuggling  This high growing population caused fear of a slave revolt
  • 5. The Denmark Vesey Plot  Slave Codes- Stono Rebellion  Nat Turner Rebellion in Va. was similar  Fear of northern political holds- leaving the south with a large black population that could not be controlled Video: Slaves Fought Back- Denmark Vesey (6:00) *Take notes!!
  • 6. Abolitionists Movement  Goal: to outlaw slavery throughout the US  Abolitionists who were active in SC before the Denmark Vesey plot, were forced to leave the state or stay silent  Movement grew with publications of Anti-Slavery newspapers (The Liberator-William Lloyd Garrison)  SC postmasters removed Anti-Slavery or controversial items from mail delivery  Southern slavery a “positive good” vs Northern “wage slaves”  Abolitionists play a role in all the incidents that further caused tension between the North & South
  • 7. Northern Economy & Politics  Northern industry attracted European immigrants  High immigration resulted in the North having larger representation in the House of Representatives  Whigs (Former Federalists)  Result of northern representation caused the south to push for rigorous admission of new states as slave states to balance out the number of slave and free states in Senate