Sc’s history of european settlement 8 1.3


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Sc’s history of european settlement 8 1.3

  1. 1. SC’s Historyof EuropeanSettlement8-1.3: Summarize the history ofEnglish settlement, the mid-Atlantic region, and the South,with an emphasis on SC as anexample of a distinctly southerncolony.
  2. 2. Jamestown• First permanent English settlementin the New World (1607)• Tobacco made the settlementsuccessful• Large tobacco plantations createdconflict with the local natives overland• Established by a joint stock company(The London Company)
  3. 3. The London Company ….• Provided Landholdings through paidpassage to settlement (indenturedservants)• Late 1600’s- African slaves becamemore reliable source of labor• Established The House of Burgesses(1619) to give settlers a voice intheir governance
  4. 4. Jamestown grew into thecolony of Virginia andestablished the pattern forthe southern colonies
  5. 5. New England Colonies• Founded as a haven for religiousgroups persecuted in England• The Separatists (Pilgrims) landed atPlymouth after signing theMayflower Compact in 1620• Natives taught them how to plantcorn and sustain themselves early on• The Puritans landed inMassachusetts Bay in the1630’s
  6. 6. New England Colonies• Puritans made their ownstock company and came tothe New World with theirown charter– “American idea that the– people form the government”– Democratic form of government:• Town meetings• General assembly• Male church members could vote• Set up trade using the wood from the surroundingforest
  7. 7. New England Colonies• Established schools to teachchildren how to read the Bible• Established religiousconformity• Dissenters (those who did notconform to the societalstandard) were sent to otherparts of the region• Large families helped the quickspread of their religion,democratic government, andtrade
  8. 8. Middle Colonies• Made up of a variety of Europeans– Dutch who first settled in New York– Swedes who first settled in Delaware– English Puritans moved to middlescolonies– And the Quakers settled inPennsylvania.• The Quakers were:– Religious dissenters; believed we allhad an inner light– Promoted religious tolerance– Wanted good relationships with thenatives which helped to attract othergroups to the colony
  9. 9. Middle Colonies• Greatest diversity of people and religions inBritish North America• William Penn was granted land here by KingCharles II as repayment of a family debt• Penn had the rights of a proprietor andcould name the governor of the colony• Economic prosperity was due to the fertilefields and good location to harbors• Became known as the “breadbasket” of thecolonies
  10. 10. South Carolina ColonyWas founded as a proprietary colony when KingCharles II granted land to the eight Lords Proprietorsas repayment f debts incurred in reclaiming thethrone, just like Penn in Pennsylvania.
  11. 11. South Carolina Colony• The Proprietors hoped to make a profit bycharging settlers a quitrent (rent) on the land• They commissioned John Locke to write theFundamental Constitutions of Carolina• Includes policies for:– Religious toleration to attract settlers– Created a social class system based on titles forlarge landholders– Headright System granted large tracts of land• This system lead to the formation of large Plantationsbased on cash crops• This made SC a distinctly southern colony
  12. 12. Making the SC ColonyWho were the first settlers?Englishmen who emigrated from theBritish colony of Barbados andbrought a well-developed slavesystem with them
  13. 13. Making the SC ColonyWhat made Plantation owners so wealthy?The use of slavery allowedPlantation owners to make hugeprofits
  14. 14. Making the SC ColonyWhat else helped these Plantationsthrive other than slaver labor?SC’s natural resources- fertile land,mild climate, and many waterwaysused in irrigation and trade
  15. 15. Making the SC ColonyThis wealth attracted other settlersfrom:France, Switzerland, Germany,Scotland and Ireland
  16. 16. Making the SC ColonyWhat else attracted settlers to SC?The Fundamental Constitutions ofCarolina assured religious choiceie: French Huguenots & Jewishsettlers
  17. 17. Early SC Government• Lord Proprietors controlled thegovernment through a Governor andGrand Council• They acted as representatives for the– Proprietors,– elite,– and a much smaller representation ofthe common people of the colony– *small degree of democracy from thebeginning, like other colonies
  18. 18. TheColonyof SC,founded1663