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  • 1. 8-2.6—Explain the role of South Carolinians in theestablishment of their new state government & thenational government after the American RevolutionSchool House Rocks Video (3:11)
  • 2.  Elected a Committee of 99 that became thede facto government Royal governor was still in Charleston, butmost South Carolinians obeyed theCommittee of 99 Nov 1774, the General Committee called forelections of delegates to a ProvincialCongress Representation was disproportionally fromthe Lowcountry
  • 3.  Raised an army Issued currency Created a committee toenforce non-importation andcommissioned the writing of a constitutionthat was eventually approved as the Articlesof Confederation Not everyone in SC agreed with the ProvincialCongress , especially people in thebackcountry
  • 4.  Provincial government sent a delegation tothe backcountry to try and make peace The Treaty of Ninety Six- the backcountrypeople agreed they would remain neutral inthe fight with Great Britain Later, the Provincial sent forces to thebackcountry to defeat the Loyalist militia andsilence the opposition from the backcountry
  • 5.  SC adopted its first state constitution makingit an independent state before the Declarationof Independence was signed Written by the provincial government to serveas a foundation for government until thedisagreements with England could beresolved
  • 6.  SC’s First Constitution◦ Two house legislative (lower house elected by thepeople, upper house elected by the lower house)◦ President elected by the legislature (power to vetolaws)◦ Lowcountry had more representation than thebackcountry◦ A second constitution was created after the signingof the Declaration of Independence (minor changes)◦ President was now the state Governor, slightly moreequal representation, & the Church of England wasno longer the official, state supported church
  • 7.  Continental Congress acted as the firstnational government SC was the only colonial out of 13 who meetall their financial obligations to theContinental Congress South Carolinian Henry Laurens served asPresident to the Continental Congress, & lateron the committee that that negotiated theTreaty of Paris for the governmentunder the Article of ConfederationThe Muppets Reenact theContinental Congress(7:54)
  • 8.  The Articles of Confederation were written tobecome the first national government SC ratified the articles quickly, but otherstates waited till a deal of western landownership had been reached Articles of Confederation were modeled onthe Continental Congress, giving each stateone vote With war over & state agreement wavering ledto an unsuccessful national government
  • 9.  Debt was a major problem for the nationalgovernment Disagreements over interstate trade,currency, & taxes made the Confederationgovernment too weak to meet the needs ofthe new nation
  • 10.  Early advocate for a strong nationalgovernment Served as chair on the committee of theConfederation Congress that recommendedamendments to strengthen the governmentunder the Articles of Confederation Tried to encourage other states to pay theirobligations to the national government Shay’s Rebellion caused other states to callfor a meeting in Philadelphia to amendthe Article of Confederation & strengthenthe national governmentShay’s Rebellion (6:16)