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Notes 8 2.1 Notes 8 2.1 Document Transcript

  • (title) The French & Indian WarThe colonies became involved in the military & economic rivalry between the French & EnglishThe policy of mercantilism prevented the colonies from training with anyone but their “mothercountry”The British rarely enforced the policies on the colonies, but it’s animosity towards the French ledto wars in Europe (Seven Years War) & North America (French & Indian War)The French & Indian War got its name because Great Britain was fighting France and theirIndian allies.The French & Indian War resulted in the French moving into the Ohio River Valley(title) French & Indian War contributed to the SC Cherokee WarNative frustrations built as more settlers moved to the Upcountry of SCWhen French fur traders moved into the area, the English were quick to form a treaty with theCherokeeCherokee thought the treaty was an alliance with the BritishBritish saw the treaty as an acknowledgment of their sovereigntyTheir 30 years of peace was broken during the French & Indian WarBritish failed to protect the Cherokee from the French and Creek allies(title) The Cherokee War
  • Cherokee Warriors felt cheated by the British after the French & Indian War, so they took whitesettler’s horsesThe white settlers responded by attacking the CherokeeThe Cherokee in turn retaliatedThe Royal Governor tried to control the Cherokee by stopping all trade with them and takingtheir peace emissaries as hostagesCherokee War last about 2 years & cost many Cherokee livesThe war finally ended with a treaty that forced the Cherokee to give up a majority of their landand created a boundary that divided the colony from the Cherokee territory(title) British AftermathThe British won the French & Indian WarVictory resulted in the French losing all possession in North AmericaSpain lost control of Florida to Great BritainEvents of the war changed the relationship of the colonies with Great Britain(title) Unhappy ColonistDuring the war, Britain enforced their mercantilist policies on the colonistSugar Act: to stop illegal trade with France & to raise funds to support war effortsSmugglers were prosecuted in vice admiralty courts (no jury trials)
  • Colonists recognized British right of Parliament to control trade, BUT, saw the vice admiraltytrials as a violation of the right to a trial by a jury of one’s peers as stated in the Magna Carta andEnglish Common Law(title) BIG result of warGreat Britain incurred major debt because of the French & Indian War (Seven Years War)Britain believed it was the colonist’s responsibility to pay for this debtLed Parliament to attempt to impose other taxes… which the colonist resisted!<iframe src="" width="476"height="400" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>( cause and effect worksheet)