Lesson plan 4


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Lesson plan 4

  1. 1. Lesson Plan 4 i. ii. Goal 4: Teachers will be able to select and utilize the useful websites for doing researches by the internet. Objective: Teacher will be able to identify the most popular search tools for finding information on the internet including Web search engines. Teacher will use internet to find the most popular search tools and write description around 500 words or less about each one. Teacher will be able to open and use the search engines such as Google and Ask to search. Teacher will open Google engine and write about educational technology to find some information. Teacher will be able to distinguish between different types of website like educational, commercial enterprise and governmental body. Teacher will be asking to search for three type of educational website that illustrates three of educational features. Teacher will be able to select and search for useful and reliable website with accurate information to be used for conducting research. Teacher will make table for two educational website to look for the copyright, author and update of information with total mastery 80% Teacher will be able to identify how to cite resources from the internet according to APA style. Teacher will write lest of resources getting from internet with using APA style at least 3 resources. Instructional Strategy 1. Direct Instruction (Lecture) Pre-instructional activities - We will provide video which demonstrate how teachers can conduct research using useful website to find information. We will make discussion about what the way that teachers use to find electronic information to know teachers background about conducting research. Presentation of information At the beginning of the lesson we will start by open the internet browsers for example internet explorer, then we will show the most popularWeb search engines and ask teacher to follow what we are doing. After that we will show Google and Ask engine by provide some information about its using. We ask them to try each one to find what the features of each one and make sure that they are taken note to review it later. After they see such information about these search engine ask them to write small description about each one and what they prefer. Then we will move to using the search engine Google or Ask .We open the most popular is Google and start to search for things and let teacher to do what we are doing. For example we write about school and see the different type of information web, images,
  2. 2. videos and maps. All these step should applied by teacher later. They will use Google search engine and will search for educational technology with images. Next we will teach teacher about different type of website that they will use it later in their research. We will use Google engine to search for educational website, commercial enterprise and governmental body and should we show the different at the end of URL include such short cut (edu, com, mo, net and Gov.).They teacher should write not about these type of website. Then we will show that educational website is most appropriate for education research. Then we will move to teach teachers how to select useful website with trust information. We will present video about the most things that should be aware when they search for information. Also, we will open an educational website and evaluate it if useful or not by looking for author and update of information and copyright. Teacher will follow the way that we are doing and then will search for another good website just to make sure if they understand how to do that. At the end of this lesson we will present the way of how cite recourses from internet by showing how to write it by using APA style. Teachers will going to search for some recourses and then will go to cite these according to APA styles that we have teach them before. Practice and feedback At the end of each lesson will give teachers tasks to doing for minutes to make sure if they understand what they have learned. Also, during the lesson will ask them some question about the lesson to know if they are with us or not. We will give teacher instructions how they can use research engine Assessment Teacher will be asked to: - Prepare report about the useful way to conduct research via the internet using the Google or Ask engine and how select educational website with trust information. - Write the criteria for useful websites that should be looking it for when search for websites. Materials o o o o o o Internet access Computers or laptops Papers Projectors Adobe Flash Player Display Screen