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Do’S And Donts On Blogging
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Do’S And Donts On Blogging


Published on

Christina St. Jean

Christina St. Jean

Published in: Design, Technology
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  • 1. Do’s and Don'ts on blogging
    By: Christina St. Jean
  • 2. My objective. .
    To help let new bloggers know what the right and wrong things to do with blogging.
  • 3. #1 !
    DON’TDon’t Give Up.
    At times, Blogging can be boring and very draining. But, once you have blogged for a while, you will want to keep going.
    DO Post Regularly
    Readers will be more likely to follow your blog if you have a regular posting schedule.
  • 4. #2 !
    DO Write Well.
    It doesn’t matter if your post is long, medium or very short, you must write well. If its badly written, you wont be taken seriously..
    Don't choose one topic then write about something totally different.
    If your topic is boring or there aren't enough posts for you to write, either start a new blog or change the existing one
  • 5. #3 !
    DO be yourself
    Why would you want to be someone else besides yourself? People will be able to relate to you much more easily. And it's so much easier than trying to lie.
    Don't approve spam comments!
    If you notice a spam... trash it and move on.
  • 6. #4
    DOWrite about things that actually interest you.
    Make sure you're writing posts that you want to write. What's the point in blogging if you hate doing it? Your blog wont last more than a few months.
    Don't worry about being "first”.
    Some have this little obsession with writing the first comment. And with saying "First!" when you do so. Stop! Just write something useful.
  • 7. #5 !
    DOForget about writing daily.
    You might quit blogging. And you'll overwhelm your readers. why post daily if you're not writing decent posts? People suggest that its good to write one great post a week.
    Don’t have to much clutter.
    Too many blogs isn’t cute. It's messy, it slows down your blog, and a lot of them don't really add value for your readers. Definitely make your blog cleaner.
  • 8. #6 !
    DOGet a second opinion.
    You might like how your blog looks, but others may not. =/
    This doesn’t really mean you have to change your blog completely. You may just want to rethink.
    Don't flood your blog with guest posts.
    Unless it's a group blog, many people read the blogs that they do because they like reading from a certain writer. If I wanted to read someone else's posts all day long, I'd go to their blog. Use guest posts sparingly.
  • 9. #7 !
    DOUse guest posts to show an alternative viewpoint or style.
    Don't just choose anyone to write for your blog - look for people who write a little differently from you. This can be a great way to add some variety to your blog.
    Don't flood your blog with guest posts.
  • 10. #8 !
    Don'toverdo it.
    If you are networking more than you're blogging, you may need to adjust the balance.
    DORead other blogs
    Reading others blogs is a good way to see what others are saying, and you can get into some good discussions too. Add a comment if you have something to say. Don’t be scared.!
  • 11. #9!
    Don't bump great posts down the page.
    If you just posted something that's attracting a lot of comments, let it run for a bit. There's nothing worse than posting something new just as the previous post was getting started, and potentially killing the comments
    DOTake a break.
    If you are out of ideas, don't force yourself to write posts because chances are, they won't be to good. Take some time away from your blog and you'll come back with a fresh outlook.
  • 12. #10 !
    Don't use the word blog without realizing what it means.
    Blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.
    DO Allow yourself some breathing room.
    If you're posting frequently, don't cram the posts so close together that a last minute post wouldn't fit in anywhere.
  • 13. Can you remember..?
    What is the one thing that you wont be taken seriously for if you don’t do well on. . .
  • 14. . . . Writing
  • 15. Can you remember..?
    What should you not worry about when commenting on others blogs. . .
  • 16. . . . Being “First” to comment.
  • 17. Can you remember..?
    What is something every blogger should do so people can relate to you much more easily. . .
  • 18. . . . Be yourself. =)
  • 19. References . .