Destinations & products of albay


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this powerpoint will show local destinations in Albay.

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Destinations & products of albay

  1. 1. TALBAY
  2. 2. The world’s nearly perfectcone. It standsmajestically at 7,946ft. from the broad baseabout 10 km. in radius. Thecrater is 2,451 metersabove sea level and with adiameter of .5 kilometer. Ithas a notched rim where apool or building hot lavaboils and rich coal depositscould be found.
  3. 3. It nestles on the eastern slopesof Mt. Mayon at an altitude of2,700 ft. An excellent summerresort with almost similartemperature with Baguio at 28degrees Celsius. It is popularlyknown as “heaven on earth”because of the hanging cloudsand the pleasant climate wherecool and invigorating air couldbe experienced.
  4. 4. Originally, the word was“Kagsawa”. It was derived from Kag,“who does or owner” and SAWA,meaning “ a python” which suggested“one who collects snake” or perhaps“a snake charmer,” On its worst, itsignifies “excesses” from SAWA(pronounced in “maragsa” on the lastsyllable) meaning “too much.” Fr.Francisco Aragonesses, OFM, formercurate of Kagsawa and Budyaw,seemed to confirm the notable“overindulgence” of the peopleduring the time.
  5. 5. Built in 1773 by Franciscanmissionaries, that is , threeyears before the declarationof American Independencefrom the Spanish colonizers.Its highly prized by artenthusiast because of itsrich baroquearchitecture. Its very hugestructure is consideredabove standard.
  6. 6. It is another missionarychurch built out of volcanicrocks. Today, relics fromHoyop-hoyopan caves arecarefully stored and displayedfor viewing. These relicsexcavated from the cave reflecthistorical origins. Theymanifest the early Malaysianinfluence through the burial jarsexcavated. Glazed ceramicsreveal Chinese influx while theprimitive potteries are derivedfrom the flourishing Philippineculture 2, 000 years ago.
  7. 7. Every 3rd Saturday of August inJoroan, Tiwi, Albay. This yearlypilgrimage to Our Nuestra Señorade Salvacion, the Patroness ofAlbay. It’s highlighted by amaritime procession and aconcelebrated Mass on the shoresof Sogod Beach. Thousands ofpilgrims from different placesflocked to pay homage to theMarian image.
  8. 8. Another attraction inManito is this longstretch of coralsands. So white that itglistens under the raysof the sun. It is excellentfor bathing, ski-divingand fishing.
  9. 9. The clear and almostunspoiled beach havelured hundreds oftourists to this place inTabaco. Its strategiclocation has commandeda breathtaking view ofTabaco Bay and the greensoft-looking and quietisland of San Miguel.
  10. 10. In Bacacay, it is the mostpopular beach. Well-knownfor its enclaves of black sandybeachers with toweringcoconut palms and lushvegetation providing coolshades. These beaches areclosely adjacent to thenational highways. Almostunspoiled, it is an excellentplace for bathing andfishing. A convenient place tospend the summer.
  11. 11. Another naturalphenomena in Tiwibesides the road toJoroan is this tieredwaterfalls set on abeauteousmountainside. Itscascading water blendperfectly with its naturalsprings. It isrecommended site forbathing, picnics andphotography.
  12. 12. Located in Malilipot,Albay. It is considered asone of the highest waterfallsin the country because of itsseven-tiered cascadingwhite foam. It is estimatedto have a vital height of 800feet from the top. The firstcatch basin forms belowwhere hundred of batherscould refresh from thescorching heat of summer.It is accessible only by foottrail.
  13. 13. It is a geothermal-likeformation. The steam pressure isdescribed as stronger than TiwiGeothermal. The lake has anoutlet near the seashore, just ahundred meters away from wherethe steaming sands and coral likerocks emits the geysers in afountain-like formation. The besttime to see this natural wonder ison low tide. The steaming geysershoots upward. It could be seenfrom miles. Accessible by anytype of motor vehicle. Located inManito, Albay.
  14. 14. The name really means“Caves of theBats.” There is grotto-like formation insidewhich astounds visitors.It is found in Camalig. Ittakes around 30 minutestrek inside Hoyop-hoyopan cave.
  15. 15. A natural tunnel-likestructure inCamalig, Albay. Legendsays that this cave wasthe primitive habitat ofthe natives in the area.It is one of the mostpopular attractions inAlbay. It could bereached by any type ofmotor vehicles.
  16. 16. A long stretch of newly-builtconcrete road in DaragaAlbay. It connects the PanPhilippine Highway going toSorsogon and zigzags against ascenic mountainside. ThePanoramic view of Daraga andLegazpi is spellbindingespecially at night. It hasbecome a favorite stopover andresting place for motorists whowant to relax from a very tiringtrip.
  17. 17. Lignon Hill is locatedinLegazpi, Albay, Philippines. Interesting placereally Lignon Hill rightsmack in the middle ofMayon and Legazpidowntown area..the footof that hill is actuallyLezaspi Airport.
  18. 18. Apart from being a traveldestination, Albay boasts of native delicaciesthat would surely whet your appetites.Pinangat and Bicol Express are popularBicolano dishes that use coconut milk asingredient. The town of Camalig is known tothe maker and exporter of these nativedelicacies.
  19. 19. Bicol Express is anultra-spicy dish made ofchilli and pork cooked incoconut milk. Andfortunately for travellerswho are hooked at firstbite, these delicacies areavailable in can, bottle orsold frozen along manysouvenir shops in theprovince.
  20. 20. Pinangat is adish made of shreddedyoung gabi or taroleaves, shrimps, porkand ginger, wrapped inwhole taro leaf andcooked in coconut milkuntil done.
  21. 21. Tinilmok isanother version ofpinangat but thedifference is thefilling—it is made ofsliced young coconutmeat and smallshrimps.
  22. 22. Another Bicolanodelicacy is the kinunot.This dish is made fromstingray meat andmalunggay (horseradish)and is cooked in coconutmilk. As with pinangatand bicol express, kinunotis added with chilli andspices for that fieryappeal.
  23. 23. Albay also is knownto produce its local versionof sausages calledlongganisa of Guinobatan.The local sausage has adistinctive taste of saltinessand sourness. This dish isusually best served forbreakfast dipped in vinegaror condiment of your choice.One can buy this cheaply atthe Guinobatan market.
  24. 24. Most definitely, Albay offers dishes thatare generally doused in coconut cream andthe added chilli makes it a filling gustatoryadventure. One must be brave enough evento try bicol express as its fiery appeal can betruly overwhelming for the unaware eater.
  25. 25. Residents in the coastaltown of Tiwi, Albay have managedto make noodles out of this salt-water algae, which has long sincebecome a source of livelihood forthe entire community. From just seaweednoodles, the town also makes otherorganic products like malunggaytea and has likewise expanded thenoodle’s flavors to includemalunggay and pumpkin.