Heres one reason why alienware is synonymous with laptop gaming


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Heres one reason why alienware is synonymous with laptop gaming

  1. 1. Heres One Reason Why Alienware is Synonymous With Laptop Gaming ClassyIn life, some things are legendary. When you think of basketball, one name that will definitelycome up is Michael Jordan. When you think of movies, Steven Spielberg is another one. This isthe same with gaming laptops. When you think of them, Alienware is one name that comes tomind.Alienware has always been a legendary name when it comes to gaming laptops. They’vepractically built their entire reputation on making laptops that not only perform the role well, butalso look appropriate.This is the case with their M17X, probably the most famous gaming laptop of all. You shouldsell your laptop because this is going to blow you away.LooksAlienware is popular because of their very unique looking laptops. While other manufacturersprefer sleek designs or normal looking ones, Alienware goes all out when it comes to theirchassis.All of their Alienware laptops have a uniform body, so what you get with the M17X, you getwith the other models. That being said, the body is adorned with plenty of front grills that lightup and an alien head emblem that lights up giving it a very sleek look.
  2. 2. When it comes to dimensions, this laptop is very hefty. It weighs almost 10 pounds and is 16inches tall, 11.9 inches wide and 1.8 inches thick. This laptop may be portable, but it is best toplace it on a table for extended use.DisplayIn terms of display, the M17X sports a 17 inch screen with full 1080p HD resolution. It’sdefinitely one of the brightest screens out there – perfect for playing games in the dark so youdon’t have to disturb other people.Also, the screen is capable of 3D support. You can now enjoy your 3D games! Aside from that,Alienware also throws in a 3.0 megapixel camera.HardwareAlienware has a reputation of cramming the most powerful parts into their laptop, and the M17Xis proud to bear the Intel Core i7 processor. It’s Intel’s top of the line processor for all heavy dutyneeds such as video editing, rendering and of course, gaming.
  3. 3. Aside from that, there’s also 8 GB of RAM for plenty of multitasking. There’s also an AMDRadeon 6970M video card, which is AMD’s top of the line graphics card. You might bedisappointed that it’s not an NVIDIA card but don’t worry, both AMD and NVIDIA practicallyhave the same performance, so you’re not missing out on anything.Other FeaturesWhat makes Alienware computers stand out is the ability to change the color of the keyboardbacklight. You can choose from plenty of colors and you can mix them in different sections ofthe keyboard for a fun effect.You can even choose the color for the grills, logos and other parts of the laptop that emit light!ConclusionIf you’re looking for a powerful machine, then sell your laptop to sites such for the Alienware M17X. It’s one mighty laptop that has earned the praise ofevery reviewer out there.
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