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Saanchi Group Genuine Investment Plan

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Sanchi Group

  2. 2. Saanchi GroupSaanchi is a group of companies established with the objective of serving peopleirrespective of their gender, cast creed and religion. Saanchi Group has variouscompanies under one umbrella but After the grand sucess of Saanchi Infrastructure(India) Limited. Saanchi Group has now launched Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.Saanchi Electronics is committed to providing the highest qualityproducts, competitively priced, with services exceeding our customers’ expectations.We will continue to invest in facilities, systems and highly trained technical personnelproviding added-value to our business relationships...Saanchi Group Companies:-1. Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.2. Saanchi Realestate & Development Pvt. limited.3. Saanchi Energy Pvt. Ltd.4. Saanchi Mineral Pvt. Ltd.5. Saanchi Agro Pvt. Ltd.6. Saanchi Transport Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. Director ProfileShri Hem Chander Sharma The Main Promoter And Managing Director Of TheCompany Has Vision And Dream To Set New Trends And Landmark In The RealEstate Sector. Shri Hem Chander Sharma Forsee The Company To BecomePioneer In The Real Estate Sector And Serve The People To Have Their OwnDream Homes In Affordable Budgets And With Luxurios And Compfort. WithThe View To Cater To The Requirements Of The People By Providing ThemWith Comfortable, Affordable, Luxurious Homes And Also To Put An And ToPeople Long Search Of Finding Such Dream Homes The Company Thus HasBeen Promoted.Shri. Hem Chander Sharma has been a prominent personality in the field ofReal Estate, Developments of long and buildings and has bagged severalawards from the Governments and other Bodies for his valuable contributionmade. The company has wishes to plan a sub city in near future in NCR ofDelhi and Haryana.
  4. 4. Saanchi Electronics (P) Ltd.Saanchi is involved in offering a wide range of Electronic Products to our most valued clients. Our range ofElectronic Products is widely appreciated by our clients who are situated all round the nation. We offer ourrange of Corporate Electronic Products at most affordable prices.Saanchi Electronics is committed to providing the highest quality products, competitively priced, with servicesexceeding our customers’ expectations. We will continue to invest in facilities, systems and highly trainedtechnical personnel providing added-value to our business relationships.Business goes far beyond money things only, but a partnership way to pursue for win-win. A long-termpartnership is our basic theme to enforce customer’s competitive edge to achieve success. We believecustomer’s success is our success. Saanchi develops strong, long-lasting alliances with our customers andmakes the full array of Saanchi’s resources available to help them meet their short- and long-term strategicobjectives.We honor our employees since neither modern equipment nor products make the difference but peopleinstead. We believe our people will make you distinguished from your competitors in total competitivepositions. Our believes of respect, appreciate and investment in people creating a culture that thrives oninnovation and passion for working with clients on important challenges set us apart in the market place.Meet our Board of Directors, management, and other team members and learn more about how they work inSaanchi, you may discover what takes Saanchi to succeed here.
  5. 5. In its short history in the consumer electronics industry, Saanchi has experienced rapid growth and significantchanges in its product offerings. Regardless of what the future may hold, one thing is certain – Saanchi will becontinually expanding into new product lines from its core strengths, while always standing firmly by its visionof producing high quality, value Electronic products for our consumers.We believe that:S – Success for the people and with the people.A – Attraction for our business partners.A – Attitude to move towards Success.N – Nonstop expansion and earning.C – Commitment towards our work & clients.H – Happiness… physical, mental, social, professional health and growth for our clients.I – Independence…financial independence of our clients without any restriction of time.
  6. 6. VisionOur vision is to empower people from every section of the society to lead a healthy, happy and prosperous lifewith stable shelter, regular income and ever expanding social circle.We envision our company to be the preferred electronic products supplier to end users. We shall be thepreferred employer in the industry where we operate because of our high quality standards, competent andmulti-skilled work force, and state-of-the-art technologyWe at Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd. welcome each and every individual with open arms to become our partnerand strength to explore more and more opportunities to serve the brotherhood irrespective of theregender, religion, cast, creed. we firmly believe that every client is very precious, we therefore commit tocreate an equal opportunity to experience life to it s fullest through there economic upliftment talentappreciation and social reorganization.OUR VISION ISTo add value for our customers, shareholders and employees.To design and develop advanced intellectual products and core competencies in our areas of endeavor.To create a company culture in an environment that fosters real teamwork through shared information andtechnological know-how among all colleagues.To compete effectively in the global business and commercial environment.To establish real-time information culture.To promote and develop an intelligence-oriented employee base.Saanchi Group vision is to become India’s most trusted reliable and largest “Electronics” companywithin next 3 years.
  7. 7. ObjectivesThe policy of Saanchi Electronics is to empower all employees to create, implement, and improve our servicesto meet and exceed external and internal customer expectations. Saanchi Electronics pledges to train allpersonnel in Continuous & Commited Process Improvement (CCPI); to provide the financial resourcesnecessary to Continuous & Commited Process Improvement; and to create a work environment whichdevelops motivated, knowledgeable employees committed to the corporate mission. Continuous & CommitedProcess Improvement will be driven toward improved customer satisfaction and enhanced customer loyalty.Our basic objective is to serve the society and create a brotherhood among the people. We firmly believe theclients our life line and our business is to serve people. We will keep the transparency with clients and fulfillour commitments towards them. Our actions would be replication of plan with determination.We worship our clients and our Goodwill will achieve the heights while our clients keep on referring. We’ll goin the woods cross the rivers to spread our network. We encourage clients to gain knowledge and ourcolleagues are growing with the pace of the industry. We enjoy our work and maintain “Can Do Attitude”.
  8. 8. Saanchi Electronics Legal Registration Page
  14. 14. SAANCHI GROUPway to………….. Grow with us.... SAANCHI ELECTRONICS (PVT.) LTD. A Division of SAANCHI GROUP
  15. 15. Business Plan
  16. 16. INDIA’S FIRST LEGAL AND SECURED INVESTMENT PLAN INVESTMENT OPTION:*Joining Value - Rs.1000/- only once.*min. Upgradation Value - Rs. 5000/- BENIFITS: Get 12% Returns per month for 15 Months including Principle. BUSINESS INCOME :
  17. 17. •Joining – Rs.1000/-1) Minimum Upgradation Amount Rs.5000/- Benefits:- 12% Returns up to 15 MONTHS2) Every Direct Referral you get 5% One time & 3% in 15 months3) Top-up Unlimited amount and Unlimited Times4) DEDUCTIONS - TDS 10.33% as IT Rules & Admin. Charges 4.7%5) Payout Condition – To your Bank ACCOUNT
  18. 18. Admin Profit TDS Your ROI 10.33% as Charges Net MadeInvestment (Return 12%) per IT rule 4.67% amount in 15 months Rs.5,000 600 61.98/- 28.02/- 510 Rs. 7,650 Rs.10,000 1200 123.96/- 56.04/- 1,020 Rs. 15,300 Rs.50,000 6,000 619.80/- 280.20/- 5,100 Rs. 76,500 Rs.100000 12000 1239.60/- 560.40/- 10,200 Rs. 1,53,000
  19. 19. REFERRAL All Direct Referrals INCOME PLAN income 5% + 1% 1st EXAMPLE YOU A Has Invested Rs.10.000/- & will get Rs.1,200/- for 15 months YOU WILL GET 1st TIME 5% (Rs.500/-) &YOU will also GET 1% (Rs.100/- in 15 months)
  20. 20. All Direct Referrals income 10% + 1% 2nd EXAMPLE YOU B has Invested Rs.50.000/- & will get Rs.6,000/- for 15 months YOU R GETTING 1st TIME 5% (Rs.2,500/-) & YOU will also GET 1% (Rs.500/- in 15 months)
  21. 21. Level IncomeLevel 1 - 3%Level 2 - 1.5%Level 3 - 1%Level 4 - 0.50%Level 5 to Level 8 - 0.25%Level 9 to Level 12 - 0.20%Level 13 to Level 20 - 0.15%Level 21 to Level 30 - 0.10%
  22. 22. Left Right2.5 LAC - 2.5 LAC Android Phone/Rs.10,000/-5 LAC - 5LAC DJ System/Rs.20,000/-25 LAC- 25LAC 30 gm Gold/RS.1,00,000/50LAC - 50 LAC Tata nano Car/RS.2,00,000/1 Cr. - 1 Cr. Santro Xing/RS.4,00,000/2 Cr. - 2 Cr. Maruti SX4/RS.8,00,000/3Cr. - 3 Cr. Honda City/RS.12,00,000/-5Cr. - 5 Cr. Volkswagen Zeta/RS.20,00,000/-10 Cr. - 10 Cr. Merecedes Benz/RS.40,00,000/-
  23. 23. Bank AccountSaanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.ACCOUNT NUMBER912020013685049IFSC CODEUTIB0000040Pitampura, Delhi - 34.Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.ACCOUNT NUMBER01588630000226IFSC CODEHDFC0000158Pitampura, Delhi - 34.Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.ACCOUNT NUMBER015405005409IFSC CODEICIC0000154Pitampura, Delhi-34
  24. 24. Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.ACCOUNT NUMBER1710005502127779IFSC CODEPUNB0171000Pitampura, Delhi - 34.Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.ACCOUNT NUMBER0201102000013031IFSC CODEIBKL0000201Ashok Viahar, DelhiSaanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.ACCOUNT NUMBER32246504885IFSC CODESBIN0004381Pitampura, Delhi - 34.
  25. 25. Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.ACCOUNT NUMBER1911174903IFSC CODEKKBK0000208Pitampura, Delhi - 34Saanchi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.ACCOUNT NUMBER37340200000093IFSC CODEBARB0NETAJIPitampura, Delhi - 34
  26. 26. Contact DetailsSAANCHI ELECTRONICS PRIVATE LIMITEDCorporate Office:801, Plot No. B-2,3,4 ND Mall-1Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, Delhi-110034Phone: +91-11-49298800Fax: +91-11-49298801Website:- www.saanchigroup.inEmail:-