There is no hope of doing a perfect research
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There is no hope of doing a perfect research



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I disagree



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There is no hope of doing a perfect research There is no hope of doing a perfect research Document Transcript

  • 1Alina Sultani14 September, 2012Academic Writing There is no hope of doing perfect research (Griffiths, 1998, p97) I totally disagree. It is a proven fact in nature, in world and in whole universe thateverything is developing. In this world everyone is aware of theory of evolution and power ofinventions on whole humankind. Human intellect is finding new ways to prove its existence, tomake everyone aware that there will be no stagnancy in thoughts and the surprising results itbrought. Everything is better than its previous competitive product. Every idea is better than onepresented before. In this constantly emerging world there is a hope of a world better than one inwhich we live. There is a hope of a wonder that is unknown yet, investigation that will discoverits own milestone to transform itself in to knowledge. A perfect research is one that encourages human curiosity to know more, to make anattempt to satisfy his thirst of power. As the term indicates there should be a continuous andongoing process, it will be perfect until it craves human appetite to long for more and more. If atime comes where there is no longing left to do more, to search for more than that day there willbe no hope of doing a perfect research as human intellect will lose its purpose. History provesthat there could not be a time like that as there is no feeling of contentment in human needs;therefore every research is a perfect research because it results in directing the focus of humanmind to another unturned stone of universe.
  • 2 There is vagueness created in the phrase, the term perfection is misunderstood in thissentence; as it means something complete, without need of modification, the best possible thingthat can be achieved comprising of all characteristics and qualities, but when we talk aboutperfect research it means a perfect answer for earlier questions and a perfect question for futureanswers. Since mankind has gained its purpose, it is involved in finding answers of the questionswhich were pinching its existence and those answers in turn gave rise to new questions, thereforemore answers were giving hope for perfect research and this is the same phenomenon now aswell. If we take the example of theories of Classical mechanics of Sir Isaac Newton we can findthat it provided great detail of laws of motion and gravity, this research open new routes tomechanics and then rose the questions about cosmic occurrences which was answered by MaxPlanck Quantum theory. Before Isaac Newton’s theory there were many questions unansweredbut his theory gave answer to previous ones and has the ability to raise more questions. Thisability of a research to give rise to new question is misinterpreted as loopholes therefore oftenconcluded that there is no hope of a perfect research. The term research is ignored, which is to beperfectly interrogative enough to open new doors of knowledge. On the basis of a perfectresearch questions can be generated for a new research. If a research would be imperfect for thefirst time then it cannot have answerable questions, as the research would be imperfect questionswill also be imperfect and there will be no way to answer imperfect questions. Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen is the scientist to discover X-rays and considering his researchas perfect one, he was awarded Nobel Prize (, 2012). Later from this point ofreference MRI, CT scan and Ultra sounds were invented due to which more diseases can befound and then their treatment was researched. The research of Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was
  • 3the perfect research as it had given rise to more research and development. Research is asystematic study and a system is only complete and perfect when it interacts with surrounding,elsewhere it will become obsolete. Robert Koch founded bacteria called Mycobacterium (, 2012). due to hisperfect research organisms such as ‘diphtheria, typhoid, and pneumonia’ were found and thenresearch started for the cure of diseases. Antibiotic drugs such as penicillin discovered due to aperfect research to cure harmful diseases. If first research was not perfect then solution will notbe applied to it. A perfect research means an analytical knowledge gathered by appropriate method,material and which has followed the required process to reach a conclusion. It does not meanstagnancy for new questions as if it did word will lose its meaning, only search will will left witha definite conclusion. View slide
  • 4 Work Cited"Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen - Biography". Retrieved 12 Sept 2012 from: <>"Robert Koch - Biography". Retrieved 12 Sept 2012 from: <>. View slide