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Intro to Linux (for Ham Radio Operators)
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Intro to Linux (for Ham Radio Operators)


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An Intro to Linux (for ham radio operators) talk I gave for the Cary Amateur Radio Club on 26-Aug-2004.

An Intro to Linux (for ham radio operators) talk I gave for the Cary Amateur Radio Club on 26-Aug-2004.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Intro to Linux (for ham radio operators) (for ham radio operators)
    • Tanner Lovelace
    • 26/August/2004
    • Cary Amateur Radio Club
  • 2. Outline
    • What is Linux?
    • What can you do with Linux?
    • What can’t you do with Linux?
    • Why you should use Linux.
    • Linux and Ham Radio
    • Questions and answers
  • 3. What is Linux?
    • An alternative computer operating system
    • Started by Linus (pronouced Lee-noos) Torvalds in October 1991.
    • Contains contributions by hundreds of people
    • Mature, powerful, secure UNIX-like operating system
    • Free software
  • 4. Linux and GNU
    • Linux is only a “kernel”
    • Sort of like the engine in a car (you need it, but by itself it’s not very useful)
    • The GNU system fills out a complete system (like the rest of the automobile)
  • 5. The GNU Project
    • Started by Richard Stallman in 1983
    • Objective: to develop a completely free software system
      • Free == freedom, not price
    • Mostly done in 1991, last major piece missing was ... the kernel!
  • 6. GNU and Freedom
    • General Public License
      • Use the software at no charge, without any limitations
      • Copy, distribute, or sell unmodified copies of the software in source or binary form
  • 7. More GPL
    • Use the software with proprietary (i.e. your own) modifications free of charge, as long as you don’t distribute it
    • Modify, distribute or sell modified versions of the software as long as the license terms stay the same
    • Sell support for the software (no limitations)
  • 8. Linux distributions
    • A “distribution” is a collection of linux and its related software
    • Most end-users will use a Linux distribution
    • Popular distributions:
      • Red Hat, Fedora
      • Mandrake
      • SuSE (Novell)
      • Knoppix
  • 9. What can you do with Linux?
    • Web browsing
      • Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror
    • E-mail
      • Mozilla, Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail
    • Word processing, office software
      •, KOffice, MS-Office (using Crossover Office)
  • 10. Default NCSU Desktop
  • 11. Linux advantages
    • Modern, stable, multi-tasking, multi-user on PC hardware
    • Freedom from viruses
    • Advanced Graphical User Environment
    • Tons of free software
    • Excellent learning platform
  • 12. More Linux Advantages
    • Excellent network connectivity
    • Connects to Windows, Novell, Apple
    • Rapid development of new features
    • Not owned by anyone, so no worries about it going away
  • 13. What can’t you do with Linux?
    • Almost nothing ...
    • There are a few proprietary programs that do not run under linux (but often free alternatives are available)
    • ActiveX web controls
    • Hardcore gaming
  • 14. Why you should use Linux
    • Control -- Linux let’s you control your PC, not the other way around.
    • Freedom
      • Upgrade when you want to, not when a big corporation needs upgrade profits
      • Be free of viruses
    • Cost
  • 15. How?
    • Triangle Linux Users Group
      • Mailing list for questions/answers
      • Monthly meetings to learn more
      • (2nd Thu @ RTI)
    • Local “Installfests” (help you install linux)
    • Saturday, Sept 18 @ Wake Tech
    • (Please register at TriLUG website)
  • 16. Linux and Ham Radio
    • Many ham radio programs are available for linux.
      • Rig control programs, logging programs, packet/TNC, APRS, SSTV, RTTY, PSK & more
    • AFU Knoppix is a no install, ham radio focused, linux distribution.
  • 17. Software Defined Radio
    • Normal radio -- mostly or completely analog
    • SDR - convert to digital as soon as possible, do everything else in software
    • Potential to revitalize experimentation
    • GNU Radio -- software radio building blocks
  • 18. References
    • Triangle Linux Users Group
    • Linux Newbie Administrator Guide
    • AFU Knoppix
    • Mandrake Linux for Hams
    • Linux for Hams
    • GNU Project
    • GNU Radio
  • 19. Questions and Answers