Why you lose hair


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Reasons of hair loss in men and women and finding a solution to the problem without spending a lot of money.

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Why you lose hair

  1. 1. Why you loseHAIR – What are the REASONS?By: Susan DeanRetrieved from:http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/26059/hair_loss/why_you_lose_hair_____what_are_the_real_reasons__.html
  2. 2. Many men in particular as they get older will start to lose their hair.A lot of those men end up totally bald. Unfortunately not only mengo through this state as some women do too. This can be a verydistressing time for many men and women. Why you lose hairis not just about getting older it can come about because of manyreasons. Some of the reasons are as follows:The most common form of hair loss is related to genetics, meaningthat if your father has lost his hair then highly likely you will followin his footsteps. Of course not all his children will necessarily havethis problem. If you think this may be your case then you can lookinto prevention by adding extra nutrients to your diet or bypracticing scalp massage techniques. There are several productsand companies that are supposed to be helpful but I suppose youcan only try for yourself to see if they do prevent baldness.Some people may suffer from an illness that can lead to hair loss.This is something that will need to be discussed with your doctor.Sometimes it is the actual illness and sometimes it is the treatment.Often more than not your hair will grow back once you are healthy.This also includes stress. Most likely because when a person isunder major stress the muscles in the scalp restrict causing thecirculation to the scalp to cut out. This usually only occurs after longperiods of major stress and once again it does not affect everyone.Sometimes a change in hormones can trigger hair loss in both menand women. If all of a sudden you start to lose your hair especiallyin women then you should seek medical advice from your doctor.This problem then may be helped or it may be a sign of somethingelse that you were not aware was happening.It is funny how not all hair loss is because of medical problems butcan be because of improper care. Hair is meant to naturally die offso new hair can grow and replace that hair. If you do not wash andbrush your hair regularly then your scalp does not stay healthytherefore making it hard for the development of the new growth.This can be also said for wearing a tight fitting hat constantly.Whilst there are many reasons why you lose hair there are alsoways to prevent this happening. Being aware of this can make adifference. For more information on Hair Loss Prevention: http://payspree.com/513/nsfp0805