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Late 20th Century Art - Present Late 20th Century Art - Present Presentation Transcript

  • Late 20th Century into the 21st CenturyContemporary / Post-Modern Art
  • • Contemporary Art (Late 20th Century – Now)• Pluralism (many different styles)• Post-Modern Art - Combines a Variety of Styles from Past and Present• New Mediums• Technology• Ephemeral Art (art that is temporary)• Challenges the Viewer, Shocks, Surprises, Humor• Deals with Current Issues – Society and Politics
  • Super-realism• American Art Movement in late 1960’s – 1970’s• Extension of Pop Art (similar subjects, but different style)• Highly detailed and realistic (sometimes called Photorealism)
  • Chuck Close, BigSelf-Portrait, 1967 –1968, Acrylic onCanvas (8’11” x 11’2”)
  • Large Scale Portrait Paintingsbased on PhotographsAvoided creative compositions,flattering lighting, and facialexpressions Chuck Close, Big Self- Portrait, 1967 – 1968, Acrylic on Canvas (8’11” x 11’2”)
  • Comparison
  • Site-specific Art / Environmental Art• Progressive Movement developed in the 1960’s in USA• Increased concerns about environment (pollution, litter, urban sprawl)• Challenges traditional assumptions about art
  • Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Running Fence(California, USA), synthetic fabric,cable, steel, 1972 -1976
  • 5.5 meters high 40 Kilometer long nylon fence Environmental art project Artists claim that the art has no meaning. Their goal is to create something beautiful and to see the landscape in aChristo and Jeanne- new way.Claude, Running Fence(California, USA), Pinkwoven synthetic fabric, Money raised by selling their1972 - 1976 preliminary drawings
  • RobertSmithson,Spiral Jetty,1970, Blackrock, saltcrystals, earth,red water(Utah, USA)
  • Manipulated the earth thecreate an environmentalsculpture“enduring power ofnature”Inspired by the location andthe molecular structure of Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty,salt crystals that coat the 1970, Black rock, salt crystals,rocks earth, red water (Utah, USA)Spiral Jetty under water
  • Andy GoldsworthyKnotweed StalksLand Art (sticks inwater)1998
  • - Goldsworthy is a British sculptor,photographer, andenvironmentalist- Artist only uses natural materials(leaves, flowers, sticks, ice, rocks,etc.)- Photography plays an importantrole in the work because the art istemporary Andy Goldsworthy- Artist is the subject of a Knotweed Stalksdocumentary film, Rivers and (Land Art - sticks inTides, 2001 water) 1998
  • Post-Pop• Artists still influenced by Pop Art from the 1960’s• Consumerism and Popular culture• Humor
  • Jeff-Koons,PinkPanther,1988,Porcelainsculpture
  • Magazine centerfoldwith well-known cartooncharacterCommercialism /ConsumerismKitsch (bad taste) Jeff-Koons, Pink Panther, 1988,“everything wrong with Porcelain sculpturecontemporary Americansociety”
  • Keith Haring,Untitled, 1985,Mixed Mediaon Canvas
  • Keith Haring started by drawing inNY Subways (related to Grafitti art /Street Art)Keith Haring friends with AndyWarholEast-Village New York style Keith Haring, Untitled, 1985,Art for “the people” Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Yayoi Kusama, Dots Obsession, Installation (balloons andvinyl), 2011
  • Japanese avant-garde artist(and writer) who bringstogether pop art, minimalism,feminism, surrealism, abstractexpressionismMediums: sculpture, painting,film, fashion, performance art,fiction, installation (art in aspace that creates anenvironment)Lived in New York in 1960swhere she met Andy Warhol(Now lives in Tokyo) Yayoi Kusama, Dots Obsession,In 2008, her art sold for a Installation (balloons and vinyl), 2011record 5.1 million US dollars(highest price ever for a womanartist)
  • YayoiKusama
  • Art and Society• Art as a social tool used to help change society• Social and Political issues• Art by and for minorities (issues of gender, race, sexuality)
  • Cindy Sherman,Untitled FilmStill #35, 1979,Black-and-whitephotograph
  • Sherman plays differentroles in her photographs(dressed in costume) -Not a Self-PortraitFeminism - Questions howwomen have been portrayedin movies, photography, artPhotography shows theshutter release cable on thefloor (artist took her own Cindy Sherman,photograph) Untitled Film Still #35, 1979, Black-and-white photograph
  • Barbara Kruger, Untitled (I Shop Therefore I Am),1987, Photographic silkscreen on vinyl
  • Look of Advertising Challenges Advertising (Kruger worked as a graphic designer before becoming an artist) Deceptiveness of Media’s messagesBarbara Kruger, Untitled(I Shop Therefore IAm), 1987, Photographic “I think, therefore I am” -silkscreen on vinyl Philosophical statement by Descartes
  • Coca-Cola VaseAi WeiweiPainted Neolithicvase (5000BC)2007
  • - Critical of the effects ofCapitalism in China- Highly and openly critical ofthe Chinese government’sstance on democracy andhuman rights- Reference to Pop Art (Warhol)- Ai Weiwei creates sculpture,installation art, sculpture,photography, and film, and Coca-Cola Vase, Ai Weiweisoon to release heavy metal Painted Neolithic vase (5000BC)rock music album 2007
  • Ai Weiwei dropping a Han Dynasty urn (2000 Yearold vase), Performance
  • Never SorryDocumentary Film about Ai Weiwei 2012
  • Performance Art• Avant-garde art form started in 1960’s• Action as an artform• Multimedia• New way to express ideas / concepts• Ephemeral art form (temporary, element of time)
  • Joseph Beuys,How to ExplainPictures to aDead Hare, 1965,Performance art
  • Sacred ritual“the condition of modernhumanity”Head coated with honeyand covered with gold leaf(spiritual power) Joseph Beuys, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, 1965, Performance art
  • Laurie Anderson, O Superman, 1985, Performance Art
  • Anderson wrote musicand lyricsExperimentation withsound (electric violin andsynthesized voice)Feminist art combiningelements of pop art, pop Laurie Anderson, O Superman,music, World music, dada 1985, Performance Art
  • Technology and Art• Video, Digital Imagery• Artists started experimenting with video in 1960’s• Looking at an image in a video monitor / screen (related to Renaissance idea of looking through a frame into a picture)• Element of time
  • Jenny Holzer,Protect Me FromWhat I Want, 1988,LED ElectronicSignboard (TimesSquare, New YorkCity)
  • Social ConsciousnessUses advertisingformat to delivermessagesArt in Public Spaces Jenny Holzer, Protect Me From What I Want, 1988, LED Electronic Signboard (Times Square, New York City)
  • Cao FeiCOSplayersVideo Still2004
  • Chinese Artist (Guangzhou,China)Post Modernism / Mixture ofCultures and InfluencesDiscrepancy between realityand dreamsFocus on the individual’slongings and the way theyimagine themselves Cao Fei, COSplayers, Video Still, 2004Discontentment anddisillusionment of China’syounger generation