Welcome to miss peluso’s class

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  • 1. Welcome to Miss Peluso’s Class
  • 2. Golden Rules• We are gentle.• We are kind and helpful.• We listen.• We are honest.• We work hard.• We look after property.
  • 3. RewardsEvery Friday we will have “Golden Time” for 30minutes.Students can bring a toy from home to play withfor 30 minutes of the day on Friday! However…
  • 4. Consequences• If a student breaks one of the Golden Rules, 5minutes will be deducted from their GoldenTime.– Every week, all students will start with 30 minutes.– Each time a student breaks a Golden Rule, theywill lose 5 minuet off their Golden Time.• If a student does not complete anassignment, they will have to fill out a pinkslip.
  • 5. Golden Time
  • 6. The Pink Slip• The pink slip has a few questions on it which the student must answer asto why they did not turn in their homework.• Instead of turning in their homework, they will have to turn in a pink slip.• The student will reflect back on their actions on why they are unpreparedfor the day, and write out why they do not have the appropriate materialswith them.• This is documentation for parent teacher conferences when parents askwhy a student has so many 0’s marked down for homework.
  • 7. Student Responsibility CardCheck all that apply to you.___ I did not have materials in class todayCircle: book, pencil, paper, notebook, calculator, other___ I did not have the assigned homework.___ I did the homework- but did not have it in class.___ I did not return assigned materials (ex. Progress report)Excuses: Check all that apply to you.___ I did not have appropriate materials at home.___ I forgot.___ I was too sick- to do my homework.___ I was absent and did not get the assignment.___Other explain in detail.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Signature ________________ Date_______________
  • 8. References/Acknowledgements• Wong, H., & Wong, R. (2005, Feb). [Web logmessage]. Retrieved fromhttp://teachers.net/wong/FEB05