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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Designed by: Lourise Archie C. SubangDescription: An application about thelesson on polygonsYear Level: Third Year High SchoolSubject: Geometry
  • 2. Introduction Painting is one of the fields of Arts which theFilipinos do excel. As a matter of fact many Pinoypainters had been awarded both local andinternational. One of the essentials in painting is theuse of shapes (also known as polygons). Last meeting, we tackled about the differenttypes of polygons as well their respective properties.And to wrap the lesson on polygons, each of thegroups will make an art appreciation on the Filipinomasterpieces giving emphasis on the use of polygonsin their works.
  • 3. Task Each group will create the pptpresentation giving highlights on the typesof shapes used as well as the techniqueson how the Filipino artists effectivelyinfused it (shapes) to their masterpieces. Moreover, each of the group will includeall the members’ insights on givinggeneralizations on the applications ofplane geometric figures in the field ofpainting.
  • 4. Process To reach the goal, the students will have the following steps:1. Find in the internet the list of the awarded Filipino painters (top 10 at most).2. Do a background study on each of the Filipino artists. The ffg. information should be reflected in the ppt presentation are as follows:
  • 5. Process The works and awards The painting techniques used The dominant shapes used in all his works of arts. The pictures of some of his/her paintings. The underlying message/s of his awarded paintings as well as the importance of using such shapes in his works.
  • 6. Process 3. The group will assign each member a specific part to do. 4. The group will also provide a written report regarding all the information they have gathered including the list of their resource materials. 5. The end product that will be submitted and reported to your teacher should also carry the modern features of PowerPoint (such as the use of hyperlinks, videos or pictures included and etc.) as much as possible.Note: For the format of the power point presentation kindly follow this link. And for the written report this link.
  • 7. EvaluationThe criteria for the evaluation of the endproduct will be determined by the rubricprovided by the teacher. The criteria is dividedinto three main divisions namely: 1. Product – that includes the relevanceof the content both ppt presentation and thewritten report to the main goal. 2. Process - that includes thedeliverance of the report both individually andgroup.
  • 8. Evaluation 3. Resource Materials – includes all the necessary attributes needed in citing ideas from any resource materials.The percentage of each criterion is presented in the tabular form.
  • 9. ConclusionThe teacher will be the oneto give the conclusionregarding the activity afterall the groups havepresented their output tothe class.