The Motherland's Clarion calls


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Manifest issued by retired proffesionals of the Venezuelan Armed Forces.

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The Motherland's Clarion calls

  1. 1. FROM RETIRED PROFESSIONALS OF THE VENEZUELAN ARMED FORCES AROUND THE WORLD October 12th, 2013 THE MOTHERLAND’S CLARION CALLS We, Venezuelan military professionals living abroad, residents, victims of political persecution, exiles, refugees and those protected by International Agencies, in response to the current situation of the regime’s repeated violation of the Constitution, International Treaties, Conventions and Agreements signed by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has led to to a national debate of the legitimacy of a possible intervention of the Venezuelan Armed Forces (FAN). We consider it appropriate to address the national and international public opinion, that a military action aimed at recovering the constitutional rule, return to a democratic form of government and defense of our sovereignty is not a coup, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 333 and 350 of our Constitution in force, and in assumption of its functions under Article 328 of the aforementioned Constitution. Here are some reasons that justify the intervention: 1. – At present and for almost fifteen years, power in Venezuela is exercised in an arbitrary and authoritarian manner. This is contrary to the principles that characterize a government that claims to be authentic and genuinely democratic, but that is under the influence of castro-communism. This system imposes blind obedience and submission to its fellow citizens to get the minimum sustenance for survival under a worldwide failed communist ideology.
  2. 2. 2. - At present and for almost fifteen years, we have witnessed absolute impunity, abuse, lies and unimaginable felonies in all areas of national life. No authority assumes responsibility or any citizen or public official has been held accountable or found guilty of such outrages. 3. - At present and for almost fifteen years, we have experienced the authority’s apathy to address issues, particularly national security, health care and education. 4. – At present and for almost fifteen years, through the educational system, the Venezuelan population has been indoctrinated with castro-communist ideology, contrary to our idiosyncrasy and religious beliefs. 5. – The current lack of security that has persisted for almost fifteen years and that has caused more than 20.000 violent deaths per year, the absurd prison conditions, the failure or malfunction of the courts of law, the existence of authoritarian and repressive police, the incompetence and bias of many Representatives of the National Assembly and Supreme Court Justices, the gradual, slow and steady destruction of the Military Force of the Republic and of every organism called upon to impose authority in order to dissuade crime and unrest, in addition to the ineptitude of the officials responsible for the inefficient functioning of the government. These conclusions cannot be more discouraging, demoralizing, sad and shameful. 6.- At present and for almost fifteen years, our foreign policy has suffered the ravages of incapacity and ignorance of the officials that conceal and do not react when they have to replicate statements and actions of foreign State authorities. These actions minimize our capacity to settle any disputes be it bordering, socio-economic or Venezuelan inalienable rights, such as the recent “Esequibo” incident. 7.- At present and for almost fifteen years, we have seen with alarming concern the efforts to definitely bring down, the three fundamental principles on which rest the organization, management, operation and unity of command of the Venezuelan Armed Forces. These are DISCIPLINE, OBEDIENCE and SUBORDINATION. The presence of Cuban operatives in military installations; the prostitution of the highest levels of the military hierarchy; the indiscriminate and foolish rise of a great number of Generals and Admirals, with disregard to the vacancies and as a way to compensate their unconditional servility, although many of these officers do not qualify for these promotions and have no influence over their subordinates. This situations leads, to the satisfaction of those who promote them, to a lack of due respect for superiors, disobedience and denial of due subordination established in the military laws and regulations. Consequently, we see with astonishment the decrease in the efficiency and functionality of the different units of our Armed Forces. The reduction of active
  3. 3. members through a significant number of discharges either by request or because these officers have not gained the trust of the country’s leaders or military authorities. While in parallel, a farce called militia, is created to eliminate the Venezuelan Armed Forces. 8.- At present and for almost fifteen years, we have witnessed the lack of effort to combat drug trafficking, the various guerilla movements and international terrorist organizations, giving rise to members of the Armed Forces that are engaged in drug related activities, scourges that are part of the “Cartel del Sol.” 9.- At present and for almost fifteen years, the government not satisfied with having instigated the fragmentation of families and the destruction of the Armed Forces, two of the most respected institutions in our country, it felt the need to attack and discredit the religious symbol of the Venezuelan people, the Catholic Church. They have offended, slandered, disrespected and defamed its highest authorities. In addition, they have denied and taken away the resources that allow the Church to conduct their educational and spiritual guidance. Likewise, the government has systematically persecuted the media preventing freedom of expression and of exercising their right to inform unbiased and truthful news information. 10.- Since last April, we have been led to a precipice by an individual who exercises power illegitimately, both of origin and performance, and of whom there is justified suspicion he possesses dual nationality and is not a Venezuelan citizen by birth. Furthermore, he has allowed castro-communism to continue invading our country. He has given Venezuelan resources to foreign powers in return for his staying in power. Also, he has sunk Venezuela in the worst socio-economic and political crisis in all its republican history. Likewise, he has allowed drug traffickers the use of Venezuelan territory as a bridge for sending drugs and become one of the most corrupt countries in the world. He also shows signs of not possessing the minimum conditions for exercising the presidency and often addresses the citizens with delusional absurdities and lies. He has demonstrated crass ignorance on the issues to be resolved in accord with the position to which he was appointed by the CNE (National Electoral Council.) The National Electoral Council in a hasty and desperate fit, disregarded the claims to contest the elections brought by the counterparty in the last electoral race. Fellow colleagues in active duty, the current Constitution, adopted in 1.999, in its Article 328 defines the organization of the Venezuelan Armed Forces and establishes its main functions. Accordingly, together with the aforementioned Articles 333 and 350 direct you to respect and to ensure respect with compliance by all Venezuelans, and even more by the authorities who are in power, without you having fear of
  4. 4. reprisal. You should always aim to safeguard what is enshrined in the Constitution, defend the country and its institutions, protect national sovereignty and return the country upon the pathway of a democratic system of government. All Venezuelans, we dare to assert, and particularly, we, military professionals who are absent from our motherland for the reasons invoked at the beginning of this statement, look forward to your response. We will support it unconditionally. WHEN THE MOTHERLAND’S CLARION CALLS EVEN THE MOTHER’S CRY QUIETS Simon Bolivar From several parts of the world in October 2013 Signed by: Gral.Div.(EJ) Vicente Luis Narváez Churión Vice Alm. Jesús Rafael Bertorelli Moreno Vice Alm. Freddy Mota Carpio Gral.Div.(EJ) Carlos Julio Peñaloza Zambrano Vice Alm. Efraím Díaz Tarazón Gral.Div.(GN) Rafael Damiani Bustillos Vice Alm. Héctor Ramírez Pérez Gral.Bgda.(AV) Mariano Márquez Oropeza Gral.Bgda.(EJ) Raimundo Guisandes López Gral.Bgda.(EJ) Henry José Lugo Peña Gral.Bgda.(AV) Eduardo Báez Capitán (EJ) Carlos Blondell Tineo C.A. Oscar Betancourt Patiño Gral.Bgda.(AV) Pedro Pereira Cnel.(EJ) José Tomás Rojas Graffe Cnel.(EJ) Domingo Santana Cnel.(AV) Silvino Bustillos CN Humberto Lazo Cividane Cnel.(EJ) Yucepe Pilliery CN Bernardo Jurado Capecchi Cnel.(EJ) Juan José Rendón González
  5. 5. Cnel.(GN) Antonio Semprún C.A. Gregorio Molleja Rodríguez CN Alberto Shadah Udelman CN José Santín CN Eddy Méndez Pérez Tcnel. (AV) Guillermo Beltrán Vielma Mayor (EJ) José Ramón Salas La Riva Capitán (EJ) Wismerck Martínez Medina Capitán (GN) Pedro José Flores Rivero T.N. Henry Clement T.N. Carlos Villalobos Franchi Tnte. (GN) José A. Colina Sub-Tnte.(EJ) Carlos García Arcaya Gral.Bgda.(EJ) Néstor González González C.C. José Rodríguez Vásquez T.F. Rafael Figueredo Cassini Cnel.(EJ) Gustavo Díaz Vivas C.C. Juan Loreto T.N. Carlos Rodríguez CA Daniel Comisso Urdaneta Gral.Bgda.(AV) Jorge Luis Guerrero Barrios Capitán (EJ) Ricardo Salazar Bohórquez Capitán(EJ) Alfredo Salazar Bohórquez Tcnel.(EJ) Julio César Moreno Capitán (GN) Leonardo Carrero Araujo More signatures are on file.