The Lounge Group Trend Report 4: All About Me


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This month The Lounge Group addresses the theme of individuality in our latest trend report from our Insight and Strategy team. 'All about me' is all about brands putting the individual first, viewing consumers as unique individuals rather than generic targets to create one of a kind campaigns that emotionally engage with consumers and often use innovative technologies to appeal to them on a highly personal, one to one basis

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The Lounge Group Trend Report 4: All About Me

  1. 1. inspirationreport#4landmarkprojections,personalmuseums,musicalchanging rooms,secret airwavesand your ownskincare collection/a lounge This month’s inspiration report is all about brands putting the individual first, viewing consumers as uniquegroup inspiration individuals rather than generic targets to create one of a kind campaigns that emotionally engage withreport on consumers and using innovative technologies to appeal to them on a highly personal, one on one basis.all about me.
  2. 2. Integrated/Aviva “You are the Big Picture” Insurance company Aviva recently launched a global campaign which puts real Lounge view/ stories of their actual customers in the spotlight to demonstrate Aviva’s personal This activity serves to challenge relationship with its customers. a category in which distant, generic and functional communications have become As part of the campaign, customers were asked to upload their photo via the industry standard. By Facebook with a description about what matters most to them along with their featuring real customers at the personal experience of Aviva. They then received a free digital picture of their centre of their communications face made up of a collage of their own words. A selection of these were even campaign, Aviva tackles the chosen to be projected in various landmark buildings all across the world, for category’s impersonal nature, example, at London’s National Theatre. Videos of the projections were uploaded to by adding a genuine human touch, and connecting with YouTube as well as being sent back to the participants to serve as a lasting consumers in a way that their memory. competitors can’t.
  3. 3. Social Media/Intel’s Museum of Me Intel has successfully appealed to our inner narcissists by creating the hugely Lounge view/ successful Facebook app “The Museum of Me” as part of an interactive campaign Intel has used social for the launch of their Core i5 processor. networking as a tool to facilitate the creation of personalised branded content. Upon starting the app, users are prompted to give Intel access to the personal data The highly visual nature of the held on their Facebook page. This data is then turned into an online film featuring museum is also relevant to the a gallery of images of you and your friends, followed by a text “installation” brand, whose core message is about creating immersive featuring words and phrases found on your wall. The film is packaged to look like visual experiences, which is a museum featuring slick graphics and music to add to the entertainment value, undoubtedly reflected in the and can then be naturally be shared with friends via Facebook. Museum of Me.
  4. 4. Retail/StarHub’s Musical Fitting Room Various clothing stores in Singapore revamped their fitting room experience with Lounge view/ unique state of the art technology, bringing together fashion, music and Star Hub has improved the retail individuality. experience of their consumers by taking advantage of individual style and how it proves to be a Online music store StarHub fitted clothes in the stores with RFID tags and then fitted key factor in how their target RFID readers into the changing rooms. audience make brand choices. RFID is the technology that uses radio frequency to transfer data from electronic Starhub are redefining behavioural targeting as fun and tags to readers. The readers picked up on what style of garment was being tried on non-invasive by integrating it from the clothing’s RFID tag, and then played songs associated with that style into seamlessly into the consumers’ the changing room. Proximity SMS (where mobile users’ proximity to a particular everyday experiences providing value and introducing them to place is detected and they are sent targeted ads, messages and deals) was then new music they are most likely to used to inform the consumer what they were listening to and lead them to the be interested in. online store where they could download it.
  5. 5. Point of Sale/All Good Bananas Fair Trade “Listen To Your Conscience” As they walk down the fruit and veg aisle, Auckland’s supermarket shoppers Lounge view/ experienced a sudden attack of conscience! The innovative technology used surprises and entertains individual consumers, All Good Bananas used innovative “audio spotlight” technology, which isolated a guaranteeing engagement and narrow beam of sound to focus a message to shoppers telling them to buy their Fair forcing them to stop and listen to Trade bananas over other brands in order to help growers feed their families and an important message which support their communities. The innovative technology means that the brand can might otherwise have been ignored. It was also a creative ‘speak to’ just one person at a time, targeting and surprising each shopper on a way to draw attention to a truly one to one basis. brand in a parity market like fruit and veg where there is little differentiation between the different brands.
  6. 6. Experiential/Nivea 100 Years Skincare for Life experiential in Australia Nivea’s global “100 Years Skincare for Life” campaign celebrates a century of the Lounge view/ iconic German skincare brand. Nivea has recognised that different individuals have different needs from their Nivea Australia recently launched the world’s biggest skin advisory campaign products. Consequently they which aims to provide 1.7 million consultations with individual skin analyses, have invested heavily in the giving back to their consumers by helping them achieve “better skin for life”. This is campaign to better understand as part of the billion Euro investment in the brand – the brand’s most expensive specific skincare needs. They have made use of experiential campaign ever. Nivea developed a specially designed skin analysis application marketing and take advantage and trained brand ambassadors who acted as the “Nivea skincare team”. They of this face to face used the app to provide 60 second skin analyses in order to determine the best communication between brand and consumer to drive that combination of Nivea products to suit the individual. The experience toured high message home. traffic and visible locations such as shopping malls throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  7. 7. inspirationreport#4a lounge groupreport onall about meall about me is all about connecting For Consumers:with consumers by offering human and We want brands to value us and listen to what we have to say, rather than being dictated to. A facelesspersonal interactions. Consumers feel organisation talking at its audience en masse lacks anythat brands understand them, leading to element of an individually tailored personalgreater engagement and recall. engagement, so consumers are likely to be turned off. Content that’s ‘all about me’, and individually tailored rather than heavily branded or generic, appeals moreThis includes the following: directly to consumers’ wants and needs, giving them a•  Providing individuals with personalised branded content to genuine reason to engage. make them feel special and provide them with a lasting memory. For Brands: Brands putting the consumer first is nothing new.•  Engaging with consumers in unexpected ways on an Innovative technology and social networking means that emotional rather than functional level to enrich everyday brands can now go one step further to deliver unique experiences. experiences for their consumers at an individual level.•  Using innovative technology to deliver relevant and un- Face to face communication through live brand intrusive messages to consumers based on their personal experiences is still important in establishing an wants and needs. individually tailored rapport between consumer and brand.