Fresher Safari student report


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In student Freshers Week 2010 The Lounge Group took a team of marketing managers on 'safari' to the University of Surrey to observe students in their natural environment. Here are some of the key insights into the world of students coming from the day.

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Fresher Safari student report

  1. 1. Fresher Safari @LoungeGroup
  2. 2. @LoungeGroup INTRODUCTION In October 2010, The Lounge Group took a team of 9 daring Brand Managers on a Fresher Safari to Surrey University in Guildford to immerse them in the world of Freshers and older students. We experienced life as a student for a day and night, seeing life through their eyes. We explored their attitudes to finances and debt, their relationship with brands, brand loyalty and buying habits, their online world, their relationships and influences, the pressures they face, their social life and lots more. This presentation summarises the key insights we uncovered during the Fresher Safari. For the full presentation, please contact Sara Gil on or 020 7940 4381
  3. 3. @LoungeGroup ABOUT THE LOUNGE The Lounge is an INSIGHTS and INTEGRATED BTL MARKETING AGENCY of everything we do by having a network of 10,000 consumers at our heart.
  4. 4. Safari methodology A first hand consumer experience
  5. 5. student house
  6. 6. Fayre and Fresher Speed Dating
  7. 7. Student society panel
  8. 8. Dinner with student influencers
  9. 9. A student night out
  10. 10. Our insights
  11. 11. Money Money Students are comfortale with debt
  12. 12. 42.5% of 18-24s 2.4m students Average weekly disposable spend £185 per week (Natwest) Total annual spend £16b (going out, food, clothes) credit cards
  13. 13. You make a decision to go to uni - £30k in debt. I figure I might as well maximise it and make it the best time ever. What difference does Charlotte, Leeds Uni
  14. 14. Brand Loyalists
  15. 15. -brand hair care. For things like moisturiser something like Superdrug own- brand would be ok, but for shampoo and toothpaste it must be a big brand. I always buy Colgate Joe Montebello, Surrey Uni
  16. 16. If there was something like Herbal Essences I would consider it, but brand because I can trust it, I Joe Montebello, Surrey Uni
  17. 17. Developing Conoisseurs
  18. 18. I like to be able to buy something that says more about me. I have some events. I think its stronger and better quality and its worth paying a bit more so that people see that I get it Haider Anwar, Kings College London
  19. 19. I save up and buy French Connection now rather than just buying River Island and Topshop like I did when I first started. I think the fabric is a lot better quality, there are really nice finishes and it helps me look just a little bit different to everyone else Vanessa Gilpin, Middlesex Uni
  20. 20. Freshers Fayre
  21. 21. early so that I could get the freebies but giving out what Joe Winstanley, Fresher, Surrey Uni
  22. 22. entitled
  23. 23. discounts, so we think that we should Emily Moxom, Surrey Uni
  24. 24. Laptops killed the TV set
  25. 25. Emily Moxom, Surrey Uni keeping in touch, Facebook and Joe Winstanley, Fresher, Surrey Uni
  26. 26. Facebook addicts
  27. 27. time. Even my course leader is on there Amber Kirk, Nottingham Trent Uni like I knew everything before I even got Rachel Banham, Surrey Uni
  28. 28. The power of relationships
  29. 29. uni. I spend more time with my flatmates than I ever did with my friends back home. At uni your friends Charlotte Butterfield, Leeds Uni
  30. 30. Students are boring
  31. 31. Emily Moxom, Surrey Uni Joe Montebello, Surrey Uni
  32. 32. Under pressure
  33. 33. concept of networking than in the past. Aaron Salins, Marketing & Comms Manager, Surrey Uni
  34. 34. Top Ten Tips The Lounge has distilled our insights into ten top tips for marketing to students. For more information, contact: 020 7940 4381 @LoungeGroup THELOUNGEGROUP.COM